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Title: Congressman Anthony Weiner
Post by: Elisabeth Grace on June 17, 2011, 06:52:14 PM
It is interesting to note that Congressman Anthony Weiner, who resigned the day after the Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse has a stellium of Pluto 13 Virgo - Sun 12 Virgo - Uranus 11 Virgo (with Uranus being the Oriental planet, suggesting a need for risk and excitement!). The stellium was squared by the New Moon/Solar Eclipse at 11 Gemini on June 1st. All that potential for rebellious power and innovation -- eclipsed (and of course, his story eclipsed practically everything else in the headlines over the past two weeks).

Transiting Neptune at 0 Pisces made its first exact conjunction to Saturn (Rx)  in mid-May, with a second hit due on 6/19, suggesting structures dissolving and/or the real becoming unreal. Also of interest: multiple measurements that suggest the period of 2008 (that's as far back as I looked) up to now was likely a time of great fulfillment and joy in his personal life. Even without an exact birth time (birth data: September 4, 1964 in Brooklyn NY), there are solar arcs between Sun and Venus -- as recently as March  2011 -- that would likely be reflected as a happy time for marriage -- and perhaps the birth of a child. Weiner started dating his wife in 2008; married in 2010 (right on his accumulated Solar Arc semi-square, suggesting the potential for major life turn-around); his wife is now "in the early stages" of pregnancy," according to friends of the couple.

Drilling down even deeper, I noted this intriguing arc in November of 2009 between disruptive, risk-taking Uranus and the midpoint of Venus and Mars (SA UrE = Ve/Ma) which translates, to quote Noel Tyl as "intense passion; high nervous involvement with things sexual; sexual experimentation; dangerous liaison." Weiner reportedly began his sexting adventures three years ago.

Weiner has Moon in Leo -- a tremendous need for love -- and a potentially highly sexed conjunction of Venus and Mars in the (sometimes) needy sign of Cancer.

Makes me wonder what others born around September 4, 1964 have been doing in their spare time...   ;)

Title: Re: Congressman Anthony Weiner
Post by: james m on June 17, 2011, 11:11:47 PM
elisabeth, this is a fascinating story that i just started looking at more closely thanks to my trying to find out more info on him and all based off your post here.. thanks for the post... i can't find a birth date for his wife who has been involved with hilary clinton for quite a long time and has an interesting background and seems very private..

an interesting date to take a look at for anyone interested in rectifying weiners chart is sept 10 1991.. this is the data when the new york primaries for the democratic party took place and when weiner won the primary in a surprise upset.. i am playing with an 11:52am time for weiner which puts his leo moon quite close to the midheaven.. trophy wife is an interesting image to consider... some might think this is a crass thing to say.. whatever... on about sept 10 1991 venus was turning from retro to direct right on what looks like a natal moon around 22 leo while t jupiter at 29 close to midheaven was bringing a degree of success in the mudslinging it appears weiner used to help win the primary... sa pluto at 10 libra would have been hitting onto that close to exact square i have with the 1152am time - jupiter in the 7th square midheaven at 25 leo.. that is t pluto - 45 to midheaven and 135 to jupiter... transiting pluto for this time would have been over his scorpio ascendant assuming my time is in the ball park... interesting how may 27th this year when things started to hit the fan for weiner we find transiting saturn at 10 libra right in the same spot sa pluto was when he was getting some political power to bring him to where he is now..

i see his chart as likely to have jupiter squares in it... sure the moon to jupiter would be one, but i think this square is likely on an angle... too much of what little i have read on this guy suggests just this... to say moon in leo needs a lot of love is fine... i don't know if that has anything to do with this guy...i think if my time is right, his moon is operating at a distinct disadvantage and a need for love, something we all share, is not something that he is all that tapped into.. he is too busy making a complete fool of himself to recognize what his actual needs are.. maybe this whole episode will help him to connect with his feelings and emotions, something he seems disconnected from...

if anyone can find a birthdate for his wife, i would really be curious... thanks elisabeth..

