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Title: Brett Kavanaugh
Post by: Steven7 on September 17, 2018, 05:41:17 PM

just a month younger than Rosenstein

The 17 Virgo New Moon just opposed his Chiron and trined his Jupiter.

 Chiron is the wound, he is now accused of accosting a girl in high school at a party.
 She is insistent, he denies that he did any such thing.

 The lunations for the rest of the year bounce off his natals.

 Will he be  vindicated or will his goose be cooked ?
Title: Re: Brett Kavanaugh
Post by: Halina on September 19, 2018, 06:29:00 AM
Hi Dean,   Rex Bills says Primary and Secondary Schools ruled by Mercury, 3rd House and Gemini.    5th House rules sex affairs.
Title: Re: Brett Kavanaugh
Post by: Steven7 on September 19, 2018, 09:58:04 AM
 They said on the radio there'll be no FBI investigation.

Sounds like a hit job to stall the vote until after the  midterm votes in November in hope for a power shift in the house to Democrats.

Sept 20th Mercury combust at 27-40 Virgo  one degree from Kavanaugh's
Mars 26-38 Virgo. Sun and Mercury conjunct on his  Mars.

The New Moons for the rest of the year, Libra  Scorpio and Sagittarius on the 15th degree of each sign will aspect his  Mercury 15 Aquarius  and his Pluto 15 Virgo.  Looks mixed , positive and negative.

  Best of luck with rectification , looks like a labor of Hercules.

 Anyone got a Birth Date  for Christine Margaret Blasey Ford.  Several sights only gave the year  , 1967 .
Title: Re: Brett Kavanaugh
Post by: Halina on September 20, 2018, 06:07:58 AM
Hi Dean, sounds logical, thanx.
Title: Re: Brett Kavanaugh
Post by: Halina on September 21, 2018, 08:26:43 AM
       Found Christine Ford's birthdata.....source Marjorie Orr.....she's quite reliable for birth data.     Below is a synastry biwheel with Christine's chart inside and Kavanaugh's in the outer wheel.
       Christine was born November 28, 1966, in Palo Alto, California, use noon.
Title: Re: Brett Kavanaugh
Post by: Halina on September 25, 2018, 07:31:20 AM
Hi Steven 7 and Dean,  remember the Anita Hill, professor's sexual misconduct vs 1991 confirmation hearings  of  Clarence Thomas.     
The comparison aspects to USA chart are astounding.
      1991 Anita Hill/Clarence Thomas                                         2018 Ford/Kavanaugh
1. Tr Neptune, 14Cp square USA Saturn, 14Libra       Tr Neptune, 14Pisces 150 USA Saturn, 14 Libra

2. Tr.Pluto, 19SC sextile BM Lilith, female rage,         Tr Pluto, 19CP trine USA BM Lilith, 19VI
3. Progressed MH, 19PI opp USA BM Lilith                 Progressed MH, 16LI opp progressed Lilith, 16AR
4. Progressed Venus sextile USA Pluto                       Progressed Venus square USA Pluto(power structure)
5.                                                                           Trans Venus conj USA Scorpio Asc.
Title: Re: Brett Kavanaugh
Post by: Steven7 on September 25, 2018, 07:58:26 PM
That looks like a very dangerous deadly day.
Mars is con Ketu  and it is on the eclipse point  4-44 Aquarius  back in August.
 Mars is trined by the Sun and Squared by the Moon, looks like Mars on steroids,
storms fires  accidents warfare  terrorism and watch out for murderous psychopaths.
Title: Re: Brett Kavanaugh
Post by: Steven7 on September 26, 2018, 06:13:46 AM
On TV Brett and his wife both looked worried with that deer in the headlights look in their eyes. Now tales of a teenage boozer emerge from yearbook and classmates.
  Maybe eclipses are the gift that keep on giving. Look back to August 2017 Full Moon Eclipse  15-25 Aquarius was on his natal Mercury and aspected his Pluto 15-34 Virgo at 150 degrees.  That eclipse was 14 months ago and made close aspects to his Mercury and Pluto.
 The New Moons for the rest of the year are 15 Libra , 15 Scorpio and 15 Sagittarius, these Lunations interact with his Mercury and Pluto.
 I hope he didn't lie to Congress , that's a felony . He's a Federal Judge and could get in deep hot water.
Title: Re: Brett Kavanaugh
Post by: Barbara Ybarra on September 26, 2018, 03:11:18 PM
Kavanaugh is not the only one with stories of too much booze.  If you google Holden Arms yearbook Christine Ford you will get an eyeful on her and her high school.  Apparently the rich parents in Washington DC don't always keep an eye on their children.  No time for that.  I wondered why everything on Christine went missing from the net, and like others I only saw that she was born in 1967, stated on several sites. The rest had been erased. Then someone eventually puts up a full, really nice Wikipedia report on her and include the November 1966 birth. 

