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Title: Republican Party Birth Chart
Post by: Kannon McAfee on September 29, 2015, 11:14:44 AM
Here is the email I just sent to ADB describing the origins of the GOP, requesting its inclusion in their data bank:

The Republican Party ("grand old party" or GOP) of the United States
was born on 20 March 1854 in a building in Ripon, Wisconsin, known as
"the little white schoolhouse" currently located at 303 Blackburn
Street. (

Its location in 1854 was two blocks south at the juncture of East Fond
Du Lac and Blackburn/ Newbury Streets. A British Petroleum filling
station currently sits there.
Coordinates: 43N50'33", 88W50'13" (

The crucial meeting was arranged specifically for the purpose of
founding a new political party. It began at 6:30 PM local time. The
authority for these details is the book by Prof. A.F. Gilman, Ph.D.,
'The Origin of the Republican Party.' (

He quotes the party's founder, Alvan Bovay on how the meeting
continued until  "the hour was late and the candles burned low." It
was at this meeting that Mr. Bovay offered the name, "Republican", and
it was accepted. A committee was then formed to develop the new party.

Here is the chart set for 6:30 PM local time. I will be fine tuning this one, as usual, but certainly Libra rising seems potentially very fitting for the GOP.


For national political tracking and prediction purposes, it is starting to make more sense to have such a chart that seems a lot easier to work with and rectify than a USA birth chart. If such a chart gets strong accents of success at a particular election time, then we can expect the GOP to do well. If it does not, then we can expect the Democrats to do well.

Title: Re: Republican Party Birth Chart
Post by: Lopaka on October 01, 2015, 05:53:59 AM
LOLOL!   That's why I am a conservative: the chart angles are almost exactly my own!  And my AP Mercury is conjoined (albeit loosely) to this Mercury. Nevertheless...

... I've looked at this date/time before and I am hesitant to use it. I believe the meeting was called to form a local party to back local or state candidates, wasn't it?  That may not be important since the party ultimately rose to national prominence six years later when it made Lincoln its Presidential candidate; but it makes me hesitate to use it as the definitive chart for the current national party without more.  Kannon, do you have more information on this facet?


Title: Re: Republican Party Birth Chart
Post by: Kannon McAfee on October 01, 2015, 02:51:40 PM
... I believe the meeting was called to form a local party to back local or state candidates, wasn't it? 

The party functioned at all levels, but no, it was not formed as a mere local phenomenon. It was a direct response to national events, specifically the spread of slavery into the western territories due to the nullification of the Missouri Compromise by the Kansas-Nebraska Act (proposed in January 1854). The forming of the GOP essentially (eventually) dissolved its related antecedents (Whig party, Free Soil party). The first official party convention was held just months later on July 6, 1854, in Jackson, Michigan.

All this is available on wikipedia and by following the links I gave above:

I don't take these angles literally as they are arbitrarily based on the 6:30 PM start time. So I'm certain the angles in the above chart are off by at least a few degrees. And I am not certain that the Asc should be in Libra. But I am certain the correct Asc is not in Virgo.

If you attempt to make a chart for the first meeting that was organized by party founder, Alvan Bovay, on 1 March 1854 (also at 6:30 PM), you will find it a Pisces heavy chart, not fitting for the aggressive, militaristic GOP. No new party was formed at that meeting, as no name had even been agreed to. It merely denounced the Kansas-Nebraska bill, and the attendees resolved that if the bill were to pass, they would form a new party. And that is exactly what happened, prompting the second meeting on 20 March.

That is noted on page 6 of the 'Origins of the Republican Party' book.

Follow the link under 'Origin of ...' in my first post. You will find the neat little book highly informative reading. It contains a bibliography of sources.
Title: Re: Republican Party Birth Chart
Post by: pdw on October 03, 2015, 06:40:12 AM
Interesting, Kannon…the cardinal Cancer MC-Capricorn IC emphasis on protecting-guarding nationalism, security, and conservatism generally fits my understanding of the Republican Party.