Title: Re: Congressman Anthony Weiner
Post by: james m on June 18, 2011, 08:07:32 AM
bill clinton officiated the weiner marriage..  one could take a look at how clintons chart overlaps weiners as well.. i am putting clintons sun on weiners tentative 1152am midheaven... also, the date weiner and Huma Abedin were married was july 10 2010.. hilary clinton quote on huma - ""I have one daughter," said the former president, pulling Chelsea into a hug. "But if I had a second daughter, it would Huma."

huma seems like a water sign to me.. scorpio probably, but maybe cancer or pisces too...outside chance capricorn.. water signs like to stick together and connect with one another on an unconscious level in some respects.. i think huma chart point - sun or ascendant, maybe moon- could be close to weiners neptune in scorpio.. it lets him get into his jupiter in taurus even more... weiners solar arc venus was essentially conjunct his natal sun- half degree away) at the time of this wedding.. of course if taurus is on his 7th house cusp, this is the ruler of his 7th.. marriage is venus thing it seems regardless...
Title: Questioning Your Rectified Time
Post by: Halina on June 18, 2011, 08:19:41 AM
Hi James, Weiner married on July 10, 2010.  Using your rectified time of 11:52am, I produced the Age Harmonic Chart for the wedding event, shown below.
Nothing in the Age Harmonic chart or the Lunar Return chart indicates a marriage.  Therefore I am doubting your rectified birth time.
     Also in the triwheel for the wedding, there is nothing to suggest a wedding or partnership.  See below.  The asteroid Juno, does not show any partnership being formed.
Title: Re: Congressman Anthony Weiner
Post by: Elisabeth Grace on June 18, 2011, 08:39:35 AM
Interesting observation, Halina. What time would you propose?

Title: Re: Congressman Anthony Weiner
Post by: james m on June 18, 2011, 11:06:21 AM
hi halina,

i doubt my own rectification too! lol..

let me rephrase that.. i doubt most rectifications in spite of the assumption of correctness on the part of others with regard to their rectifications.. the solar arc venus so close to natal sun is a standard suggestion of some sort of love connection, regardless of what astro technique one wants to toy with...

i have mixed thoughts about the age harmonic concept as well!!!!

in the absence of any birth time for weiner, or even a birth date for his wife, i am playing around here with ideas... glad you have chimed in...


more data - he proposed to her on may 23 2009... compiling a list of events here for what it is worth... might be worth looking at a pisces or virgo rising chart for weiner with saturn above the ascendant if pisces, but still connected to ascendant or descendant somehow... of course the significant transit to this fallout is t neptune to his natal saturn in pisces, which on it's own is a potentially debilitating dynamic... the time of this proposal would dovetail with t saturn on his natal sun essentially... of course the marriage chart had the pronounced t venus opp natal saturn as well.. this is part of the reason why i also like the scorpio rising which puts pisces on the 5th house cusp...

here is an interesting astro link on this..
Title: Re: Congressman Anthony Weiner
Post by: Atma on June 18, 2011, 02:44:36 PM
Interesting blog article.

I did check his tertiary progressions as well.

TP SU--90--SA this month
Tp SA--90--NODE is trouble and blocks in his relationships and contacts.
TP UR Stationary direct  this month tells of change and sudden events.
Title: Re: Congressman Anthony Weiner
Post by: james m on June 18, 2011, 03:34:09 PM
here are a few other tert. progs as well for the may 27th date when things started unravelling for him... if you use the 1152am time - tp ascendant is conj natal moon, while tp midheaven is opposite natal neptune.  tp mars and tp node is conj jupiter, which in turn is squaring onto midheaven at 25 leo.. tp vertex is 135 same natal jupiter..  tp moon at 24 gemini is right where the full moon took past just past.. lots going on in the numerous charts to consider... james
Title: Re: Congressman Anthony Weiner
Post by: Atma on June 19, 2011, 02:33:00 AM
Yes it sounds like an interesting time to consider james.

I played also with a later birthtime with a t-square Sa-MO-JU which would be triggered
with all these tertiaries on jupiter. Ups and downs in personal life.

These arcs you mentioning are very telling.

