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Title: Probable future of Bitcoin
Post by: adol33 on December 04, 2017, 05:08:58 AM

Bitcoin is currently the sixth most circulated currency in the world.

Nobel Laureate David Schiller recently stated that bitcoin should be outlawed during a Bloomberg television interview. Just one day after, another Nobel laureate, Robert J. Shiller, shared his view on bitcoin: that it will crash in an event similar to the U.S. stock market crash that preceded the great depression.

The arguments against it revolve around the fact that 95% of Bitcoins in circulation are owned by 4% of the market.

In other words, it is potentially a Ponzi-type situation.

What do the stars say about Bitcoin?

I've studied the effects of the planets on dozens of the biggest winner and loser sites on the net, and invariably they respond very closely to the chart of the registration date of the company on By that I mean that they respond very closely to their progressions, solar arcs as well as major outer-planet transits to their charts. One merely has to look up and plot the 10 biggest success and failure stories of the internet era to validate this.

Bitcoin does not have any of the trademark patterns that usually show for companies that go belly-up. It does not look like it will go away, collapse or have any major disruptions for the next decade.

It appears to respond to the January 3, 2009 birth date (and not that of the Satoshi white paper released on November 1, 2008).

Based on that, we see that its progressed Saturn trine Sun peaks right now, end 2017. Aptly, Coinbase has just been ordered to hand over its transactional data for users who have processed in excess of $20,000 per annum to the IRS. Hence some of the effects of its progressed Mars conjunct its Sun the next couple of years.

Beyond that, progressed Jupiter moves to conjunct its Mercury from around 2019 to 2027. Progressed Venus sextile its Sun 2021 to 2023. Progressed Mercury conjunct Venus 2026 and then conjunct Jupiter 2027. Very little on the downside up to around the end of the 20's decade, when progressed Venus conjuncts its natal Saturn. In other words, astrologically, something born on January 3, 2009 has a lot going for it for the next decade.

In the short term, there has been a huge upsurge in the price this year, notably when Saturn and Uranus were in trine aspect and according to historical movements, have helped hold up the global stock markets when many of the leading economists a year or two ago agreed that they should have crashed.

But these two giant planets are now breaking that formation, moving beyond the 5 degree orb that seems to work, and bid farewell to each other, leaving, in my opinion, an abyss below them into which lemmings may fall.

They move beyond the 5 degree trine around December 17, 2017, but it could take a few weeks, possibly right up to the next difficult aspect between the Sun and Jupiter, when they square each other around February 11, 2018. In any event, there is little to hold up the markets in the coming weeks, and with the additional expected downpull on corporates and governments when Saturn enters Capricorn on December 20, it looks like it could be sooner than later.

Adrian Fourie is an astrologer and not an economist. He looked at the positions of the planets to predict the exact date of the October 6, 2008 stock market crash 9 months in advance.

Update January 2, 2008:
Right on cue, the markets started dropping in the new year, after the Sun-Jupiter conjunction a week ago. This is actually getting quite boring. I just want to talk about why I don't think that the markets will crash this year, around Monday, October 6, 2008, even though quite a few of the planetary conditions that cause crashes will be in effect at that time. Primarily, Saturn will be forming its opposition with Uranus: hard Uranus-Saturn aspects have definitely caused crashes and slumps in the past. The Sun will be square to Jupiter. Mercury will be turning retrograde on September 24th. But the reason I don't think it will crash that week is because of the benevolent aspects both Venus and Jupiter will be making to each other and the Sun and Saturn at the same time. This indicates that it is likely that there will be a big scare in the global stock markets around the first week of October, 2008, but that governments (Saturn/Jupiter) will inject massive amounts of money into the markets that will buoy them up for a while longer. Also, it is an even year. I think they will drop about 10 percent...

Pretty much what happened. Fed injected a trillion dollars into the markets just to hold them up. Who knows what would have happened a couple of decades earlier. Probably a "real" crash of about 20-30%. Looking back, the markets dropped 10 percent in the week leading up to October 6, 2008, commonly referred to as the 2008 stock market "crash". (he personally does not think that a 10% drop should be referred to as a crash, merely a correction.)

He thinks that Bitcoin will also correct when the global markets correct in two weeks' time, a correction that could last for a few weeks or even months, but that the long-term prospects for the next decade are outstanding. If you doubt this, just put up charts for January 19 to 22, 2009, which represent Bitcoin when it is 10 to 13 years old, i.e. its standalone charts from 2019 to 2022. You will first see the auspicious Mercury conjunct Jupiter, then Venus conjunct Uranus and the Sun conjunct Jupiter. So, bottom line, according to the stars if you are looking to make long term bets, the correction will be restricted to 2018.

Crash? If you call 10% a crash, it will crash several times. Another name for it is "buying opportunity". Don't touch till then!!

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Post by: Halina on December 07, 2017, 07:34:38 AM
       Bitcoin was hacked....$64 million stolen....
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Post by: Antonio on December 07, 2017, 10:09:02 AM

May 2018: "A Flash Crash on Wall Street. A Flash Crash anywhere. [...] Major Bitcoin developments that either end it, or reboot it. The arrival of new digital currencies to rival Bitcoin – born overnight."

