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I'm watching May 3rd.
Imagine the American equivalent...a presidential election where both candidates were neither a Democrat or a Republican. Shocking!

Macron should win handily, and we probably don't need astrology to predict that.

Now, as we move into the final two-person race, the Uranus-Pluto contacts to the MC in the Aries Solar Ingress chart reveal a lot:

Le Pen as the extremist candidate.

Macron likely to win by an extreme, lopsided margin.

Macron as president with no legislative coattails as his new party will have little presence in the upcoming parliament; therefore, he'll have to work with parties not his own. This is called "co-habitation" in France and it doesn't work well. Political fragmentation could result, especially in the beginning. As Uranus is in the 11th [rules parliament] of the Ingress chart this makes sense and should be expected.

Dean Bensics
Nailed it, Dean ;) !
With a week to go before the first round of the French Presidential elections should we expect a massive rebuke of the status quo?

It doesn't seem like "business as usual" in French politics this Spring.

From Reuters: But perhaps the most notable outcome is today's huge defeat for the French establishment - the two center-right and center-left groupings that have dominated French politics for 60 years.

Dean Bensics
Macron and Marine will move forward to the second round...


  Thanks for the news flash. With so much (personal) chaos in last few days, I totally missed the recent news. And Macron is the 1 main contender I have not researched yet.
Thanks for your comments, pdw.  It was mentioned online that severe indigestion can be an indication of heart trouble; hope that's not the case with him.  I still feel his current transits and progressions are very worrisome.  And it's interesting that he covered his face with a blanket so that no one could see what he looks like; why?!  Despite his saying now that everything's fine, nothing was ever wrong, he just wants some quiet time to himself - not letting his close friends know that, if only by text or email, remains pretty hard to explain away.  Something strange was going on.
General Astrology Discussion / Re: Ascendant and Relocating
« Last post by Stacy on Today at 01:29:24 PM »
When I moved  to florida,  SA sun was applying to natal uranus and transiting uranus was opposed natal uranus and squaring the Mc/IC point  AMY

And loosely square your ASC/DSC.
No to mention a double dose of Uranus.  That would do it !
General Astrology Discussion / Re: Ascendant and Relocating
« Last post by Stacy on Today at 01:16:03 PM »
Stace, the ASC is your immediate environment. Noel often pointed out that Tr. Uranus=ASC often reflected a change in the immediate environment, hence a move.

Dean Bensics

Bingo! -- thanks, Dean. That's what I was thinking of :).
Hi Pamela and All,

Thanks for the update, Pamela. Glad our friend RS is okay.

I see that transiting Saturn is forming a T-Square, squaring his 12th House natal Virgo Mars and opposing his  his natal Uranus-Venus (ASC ruler) conjunction – which looks, potentially, like a physically sensitive, challenging or upsetting (Saturn-Uranus) T-Square. This combo was tightly triggered by transiting Mars trine natal Mars – suggesting too much of a good thing, perhaps, and stimulating an internal flare-up?
Plus transiting Venus, in Pisces and his 6th House (referencing physical sensitivity and vulnerability), tightly triggered the above combo, forming a Grand Square – reflecting feeling ill and dependent on others for medical assistance, services, relief?

I'm sure his astrologer now has recommended particular care, caution, and discipline during the next T Mars trigger period, squaring his natal Mars, in late May.   
       She will make her transition in her 102nd year, April 14, 2028, 5 PM ....not impossible as her mother was in her 102nd year also when she passed (Aug 4, 1900 - Mar 30, 2002).   See her triwheel below which verifies this  transition date.   You may circle this date on your calendar.   Typo: Tr Pluto squares SA Orpheus, which is correct.....not Tr Pluto conj SA Osiris.
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