I think Natal VE-00-MA = UR (semisquare) is a very sexual driven combination with
uranian wish for unusual experiences and restlessness, irrationality.
This is connected with his identity (sun) too.
Title: Weiner's Rectified Chart
Post by: Halina on June 20, 2011, 08:00:50 PM
Hi Elisabeth, james, Atma, Here is my rectified chart for Anthony Weiner.  See this chart below showing Solar Arcs for his wedding event on July10, 2010
in Huntington, NY.  Solar Arc Venus, ruler 9th of marriage is conjunct his natal Sun.  Solar Arc Neptune, ruler 7th of Partner is conjunct the Nodal axis.
Solar Arc MC has moved to exactly conjunct his natal Venus, ruler of his 9th, Marriage, Church Ceremony.
     On May27, 2011 he sends the first photo, and the scandal begins.  Trans Neptune(Scandal, Photo) conjjuncts his natal Saturn, ruler of his 5th, sexual
photo.  Trans Pluto(Sex), ruler his 3rd of communication squares Mercury, in 12th, undoing, behind the scenes.
     In May 2000, his brother was killed in a car accident.  Trans Pluto(death), ruler 3rd( brother) is conjunct the IC (Endings).
Natal Saturn in the 6th is appropriate for a workaholic who worked his staff hard and had a short employee turnover.
Natal Pluto squares MC for empowerment and government job.  Stellium in the 12th is appropriate for a large government department like Congress.
Moon Leo for exhibitionism, in the 12th, behind the scenes, Uranus conj Asc,Sun, Merc, communicating it for shocking effect.  Trans Neptune dissolving
his moral boundary by conjuncting his moral Saturn.
Title: Re: Congressman Anthony Weiner
Post by: Isaac Starkman on June 22, 2011, 01:36:54 AM
My rectification, based on 5 events is 06.03.28 EDT Asc 6Vir35', very close to Halina's result.
The death of his brother on 20 May 2000 was the starting point for my rectification, using the amazing PSSR technique:
In the Solar return for 5 Sep 1999 Pluto is 7Sag49' square radical Mercury. As the maximum effective orb is 11', this aspect is operative for a birth time between  2.00 EDT and 12.00 EDT. In the same solar return, Mercury 9Vir18', progressing it to 20 May it will conjunct radical Uranus only if the birth is from 2.00 EDT to 6.30 EDT. Based on these 2 aspects, his birth time could be range from 2.00 to 6.30 EDT.
The following Moon aspects in PSSR system support my rectification:
1.   Death of his brother: Moon conjunct Pluto 12'
2.   Marriage: Moon 120 Venus 1'
                      Moon 60 Jupiter 10'
3.   Resignation: Moon 120 Neptune 18'
His Epoch: 7 Dec 1963 00.58.32 EDT Asc 0Lib44'.
In his radix, helio Saturn exactly 90 MC. Helio Venus 90 Venus- I saw this aspect in many charts of people involving in sex scandal or have several divorces.
In his epoch, Mercury and Mars are exactly on IC, helio Venus and helio Mercury conjunct Saturn, square Neptune.
The main primary directions for his resignation on 16 June 2011:
Sat 90 MC E/E 1'
Sat 180 Asc E/E 5'
MC 180 Nep E/E 5'
Sat 180 Mars R/R 6'
Mars 90 Ura R/R 5'
SN 90 III E/E 5'
Sat 120 Moon E/E 1'
Mer 135 Sat R/R 1'
Nep 0 SN R/R 9'

In his solar return NN conjunct MC, Pluto on IC and Saturn exactly on Asc!
In the solar return, precession corrected, Pluto on Desc, Mercury on IC
In the converse solar return, precession corrected, Neptune exactly on MC, squaring Mars.

Title: Re: Congressman Anthony Weiner
Post by: In Stitches on June 23, 2011, 08:41:15 AM
Hi Elisabeth and everyone else,

Thanks for pointing out how the eclipse affected wiener's chart, and then explaining how his story literally eclipsed all the rest of the stories in the news.  It didn't  make any sense to me, and as usual, astrology is the only thing that can explain things when nothing makes sense.  For example, in the bay area there was a really scary innocent bystander story like the kitty genovese story that occurred in the 1960s in new york.  Except that the innocent bystanders were the emergency responders.  Some guy walked into the waters at alameda on memorial day and drowned himself in 4feet of water.  The firemen, paramedics and police just stood on shore and watched.  Isn't that more of a story than WEiner?  Sorry about the typing I'm on an iPad and can't figure the touch typing thing out.
Title: Re: Congressman Anthony Weiner
Post by: Atma on June 24, 2011, 01:09:58 AM
Isaac, Halina and all

I checked the time 6:03 with some other techniques and it is quite workable it seems.

Sidereal  progressions with 'Bija' rate.
secondary ASC-135-Sa ( triggering N.Sa-90-Mc).

Tertiary progressions
TpAsc-90-Ur Tp (stationary direct soon).

I also note with some joy of correlation that he had 28 may 2011 a
Tertiary progressed Eclipse at 5 degree Taurus (sidereal).
This falls in his vedic 10th house ! some few degrees from Mc.