"With Uranus moving from Aries to Taurus, the people's revolutions will evolve into revolutions in food, finance and currency, changing and re-shaping money and agriculture forever."

Bitcoin First Trade/Release Horoscope
Title: Re: Probable future of Bitcoin
Post by: Barbara Ybarra on December 07, 2017, 12:43:01 PM
Still trying to figure out what bitcoin is....but if you use solar arcs, in about six months SA Saturn will be square to the natal Pluto, and then in another six months SA Jupiter will arrive at the natal North Node, which might suggest something like the rush to cash out ( however that would work).  My thought is that it is more like a pyramid scheme than a Ponzi scheme (which was designed to fool the elderly or people unable to make checks on the reality of things).  A pyramid scheme will naturally devalue as it goes along for those just entering.  The people at the top will just keep getting richer.  THEY won't be the ones to opt out, but the bottom of the chain will loose faith.  Did you see the recent Big Bang Theory episode in which they all remember they bought bitcoins years ago?

Title: Re: Probable future of Bitcoin
Post by: Antonio on December 08, 2017, 01:04:27 AM
Is Bitcoin a Pyramid Scheme?

"I believe that bitcoin will be around in the future, and that it will not go to a zero price. I believe that other cryptocurrencies will come to the fore which are more able to handle the transactional needs of a larger number of people than bitcoin can.
I think it’s important to realize and remember that this is a bubble. Your coins are going up because the sucker after you is buying coins. And they’re only buying them because they think that the price will go up. [...]

"My advice is to pay as much attention to your internal state as possible. Notice the fear of missing out. Notice the panic, the excitement, and the drive promote bitcoin. This is a great opportunity for self awareness. You might want to convert some of your dollars into this currency for fun, but make sure you only convert as much as you would be happy to lose, which for most people is nothing." Duncan Riach, Ph.D. Clinical Psychology
Title: Re: Probable future of Bitcoin
Post by: Hudson Valley Astrologer on December 10, 2017, 01:59:06 PM

It is a pretty big day potentially for Bitcoin. I'll have much more to say hopefully, but I wanted to leave this tidbit.

On May 22, 2010 at precisely 7:02:07 in Jacksonville, FL you can pull up the cutest time stamped picture of a toddler reaching for a pizza. In the land of digital currency this day is known as Pizza Day. It marks not the day the currency was born (known as the "Genesis Block", the first blockchain actually mined after the initial seed coin was planted... that would be the January 03, 2009 chart adol shared.), but effectively the first trade ever made using bitcoin as a means of exchange, something that a currency is purposed for and in this case two Papa John's Pizzas for 10,000 bitcoin worth approximately .03 cent per coin at the time. My sense about the significance of this date is that it theoretically cognates with what Bill Sarrubbi calls his FTC, or first trade charts.

Have a look... I mean I know I wouldn't be too interested in the start of anything under the influence of Mercury retrograde, much less something called Futures Contracts, but that is exactly what happens tonight at 6:00 PM, but hey that's just me...

Jupiter is transiting the Ascendant, and the chart is experiencing a Lunar return, passing back over the natal Saturn-Moon conjunction in Virgo. Mercury is indeed square this ambitiously detailed duo by a wide inside orb as is Saturn just now beginning to separate.

The Winklevoss twins are behind the Bitcoin exchange which will serve as the index for the CBOE's futures pricing. The name of the exchange founded by the twins is called Gemini (we really can't make this $hit up). Although the Sun in the Pizza Day chart is at 01 Gemini (of course  ;)) Mars and Saturn want to make a Gemini sandwich in between two slices of an inconjunct aspect that might make for a bitty bump and perhaps some indigestion. We'll see.

All the best,


P.S. ( (
Title: Re: Probable future of Bitcoin
Post by: pdw on December 12, 2017, 05:03:02 AM

The Winklevoss twins are behind the Bitcoin exchange which will serve as the index for the CBOE's futures pricing. The name of the exchange founded by the twins is called Gemini

Love the double 'wink' to themselves and astrology with the Gemini name. I'm sure they want to double their money, too. :)

The twins sure are receiving a lot of publicity and attention right now. Not knowing much about Bitcoin, I'd guess they're at the center of this Bitcoin frenzy just by the current buzz about and by them... And, what do you know, their 28 Leo Suns were eclipsed in August to mark such a rise in personal power, importance, and prominence. (Winklevoss twins, b. August 21, 1981; Southampton, NY; times unknown)
Title: Re: Probable future of Bitcoin
Post by: adol33 on December 22, 2017, 09:31:09 PM
As expected, Saturn moving off trine to Uranus and entering Capricorn brought about large drop in Bitcoin prices these past few days. It dropped 10% in one hour at one point:

Title: Re: Probable future of Bitcoin
Post by: adol33 on December 22, 2017, 09:47:51 PM
There, they are using the word "crash" now :)

30%? Now that's a crash, son. Getcha buyin' money ready.
Title: Re: Probable future of Bitcoin
Post by: Hudson Valley Astrologer on December 23, 2017, 04:43:25 AM
Good work Adol...