Curious if Republican presidents and presidential nominees might have personal synastry reflecting this Cancer leadership sector – with natal personal planets in Cancer – I took a quick look and found these:

-Presidents George H. Bush (Venus) and George W. Bush (Sun)

-Candidates campaigning for the 2016 nomination - Trump (Mercury, Venus); Rubio (Moon, if born before 2:15PM); Christie (Mars) 
Title: Re: Republican Party Birth Chart
Post by: Barbara Ybarra on October 08, 2015, 05:22:19 PM
Interesting to me that the Moon nodes form a T-square with Venus and Mars.  Moon nodes of course always suggest the force or nature of the group as a whole, the members.  The party started out as something different from what is often observed to be today.  This first group wished to show favor of upholding and maintaining everyone's right to pursue happiness....including those who had been made slaves.

Venus is exalted in Pisces, and...nothing wrong with Mars in Virgo for precision and constancy.  The picture suggests the desire for balance, for respecting the need for compliance as well as for initiative and assertion.  Good ideals.  Transiting Saturn is now involved in that T-square ...for one thing.

Barbara Ybarra
Title: Re: Republican Party Birth Chart
Post by: Lopaka on October 11, 2015, 10:52:31 AM
Dean:  Actually the Republican defection from sound money dates no later than 1971 when Nixon abrogated the Bretton Woods accord and abandoned gold as the basis for the USA's monetary system. We have been a fiat currency country since then. One could argue that it stems from 1913 when Congress created the Fed; and while that happened under a Dem President (Wilson) it took support from GOP congressmen and senators to carry the bill.

Thank you for our observation about SA Jupiter at the next Presidential inauguration.

Title: Re: Republican Party Birth Chart
Post by: SGFoxe on November 21, 2015, 06:31:48 AM
great research kannon ... when i was doing research into the Medill/Lincoln alliance -- it was Joe Medill who yclept the new party "Republican" -- the only book his family owned on their farm in the what would be canada where he was born was Gibbon's Decline & Fall ... I'd dug up a February 20 1854 Ripon founding ... which must have been a typo/error in my source (pre www, but I used the Northwestern U library NU contains Medill school of journalism so I figured ), or when Medill formulated the name & Medill himself was an Aries ... there is a Pulitzer Prize of a bio there (aside, a big deal prize winning Chi author given the commission, access to the Wheaton archives doubtless part of the contract, so far nada, tho' I did offer to help as a research associate -- I've got great charts) ... and then there's a Jackson Michigan founding July 6, 1854. As a young man, taking Horace Greeley's advice, Medill went west (from Ohio) and landed in Chicago, bought a Know Nothing paper, the Gem of the Prairie -- the Tribune ... and he wanted to the Voice of the People. He sold Lincoln a subscription, and enlisted the ambitious young Whig to his vision. The Civil War was called "Old Joe's War" because he "fanned the flames with his strong pro-war editorials" ... Karl Marx followed his westward quest after Horace Greeley had terminated his column in New York's Daily Herald Tribune looking for work. There's a book of essays Karl Marx  On the American Civil War -- slavery being a labor issue. Medill's position was Free Labor can't compete with Slave Labor ... Chicago was packed with immigrant Germans, Marx had a following. Karl did Why he never did an interview with Joe Medill or mentioned him always astounds me. He did interview Herndon, Lincoln's law partner in Springfield. So many of his Civil War essays are playing soldiers ... astroSocialists 4 Bernie2016
Title: Re: Republican Party Birth Chart
Post by: unique_astrology on November 23, 2015, 05:25:23 PM (

"Although the 80th Congress passed a total of 906 public bills,[1] President Truman nicknamed it the "Do Nothing Congress" and, during the 1948 election, campaigned as much against it as against his formal opponent, Thomas Dewey. The 80th Congress passed several significant pro-business bills, most famously the Taft–Hartley Act, but it opposed most of Truman's Fair Deal bills. Truman's campaign strategy worked, and the Republicans lost nine Senate seats and seventy-three seats in the House, allowing the Democrats to begin the 81st Congress with twenty-one more seats than they had had at the end of the 79th Congress."

In the 1946 midterm election the Republican Party gained thirteen Senate seats and fifty-seven House seats to take control of both houses of congress. In the 1948 Presidential election, the only person in the country who thought Harry Truman was going to win was Harry himself (at least that's what he told anybody who asked).

Considered to be the biggest upset ever in Presidential elections, the 1948 election saw the Republicans lose the gains they had made in 1946 and control of the Senate for 38 of the next 46 years and of the House for 44 of the next 46 years. Their losses were greater (in length of time) than those they suffered after the financial crash of 1929.