(In the tropical progressions without 'bija' the tertiary eclipse falled in 28 degrees taurus
on 11 april).

(In Vedic chart he was in planetary period MOON-VENUS
Both planets is placed in his 12th house of selfundoing and retirement.
Venus is also 10th ruler in 12th significating break in career).

I'm impressed as to what seems like a good rectification :)
Title: Re: Congressman Anthony Weiner
Post by: Elisabeth Grace on June 25, 2011, 08:08:05 AM
Halina --

Meant to write earlier -- have been on a non-astrology related assignment, so haven't been able to spend so much time in the Forums. Appreciate your rectification here -- seeing the MC/ASC directly affected by June NM eclipse, I thought -- "how bold!" Could it be that obvious, given current events in Weiner's life?

Ran one test of the wedding date -- TP chart -- against your rectification -- and it looks just lovely. Haven't looked at other test dates, though it seems others here have done so. Initially I did feel that a Scorpio ASC made sense -- and it put Ne ruling the 5th (fantasy/intangible love relationships; confusion in these areas) -- but the TP for July 10, 2010 is not as convincing as your proposal with Vi ASC -- with Pluto conj (similar to Scorpio on ASC!)

What was your thought process while doing the rectification? Rumor has it that Isaac S has a software program that calculates horoscopes based on the input of key dates -- I have never used such a program and don't know much about them. Is that what you have?

Title: Re: Congressman Anthony Weiner
Post by: james m on June 25, 2011, 09:54:46 AM
just to play devils advocate here - the difference between a 639:29am time and a 603am time for weiner is huge.. it will throw off the directions to the angles significantly... it is fun to try do get a rectified time, but a pre-requisite is a body of timed events from the persons life and can't hinge on just 1 or 2 events...

isaac does use a program and he has said he used 5 events (3 which he articulates) to get at the time of 603am.. i guess he is using the polaris software to get at this...

i tried buying a copy of weiners birth cert from the new york office of information that has this info... it appears that unless one is the person for who it is for, they do not let someone else buy this info... 23$ seems like a small price to pay to get the answer and i am especially interested given the rectification attempts here, if only to take a closer look at the work being shared and offered here..

there is something to putting a planet on the ascendant that is a technique used by the indian astrologers who will for example view a chart putting the moon on the ascendant to get a better understanding of the moon for example... the 1152am chart i had was essentially a neptune rising chart.. halina's chart is a pluto rising chart... isaacs chart is slightly different in this regard..

for the record - there are statistics that say a disproportionate number of people are born close to sunrise... this would conform with a virgo rising chart....
Title: Re: Congressman Anthony Weiner
Post by: Halina on June 26, 2011, 07:52:11 AM
Hi Elisabeth, I have Isaac's program but i use his program mainly for family members such as mom and dad since I know multiple events for them and Isac's program works best if you have 10 or more events.
    For Anthony Weiner I didnt use Polaris.  I use the person's name and see whether his name suggest mutable, cardinal or fixed angles.
I got this technique from Dell Horoscope magazines.  The name Anthony or Tony is analysed thus:  T resonates to Pisces, O resonates to Scorpio, N resonates to Virgo, Y resonates to Capricorn.  So we see that Tony has 2 mutable letters, thus suggesting to me that his angles are Mutable.  Letters also resonate to certain planets.  The letter O is Scorpio or Pluto.   His face which is triangular suggested I should try Virgo as his Ascendant, thus putting Pluto nearby it.   Then I selected 1 event, his brother's death and put it in a biwheel, natal inside and transits outside.  I noticed tr Pluto ruler of 3rd Brothers was near the IC or 4th on Endings.  So I rotated his natal chart until Trans Pluto exactly conjuncted the IC.  This gave me his IC and also his Ascendant.  I used the other 3 events to verify if this was the correct chart.  This method I have perfected and works quite well.  See my rectification for the criminal Bulger under Famous postings.  James Whitey Bulger, James gives J= Sagitarrius, A= Aries, M= Cancer, E= Gemin, S= Capricorn.  So his name is mostly Cardinal letters, therefore his angles should be Cardinal, i.e Aries, Cancer, Capricorn.  I chose Cancer Asc because his white hair and nickname "Whitey" resonate to CANCER.  I did not need Starkman's Polaris program 'cuz I did not have enough events and this was a simpler way.