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General Astrology Discussion / Re: Good Days Calendar....What Dat?
« Last post by Ken Haining on Today at 01:05:34 PM »
Hi OD'd

Just curious.  Was there any Uranus and Jupiter interplay going on with your Natal Chart at the time you moved to Germany?  You probably mentioned it before, but I can't remember.  I know that when Uranus and Jupiter get involved between Transits and Natal Positions that it usually produces some kind of radical move geographically, as well as a radical change of career.  In your case you experienced both, so I was just wondering about that. 

Re: "...and so I am sure she could be quite imperious."

Yes, she always seemed to think of herself as a Queen and made some very ballsy moves that paid off for her.  She was in Phoenix and got inside news that the Collections dept. at the Post Office was moving from a Clerk to a Carrier job.  On the day before the senior Clerk-Collectors transferred over as Carrier-Collectors, Karen transferred down from Phoenix and though she hadn't been a Collector for virtually any time, started in Tucson, with top Seniority.  Then, she was union steward for some time and we had filed a class-action suit because of them using temporary employees beyond the allowed quotas.  The money was calculated as to what should be paid as compensation.  Suddenly, at the end of negotiations, Karen signed off on an amount is less than half what was calculated and on Monday, they introduced "the Karen" as the newest member of management! 

Re: "A bit older than you?"

Yeah, but my first wife was older than that.  The Post Office, from my experience was relatively incestuous.  ie. co-workers often got busy with other co-workers, married or not

Re: "Her chart does seem to indicate the confidence to go after men who are slightly younger than her.  Likes men she has power over.  But alas, you 'got away.'"

It felt like an escape!   She did end up with someone relatively close to my age.  (and also a co-worker)

Re: "Did she ask to keep in touch?"

When I went to empty my stuff out of my locker, I had to meet with Dennis (long-time co-worker and also part-time manager) to take me into the secured area.  He asked me if I wanted him to bring me in to Karen's office to say anything.  I turned to him and said, "why would I want to talk to that fuck?  She's one of the main reasons I felt I needed to quit the Post Office."

Re: "How did she take your departure, or was it just too sudden to get a reaction?"

When I told her, I got the bluff reaction.  She just acted like it was long-expected and said she didn't know why it had taken me that long to decide.  Certainly, lesser souls would have given up after only half the shit I experienced.  Even then, I could sense the Universe conspiring to bring me away from the Post Office, out of the United States, and off to Germany. 

Re: "You made a bold move that paid off."

There were some insecure times and it is ballsy to move to a country, to be a bread-winner where you don't (yet) speak the language.  (or have work allowance at the beginning)   Still, the writing was so clearly on the wall, astrology or not; and Uta was 100% invested in the idea as well.  I do think it could only have gone that way ;) but it's also the right move/decision.  ;)   When we came to Germany to visit, while still living in the States, I always felt special, somehow, more special here than there...

Re: "Glad it worked out so well for you!"

Thanks, man.  I feel lucky and humble for every positive thing. 

Re: "I still want to say, I have known some really nice girls named Karen."

Yes, I have a (Facebook) friend for many years now, that I've talked about a lot of things with and I think she's one of the nicest, coolest people.  She's named Karen, but doesn't exhibit Karen-like behavior.  lol
General Astrology Discussion / Re: Good Days Calendar....What Dat?
« Last post by Ken Haining on Today at 12:35:12 PM »
Hi OD'd

I said, "Sun, Moon, and Rising Sign are the 3 Cardinal Signs, and so I am sure she could be quite imperious."

I should have said with Sun and Moon in Cardinal Signs, and Fixed Rising Sign, I am sure she could be quite imperious.  I have to watch that in the current circumstances I find myself in that I don't get sloppy. 

General Astrology Discussion / Re: Prediction vs Perfect Hindsight
« Last post by Ken Haining on Today at 11:54:51 AM »
Hi Halina

You said, "Hi Ken,  illegal immigrants who enter California are being offered $300 a month unemployment."

I double checked, and the proposed amount is $300 a week for up to 20 weeks.  This country has gone mad and is committing suicide, or, allowing our "leaders" to orchestrate our destruction.

Pluto is going back to Capricorn on the 11th.  Should see a lot of things coming to a head.

General Astrology Discussion / Re: Good Days Calendar....What Dat?
« Last post by Ken Haining on Today at 09:59:59 AM »
Hi OD'd

Thanks for that interesting analysis. 

Interestingly enough, Transiting Uranus square Natal Venus is a divorce aspect.  I am supposing, for "Karen," your departure was like a divorce of sorts. 

Natal chart shows Sun opposite Jupiter-Uranus, which would denote someone who has a radical nature and who tends to be very "lucky," but also tends to push their personal luck too far at one point or another.  However, I have seen those Sun opposite Jupiter people just "get away with it."  It seemed to me that you could wait and wait for Karmic Law to catch up with them, and then wait and wait some more.  I am thinking that she will probably end up lonely and frustrated in her latter years. 

Her son's friend was an idiot, worthy of a Darwin Award.  Going around making noises at someone's windows?  In Tucson, Arizona, where the police prefer that you shoot burglars?  The police in Tucson told my father in law that if he ever shot a trespasser outside the house, to drag him inside and then call the police.  That way, the officers explained, "He's paid for."

I had thought that your boss might have been Taurus, but as it turns out she had Taurus Rising, and has Capricorn Sun.  Bored with her husband and marriage, she saw you as the excitement that she thought she was looking for.  I am sure, from looking at this chart, that your boss had no hesitation to use her "executive power" to pull you off your regular job to ride around with her as her "personal assistant."  Sun, Moon, and Rising Sign are the 3 Cardinal Signs, and so I am sure she could be quite imperious. 