What amazes me is the close aspects between Christine's Mars (using the date provided by Marjorie Orr) and Brett's Mars (1 degree), born almost 2 years apart, and yet they have that same dramatic Uranus-Pluto set.  It is also amazing to me that, even though it was a big part of her life to attend big parties where everyone got drunk, she was, according to her, on that day of the alleged attempted rape, at a "party" where only five people were present, and two of them were Kavanaugh and his side kick Mr. Judge.   That would mean she was either friends with him, or they just accidentally got thrown together.  I don't think they were friends, but I think they got drunk that day (just like every other chance they got).  Maybe Christine thought Kavanaugh and Judge were geeks, but she flaunted herself anyway, and eventually he got angry because he'd seen her all around having sex with everyone except him, and so he jumped her bones.  Wrong move.  She freaked out, pushed him off of her and then hated him ever since for ever having touched her even a little bit, without her permission.  Maybe she only added the other "hands over the mouth" and locking of the door, etc.  recently, because she felt she deserved it.

So, tomorrow, the hearing will have this little lady below (see article) standing as witness that she had "seen" Kavanaugh at the parties she describes.  Never mind that he may have been there..... why the hell was she there, time after time?

ANYWAY, long story short, is there any astrological suggestion that either of them are perpetrators?  If we say that Mars in Virgo is not very aggressive, but since it is near Uranus-Pluto that maybe it is very aggressive.  Christine's set is much more conjunct than Kavanaugh's.  I know someone who was born on the same day as Jonny Depp who has Mars between Uranus and Pluto, and this man is anything but aggressive.  Maybe because Mars is "besieged", and these two do not.

Any comments?       
Title: Re: Brett Kavanaugh
Post by: Steven7 on September 26, 2018, 09:25:22 PM
This could get  outrageous !
 I think it might be televised ?
      Halina thanks for the chart.

Kavanaugh has Neptune 20 Scorpio
Near Ford's Neptune Mercury midpoint
Sextiles Ford's  20 Virgo Pluto
All this got quindecile aspect from the 4-44 Aquarius  eclipse.
That powerful eclipse oposed Ford'  4-23 Leo Jupiter

Any planets in these charts at the 17th degree and 2nd degree were touched by the last  two Lunations.

This is amazing how the planets in transit today align with Ford's Jupiter in Leo.

Trans Jupiter 21 Scorpio is between their Natal Neptunes.
Neptune can be deception and pictures. 15 minutes of fame on steroids.

Ford: Transits

 Rahu conjuncts her Jupiter,  Rahu was the demon that  cheated the demigods out of the imortal nectar, he paid with his head being decapitated.

Sun sextiles her Jupiter

Moon squares her Jupiter

Trans Mars con Ketu at the 4-44 Aquarius eclipse point interacting with the trans Sun and Moon  is opposing her Jupiter  4-23 Leo.
 Ford's account is very flakey, her friends and family don't support the allegation.

There are two guys that think they and not Kavenaugh were at the booze fueled party acosting Ford.There are also a few other Kavanaugh accusers of crimes including rape.

 Let's see what the stars teach us this week.