Kannon's chart, relocated to Washington, D.C. and progressed to 11:14 am, EST, on Wednesday, November 3rd (time of Dewey's concession telegram) with a transit chart for that date and time around it reflects the loss very well. (NOTE: I would adjust time of chart to 6:26 pm in Ripon before relocating it to the Capitol Building.)  I have not yet made a study to see what held the Republican Party in abeyance for most of nearly a half century from that time on nor have I checked it for other memorable dates (Nixon's resignation, Iran Contra Hearings, etc).
See attachments connected to above statements.

Title: Re: Republican Party Birth Chart
Post by: Hudson Valley Astrologer on November 30, 2015, 07:29:35 PM
Very interesting work.

Chris Christie's chart resonates strongly with this chart.

Title: Re: Republican Party Birth Chart
Post by: Don Borkowski on December 01, 2015, 11:13:25 AM
...What chart do you use for Chris Christie?

Title: Re: Republican Party Birth Chart
Post by: Alice Portman on January 21, 2016, 06:25:20 PM
And here is the chart for when the Republican Party went National.  I have made a note of the information on my file, but neglected to note the source.  This is what it says: 

"National" REPUBLICAN Party:
OCCASION: First "national" convention, a one day confab to launch the "national" party in the run-up to the June 1856 Presidential nominating convention. (Earlier recognized dates in 1853 and 1854, commonly treated as the start of the Republican party, relate to County and State initiatives only. Here we are talking "national".)
PLACE: Pittsburg, Pennsylvania
DATE: February 22, 1856
TIME: 05:00 pm LMT + 5:19:59
Title: Re: Republican Party Birth Chart
Post by: Steven7 on January 22, 2016, 08:51:01 AM
Great thread.

That zero Cancer  SA Jupiter is intriguing. It intersects with the Horoscope of Ted Cruz.
Zero Cancer SA Jupiter is in full aspect to his natal Sun zero Capricorn, it also strikes his Pluto at 90 ds and Saturn at 45 ds on Inauguration day. He could be the Prez or VP.
  Last spring I wrote a post here on Ted Cruz  but I cannot find it. I mentioned
the transiting  stars   looking favorable  for Cruz on inauguration day.

Trump's chart
 He has  a Mercury-Sun Midpoint at 1 degree Cancer
So The Republican SA Jupiter is very close to that MP.
Will one be prez and the other VP ?

Bear in mind that Reagan did not like Bush but became his VP
Title: Re: Republican Party Birth Chart
Post by: Lopaka on January 23, 2016, 10:43:11 AM
Alice, thank you so much.  If you eventually resurrect or recall the source of this data please let us know.
Title: Re: Republican Party Birth Chart
Post by: Alice Portman on January 23, 2016, 04:09:54 PM
Hi Lopaka

I found a notation of the source, it was John TWB.  I have forgotten who this is because my memory fluctuates, but I think he was a poster on this forum.

Title: Re: Republican Party Birth Chart
Post by: unique_astrology on January 24, 2016, 11:01:21 AM
John was a very good astrological historian and researcher with a personal library of 7 or 8 thousand books. His career was in the banking industry.  His full name was John Thomas Wyder Battalana. Sadly he passed away from cancer on May 25, 2015 in Jakarta.

His data for the date of February 22, 1856 can be found at: (

His post regarding that information is in a post in the Yahoo Political Astrology Group, Post 78284.

John had proposed a time of 4 pm for that date and it has worked very well for the years I have used it. I have often thought of adding 4 minutes to it because of results when using my progressed lunar return technique with it. Unfortunately I lost the correspondence some years ago when I lost a hard drive.

Free ebook (

Attachment by me from that link.
Title: Re: Republican Party Birth Chart
Post by: Alice Portman on January 24, 2016, 04:43:19 PM
Thank you for remembering John's name Unique_Astrology.  I was sad to read that he had died so recently.

The time the first President of the Republican Party took office would be the chart to use, but unfortunately it isn't given. 
The appointment of the Hon. F. P. Blair as President was hailed with unbounded enthusiasm.

The scene which followed was exciting beyond description. Cheers went forth and handkerchiefs were waved for some minutes after he took his seat as presiding- officer.

Title: Re: Republican Party Birth Chart
Post by: Lopaka on January 24, 2016, 10:20:25 PM
Thank you both  very much.  This fills a long standing gap in my research.