Without doing the detailed math, it seems she was born around January 14, 1955?  A bit older than you?  Her chart does seem to indicate the confidence to go after men who are slightly younger than her.  Likes men she has power over.  But alas, you "got away." 

Did she ask to keep in touch?  How did she take your departure, or was it just too sudden to get a reaction?

You made a bold move that paid off.  Sometimes that works, sometimes it doesn't.  Glad it worked out so well for you!

I still want to say, I have known some really nice girls named Karen.


        Finnish composer Kaija Saariaho, voted the world’s greatest living composer in a 2019 survey by BBC Music Magazine, has died aged 70 of brain cancer.    In February, 2021, she was diagnosed with glioblastoma.
       Glioblastoma, previously known as glioblastoma multiforme (GBM), is the most aggressive and most common type of cancer that originates in the brain, and has very poor prognosis for survival.  Initial signs and symptoms of glioblastoma are nonspecific.  They may include headaches, personality changes, nausea, and symptoms similar to those of a stroke.  Symptoms often worsen rapidly and may progress to unconsciousness.

She was 70 years old and from the AGE INCIDENCE OF DISEASE TABLE the axes 5-7.5 Cancer/Capricorn
and 5 to 7.5 Aries/Libra would signal disease if any planets hit these axes.   Yes, natal Mars at 5 Cappy,
rules her 6th of illnes, disease, Solar Arc Sun was at 7 Cappy, and transit Handley, a cancer indicator
was in her 6th, at 7Aries.   All signaling her death from cancer.
       In numerology, 22 degrees signals death.   Her Solar Arc Anneli, her name conjuncted natal Pluto
at 22 degrees.   In addition, Solar Arc Mercury, the brain, had moved to 22 degrees in the 4th of endings.
Medical Astrology / Re: Cause of my death?
« Last post by Halina on Today at 05:07:38 AM »
       That would take time and effort on my part....sorry no freebees.
Medical Astrology / India Train Crash
« Last post by Halina on Today at 05:00:16 AM »
      India’s worst train crash this century, with three trains colliding due to signal failure, has left nearly 300 dead and almost 1000 injured. This kind of tragedy is not as commonplace as it once was with heavy government investment in modernization in recent years which cut rails deaths to zero in the two years up to 2021, a staggering improvement on what went before.
 And the recent May 5 Scorpio Lunar Eclipse located to this region has Mars conjunct the Descendant hinting at a shock or accident.  The 20 April 2023 Solar Eclipse had an undermining/confused Neptune on the Midheaven.
Re: "Just out of curiosity, how far did boss woman Karen get with you?"

Well, we spent a LOT of time together and in relatively close quarters, but nothing ever actually happened.  The closest it came to something was during a route inspection, where she was in my vehicle with me.  She began talking about how her and "Joe" (her then husband) weren't really together and were sleeping in different rooms.  She mentioned she was looking for something new.  I wasn't interested, so offered to counsel the two of them to see if I could help salvage anything.  It was at this point that I ended up working out of another station. 

She always had a strange perspective, with herself too much in the center of every circumstance.  Her Son accidentally killed his best friend, when the friend was pranking her son, by going around the house and making noises at the windows.  I remember Karen telling me how mean the child's parents were, to not want her Son at the funeral. 

Like I said...for me, it was a love-hate connection, where I was spoiled and often pulled off my actual route job, in order to hang inside and mostly drive Karen around or do office work.  For 3/4 of the year, spoiled...for the other 1/4 persecuted.  Additionally, anyone that has worked in these circumstances, where one is a "normal" employee working side by side with others, to having a large part of the time (but not ALL the time) as their boss, with disciplinary responsibilities. 

Re: "It must have been interesting driving her around."

Yeah, I mostly provided comedic and moral support, and we went out to eat a lot.  It was like a married couple, but with zero romance or funny business.  I think in her mind, on some level, I was the one that she really wanted, but ultimately the one that kept her in the "friend zone." 

Re: "Do you have a chart on her?"

Here, you can especially see the hint at her Son's killing of his friend, through her natal Pluto at the 5th House cusp/powerpoint and in square to Saturn.  The ruler of the 5th (Sun) is inconjunct Pluto and cusp.  A prize creation of hers didn't become the hero or the saint, but rather the killer.  I'm sure it was an emotional struggle for survival and surely changed how hard she had to try in order to clamour to the top for that unassailable position and some other status. 

When we moved to Germany on April 14th, 2005; it was an extremely happy time.  A large part of that happiness was in knowing that I was out from under "the Karen" and wouldn't have any glass ceiling, turbulent emotions, or other associated bullshit.  It makes sense that Mars and Neptune were contacting my Midheaven around that time, but the tran Uranus opposite Pluto symbolism is a loud voice through the situation/development.  My "all-important" postal career of 16 years, was, in short order reduced (perspective-wise) to a waste of my time/talents, where a revolution leading to liberty was necessary.  It was a ballsy move and more than one person thought I was crazy... 

Here, you can see Karen's aspects at the time I quit.

And, here is a very telling Lunar Return to Sun chart for Karen, when I quit. 

Re: "So, instead of 12:01:30 PM, I would use 11:01:30 AM in San Antonio, right?"

You could do it that way, surely...but I would just use the same info, after choosing the relocational city, so that no mistakes could be made.
So, it would look like this...

Haining Ken
Relocation Chart
Oct 10 1952
12:01:30 PM
EST +05:00:00

San Antonio
Texas USA
98w29'36 29n25'26
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