Such a fascinating topic. Thanks for bringing this to the board as it sent me headlong into a re-evaluation of money and currency through time... from the denarius to the peso to dollar... eventually we get to digital currency in the evolution...

bitcoin is not behaving like a currency as much as it is trading more akin to a commodity or perhaps an alternative to gold/silver. There are certain currencies attached to small emerging market countries that might provide an analog as way of comparing bitcoin to the trajectory of those country's currency prices through time. Whether bitcoin is the digital currency of the future or not remains to be seen. Analyst claim Bitcoin has a bit of a lead over competitors by "first mover advantage." I don't see how that proves true without some sort of regulation imposed or government intervention within the transits described below. For example, bitcoin (the currency reference by lowercase "b") and too Bitcoin (the organization reference by uppercase "B") are vulnerable to attack by rogue nations who have been reportedly going after the platforms to steal coin and disrupt the distributed ledger system by hacking the various coin platforms.

I wish there were more trading history to get a read on the charts real time... We have the price well calibrated but not the volume and other associated metrics like rate of change, momentum and averages. Theoretically we could derive those values from the price changes and maybe someone is working on it but it so much easier to SEE when the issue is represented as an ETF which is what the Winklevoss twins are after.

So Fibonacci retracement levels will be interesting to watch from here... if we don't get to the "end of bitcoin" then perhaps these levels are good entry points. There is serious money looking at bitcoin. So I suspect one of these points holds support. But we may see a rally with Jupiter moving toward the MC. If the ascent fails then the Bulls will get caught in a classic Bear Trap. Look out below... 


100% $19,843
23.6% $15,160
38.2% $12,262
50% $9,921.50
61.8% $7,580
100% $0
End ofBitcoin

Thanks Adol... I always wanted to use the "table" button on the bulletin board.

Looking at the FTC the indicators are pretty scary...

Saturn conjunct Pluto (57' to exact)

Transiting MC is exactly conjunct natal Saturn (ruler of the MC) in another 9 minutes.

Transiting PlutoMC is sextile Uranus Asc 48' beyond support
Tansiting UranusAsc is sextile Ascendant 2 degrees and 22' beyond support
Transiting Mars3 is just beyond the square to the Nodes moving rapidly beyond support which symbolically suggests that the conversation about bitcoin was reaching its promotional peak of popularity when it was the talk of the town.

Interestingly Neptune will exactly sextile natal Sun in 1 degree and 22'. Is there more sleight of hand ahead? Misdirection? False reports? Lack of understanding? has all you need to know... there is a price chart there that tracks the price back to 2010... July 19, 2010 in fact you could have picked up a 1,000 bitcoin for $60. Today a 1,000 bitcoin according to their calculator is worth $15,061,622.5.  8)

El Rey Dorado, or "zipa" to the indigenous tribes of Columbia must be turning in his grave.

All the best,

Title: Re: Probable future of Bitcoin
Post by: Hudson Valley Astrologer on January 18, 2018, 04:00:56 AM

Saturn arrived exactly opposed Venus at 3 Capricorn, and conjunct Pluto at 4 Capricorn 55 putting some downward pressure on BTC and stoking fear in traders that governments of China and South Korea, where the bulk of trading occurs, will restrict and/or in someway prohibit trading. Many financial firms and CEOs have come out with extremely derogatory statements and have implemented prohibitions within their firms putting a lid on the enthusiasm and dampening down mania. BTC may enter a free fall here if the 50% retracement doesn't hold. It will be interesting to see if some futures traders can make money on the short side, which ironically could give the alternative currency/commodity life on the other side of the crash.

Uranus will conjunct Mercury at 7 Taurus... but that won't be until 2021... By that time Neptune will have moved on across the bottom of the chart, passed the IC and beyond the square of the Ascendant. Pluto will be trine the Moon. If BTC bottoms and "bases" for a few years it might boomerang and behave much more like a stock with FANGs. 

Time will tell...

Title: Re: Probable future of Bitcoin
Post by: Hudson Valley Astrologer on January 20, 2018, 06:25:39 AM
I've not bothered to do the math but it was recently reported that analysts estimate about 20% of BTC is lost. Owners have misplaced, forgotten or failed to keep their wallets safe and therefore cannot find their "keys." As a result they have lost access to their coins.

I think that might potentially put in a higher floor if the coin survives because the supply is artificially decreased, and when supply shrinks it puts upwards pressure on price because scarcity in any commodity trades at a premium.

In some respects the symbolism currently suggest "government intervention" and "fear" so traders get out of the currency, but on the other hand there is this scarcity hanging out in the background. It will take time to realize this, but the mechanics are there suggesting a rebound if the coin survives.

Title: Re: Probable future of Bitcoin
Post by: Hudson Valley Astrologer on January 22, 2018, 06:16:38 AM
Regulators have closed the door on cryptos being embedded into ETFs...

Watch out below...