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General Astrology Discussion / Re: Upcoming transition of companion animal
« Last post by Stacy on Today at 09:25:53 AM »
Nice Sabian, Barb--can relate ;).

Back in 1998 when my very first little house bunn was ill and nearing her time I think I had per put down too soon, and just don't want that to happen again. Which is worse? letting a suffering animal go on a little too long because there are good days and bad, or putting him down too soon because those bad days are just so bad?  I weigh the options several times a day...

I have always believed we humans and all animals will simply leave when it's time--that our higher selves will know when that is.  But he is far worse off than my first one I think, though not positive.

Suffering is hard to quantify. Some symptoms may look worse but feel less painful and vice-versa.   My step-dad has MS. He used a cane and a walker and dragged his legs, but apparently he wasn't in much pain at all, just tired and had bowel problems.   Back then I didn't even use a cane but was in far worse pain than he was. By the looks of us you would think he was suffering more. 

And hidden disabilities are even harder to evaluate. During my phone Hearing last week with the ALJ (I discuss in another thread) he made several ignorant comments such as 'you are speaking clearly and with several sentences in a row, so I believe you sound competent to move forward today'  after I told him I had been recovering from pneumonia and was not prepared as I had not even opened my mail in several days, nor had I prepared for the Hearing. for me not to get started--lol!!

Crabman?   Haven't seen him for days.....probably at the racetrack employing these new techniques for trifecta winners.
Hi Stacy.  Thanks for sharing the astrology.  Love that 22 Aries sabian quote is "pregnant woman in light summer dress".  Rabbits (bunnies) are traditional fertility symbols.  In real life of course they are much more than that, and adorable as well.  I love the way their noses twitch.  I'm so sorry this is painful for you.  I believe you are right that bunny will be waiting on the other side, but right now he's waiting to hear your permission to go...poor thing.  I'm sure he's trying really hard to keep his little heart beating for you. 
General Astrology Discussion / Re: Upcoming transition of companion animal
« Last post by Stacy on May 22, 2017, 08:20:12 PM »
Thanks for the input, Flipper; good point.

Actually, the astrology for a 6th or 5th house pet works well in my chart. Neptune (r.5) in my 12th shows the pleasure I get from him, and  the compassionate service he performs (h.12). While I certainly love my bunny like my child, h. 6 does govern small animals such as rabbits.

General Astrology Discussion / Re: Result of State Hearing for benefits
« Last post by Stacy on May 22, 2017, 08:12:16 PM »
Just saw your response...been dealing with Saturn's delays, haha.

That's so much more detail then I expected, frankly, but it certainly is fitting. The judge gave me until June 9 to respond to the County's submission of additional documentation, so Saturn is also giving much time here [slow resolution, as you note]. Will share the results after that for corroboration.

Thank you for another excellent analysis  8).


General Astrology Discussion / Re: Upcoming transition of companion animal
« Last post by amymaddalozzo on May 22, 2017, 02:23:01 PM »
Good   thought--you are right    AMY
Astrology of the Famous and Well Known / Re: Roger Ailes Dead at 77
« Last post by amymaddalozzo on May 22, 2017, 02:20:37 PM »
Thanks Halina,  Good Advice.   AMY
General Astrology Discussion / Re: Upcoming transition of companion animal
« Last post by Flipper on May 22, 2017, 01:00:21 PM »
Stacy  I always thought that pets  are a 6th house issue-

In my experience, it depends. If you are emotionally attached to your pet, and you love them as if they were your own child, then it's a 5th house issue. If it's a service animal, like a horse that pulls a wagon, or a cow that just provides milk, and you have no emotional attachment to it, (other than the work it does for you, or the money it makes for you) then it's a 6th house issue.

Astrology of the Famous and Well Known / Re: Roger Ailes Dead at 77
« Last post by Halina on May 22, 2017, 11:43:22 AM »
       Natally, you have Jupiter opp the Saturn/Pluto midpoint.....this gives a chronic condition that will take more time than expected to heal.    Watch for transits and Solar Arcs to Jupiter or the Saturn/Pluto midpoint.
       Transits for May 23 show Sun square Jupiter...a weight gain is what you eat.   Sweets will  beckon but resist STARCHES in pasta form....
stick with brown rice and steamed fruit to satisfy that sweet tooth, not candy nor chocolate.
       Afflictions in Sagittarius affect the hips and thighs, including the femur and acetabulum, the sciatic nerve, and the following muscles: piriformis, gemellus, gluteals, tensor fascia lata and the hamstrings.   Sagittarius has been found to be the overall most accident-prone ascendant, perhaps due to its adventurous qualities.

Primary reflex arcs are to the lungs, arms and hands, with secondary reflexes to the small intestine and liver, and also to the feet.

The Liver meridian, which courses from the big toe up the front inside of the leg, over the groin and through the genitals to the abdomen and liver, relates to Sagittarius and its Jupiter rulership.  It is a solid organ meridian of the wood element. There is special significance here for the liver metabolism of allantoin  which nourishes the cartilaginous tissues of the joints and sinews: the ligaments and tendons, which come under Sagittarius.

The Sagittarius cell salt is Silica, that which is quartz, sand or glass in other manifestations.  Silica tends to encourage the formation of radially symmetrical or crystalline forms in plants which emphasize it in their structure.  Thus, artichokes, celery, peppers and other crisp vegetables usually abound in silica. Milk thistle, blessed and other thistles, artichoke (a type of thistle), dandelion, and horsetail (equisetum) are excellent Sagittarius herbs, cleansing the liver and blood and providing structural integrity for cartilage tissues.
Astrology of the Famous and Well Known / Re: Roger Ailes Dead at 77
« Last post by Halina on May 22, 2017, 11:12:25 AM »
What a coincidence.....before I opened your post, I was checking in COSI by Ebertin for biological correspondences to Jupiter/Pluto to your Asc(body) and he says:
"The regeneration of the organs---Blood transfusion.     Nows the time to regenerate(Pluto) your organs, like liver, ruled by Jupiter and blood.   See suggestion for this in the next post
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