Title: Re: Brett Kavanaugh
Post by: In Stitches on September 28, 2018, 03:35:02 PM
Her chart is interesting. I don't see a Sun-Venus Sagittarius with a Gemini Moon as being someone who would not tell everyone and their brother about an assault. Maybe Mercury-Neptune in Scorpio represents secrets.
Title: Re: Brett Kavanaugh
Post by: amymaddalozzo on September 28, 2018, 04:22:27 PM
The latest is that  the vote will be delayed another week.  It would be just before the new moon  in libra  AMY
Title: Re: Brett Kavanaugh
Post by: bjorkstrand on September 28, 2018, 06:56:27 PM
Brett Kavanaugh
12 feb 1965


Title: Re: Brett Kavanaugh
Post by: Halina on September 29, 2018, 07:43:38 AM
Hi Jim, found this rectified time on the internet.....4:09am, giving a 1Capricorn48 Ascendant with Moon at 2Cancer59 conjunct Descendant.
Below is his triwheel for the hearing yesterday, Sept 28....added name asteroid Cavagna(pronounced "Kah-VAHN-ya", asteroid Brett,
asteroid Christine, and asteroid Ford....with aspects.
     The number 8 comes up frequently in the Solar Arcs and Transits signifying the 8th House ..... a hearing relating to sex.
Title: Re: Brett Kavanaugh
Post by: Steven7 on September 29, 2018, 08:38:45 AM
Halina if this chart  is solid then the 2 Aries Full Moon would have squared his Asc
and the 3 Pisces Full Moon would have trined his Moon. Add that to the other transits previously mentioned.
  When they are out  to get you they are out to get you !
  Talking Bobbleheads on TV fake news now say because he showed  emotion during the hearing he is too fragile and not fit for the high court. It's a Felini movie.

   If the FBI is going to look into his past they should also investigate his accuser and her motivation and political supporters.
 So far her friends and family haven't supported her claim.

Previously mentioned in this thread  the stars of the 27th were outrageous. Terror group stopped in the Netherlands, Police Chief in France stabbed to death, a couple of plane crashes, 7.5 mag quake at Sulawesi Indonesia with tsunami killing 380 people so far.

Title: Re: Brett Kavanaugh
Post by: Halina on September 29, 2018, 09:51:46 AM
Thanx Steven 7, the following asteroids added to one's chart indicate areas of weakness in life.    These asteroids are Nike(victory), Achilless(weakness), Sisyphus(repetition), Karma(lessons), and Nemesis(undoing).    See chart below.
Title: Re: Brett Kavanaugh
Post by: Halina on September 29, 2018, 06:24:30 PM
Hi Steven.  Be sure to read David Hawthorne's site for all these catastrophes you mention particularly the earthquake & tsunami which he explains in Vedic terms.    And also his u-tube explanation
Title: Re: Brett Kavanaugh
Post by: James Williams on October 06, 2018, 03:50:20 AM
With transiting Mercury continuing its separation aspect from natal Rahu (North Node), and transiting Mars becoming exactly conjunct with natal Venus, most are saying that Kavanaugh will be confirmed...
Title: Re: Brett Kavanaugh
Post by: Isaac Starkman on October 07, 2018, 12:54:08 AM
Brett Kavanaugh confirmation: Victory for Trump in Supreme Court battle
Using my rectified time for Donald Trump 10.47.36 EDT, transit Jupiter is exactly in opposition to MC, Converse transit Venus conjunct Desc.
In his lunar return, Venus exactly on MC, Jupiter in 10th house
In his converse solar return (12 June 1874) Jupiter at 22Vir45' trine radical MC and square Sun- excellent aspects for success.
Title: Re: Brett Kavanaugh
Post by: In Stitches on October 07, 2018, 02:25:50 PM
Kav won his little nomination. Justice reigns supreme.   :-[

It was a close race. 51-49.

Senator Lisa Murkowski of Alaska was the only Republican to vote against him. b. May 22, 1957, Ketchikan, Alaska, U.S

There are currently 6 Republican Senators who are women. There are 11 Democrat Senators who are women.

A Dude who votes Democrat voted for Kavanaugh:
Senator Joe Manchin III of West Virginia. b. Aug. 24, 1947 Farmington, WV

He is also pro-life so it's anybody's guess why he thinks he's a Democrat. He screwed up the entire judicial system of the U.S. (assuming it wasn't already screwed up) with his vote.