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Astrology of the Famous and Well Known / Astro twins: Russell Brand and Angelina Jolie
« Last post by Daleth on January 20, 2020, 11:41:53 PM » shows them both born June 4, 1975 -- Brand in England and Jolie in California -- with opposite rising signs: 28 Cancer for Jolie and 26-27 Capricorn for Brand:



Brand's birthtime is apparently midnight but we don't know which midnight -- the one that started the day or the one that ended it. Either way his Moon is, like Jolie's, in Aries and conjunct Mars. The midnight-end-of-day time adds a conjunction to Jupiter as well.

Key differences:

- Brand's Gemini Sun in 4th/Mercury 5th, Jolie's Gemini Sun-Mercury in 11th (the 11th being "other people's children," to me this connects to her adoption of children)

- Brand's Aries Moon-Mars in 2nd, Jolie's in 9th conjunct the MC.

- Brand's Neptune in 10th, Jolie's in 5th. He is known/famous (10th) for being a recovering addict (Neptune) and spiritual teacher (also Neptune -- especially since it's in Sag). Neptune's trine to the Moon-Mars in 2nd in his chart may have added impetus to his particular addictions (sex -- very Mars/2nd -- and drugs). Jolie's Neptune in Sag is in the 5th opposite her 11th-house Sun-Mercury and trine Jupiter; she adopted 3 children (5th/11th) from abroad (Sag/Jupiter).

- He has Neptune angular (10th); she doesn't. She has Uranus angular (4th); he doesn't. That seems to fit his public image as recovering addict/guru (Neptune Sag) and her early image as a wild child/crazy woman/home-wrecker, evolving later to humanitarian/social justice activist.

- Brand's Cancer Saturn in 6th, Jolie's in 12th. For both of them it squares Jupiter and Mars; for Jolie it also squares the Moon, and for Brand as well if he was born at the later midnight. 6th/12th relate to health, Cancer/Moon = mother. Both of their mothers contracted breast cancer (Brand's also had uterine cancer). Brand himself also suffered from an eating (Moon/Cancer) disorder.

- Brand's Cancer Venus conjunct desc. in 7th, Jolie's conjunct asc. in 12th.

Thoughts? Does anyone know if they've ever met?
General Astrology Discussion / Re: The Pluto - Saturn Conjunction on various charts
« Last post by crabman on January 20, 2020, 07:17:42 PM »
Wow.  Thank you, Ken!  I'll have to think about all that.  Right now I feel that there are several directions I could go, but knowing that this is my LAST time this will happen, I want to do it right!
General Astrology Discussion / Re: A tribute to Noel
« Last post by Kelly C on January 20, 2020, 04:43:42 PM »
Thank you, Kathy.
Sad news.  Our Mr. Tyl was a gifted astrologer and one prolific writer!  His work with Henry A. Murray at Harvard, coupled with his very extensive knowledge of astrology, made him uniquely qualified to share his humanistic approach to horoscope interpretation with the world.  Noel's "Synthesis" is a fine work and was one of my first astrology books. 
He also apparently had a good sense of humor because he put up with all my jokes over the years!
Our Noel has gone to the light and left us his site.  Rest in peace.
Medical Astrology / Re: Sciatica? No, Athritis.
« Last post by James Williams on January 20, 2020, 04:13:11 PM »
Thanks Halina, glad to hear it's not sciatica...nice Jyotisha analysis, with natal Jupiter debilitated, and transiting Sun (12) in exact partile conjunction today with natal Jupiter...
Medical Astrology / Re: Sciatica? No arthritis
« Last post by Halina on January 20, 2020, 12:28:00 PM »
Thanx James, I thought it was Sciatica but.....had hip pain went to doctor....pulled up my 2015 x-rays on both hips.    Pain was caused by arthritis in my right hip ....both hips have small bone chips caused by times I bruised my hips in past.
These bone chips stimulate the arthritis pain....doc gave me arthritis Tylenol, 2 tabs a day.
    So, in Western astrology,   Jupiter, my hip, is in Capricorn, bone chips conj the IC.   Mars, pain in Sagittarius, my hip,
is conj my natal Sun in Sagittarius, ruler of hips.
    In Vedic astrology, tr Jupiter, hip conj tr Ketu....hip changes, chips.
Tr Sun in Capricorn, hip bone, conj natal Jupiter, hip, in Capricorn, hip bone.
Tr Saturn, bone, conj tr Pluto, changes, chips.
Hi Dean,

Thanks very much for the relocation charts.  Looking at the first one, for Harry for Vancouver, I'm of two minds; yes, there's Jupiter conjunct the IC from the 3rd house, squaring the Ascendant-Descendant axis, which would be positive.  But there's also Saturn (restriction) in the 2nd house (money, security), and Pluto (power; control) technically in the 1st but almost in the 2nd - I'd read it as a 2nd house planet.  Both those planets are in Scorpio, so that intensifies the signature of power and control.  Moreover, Saturn is applying to oppose the Moon (needs) in Taurus (money, security) in the 8th house (other people's money).  And as if all that weren't enough, the North node is in the 8th and the South Node in the 2nd.  I think possibly worrisome financial issues may dominate Harry's thinking in that location, and that he'll feel he's at their mercy.

Of course, as you said, in Toronto he'll have Saturn bang on the Ascendant, with Pluto in the 12th house.  Ouch.  A full 2nd house, with Mars, Neptune and Jupiter in there, and Uranus on the cusp.  And doesn't he have Sun=Mars/Neptune anyway?  With the Mars and Neptune in the 2nd house, double ouch; I imagine money matters will be ... difficult.  Nice for Meghan, though, with that 7th house Moon and the aspects you mentioned; lucky her.

In Los Angeles Harry does have that very nice Venus in Libra in the 1st house. But he also has Saturn in Scorpio in the 2nd house opposing Moon in Taurus in the 8th again, with the nodes again in the 2nd and 8th houses.  I think issues of money and security will be a worry for him even in Los Angeles, though the Venus may help.  Anyway, Meghan has said that as long as Trump is president she won't return to the States to live, so Los Angeles is probably out for now.

I would imagine they will opt for Toronto, because Harry's priority seems to be pleasing Meghan, and Meghan regards Toronto as her second home.  She lived there for six or seven years while working on that TV show, got to know the city very well, and has many friends there, including close ones like Jessica Mulroney.  Having her Sun in the 12th house in that location certainly didn't make her invisible when she lived there before; on the contrary, it was after moving to Toronto that she finally achieved success and a degree of fame in her acting career.

I am so hoping that wherever they go, it will turn out okay.  Did you see Harry's speech that he made at a dinner for his Sentebale charity?  He said he loves the UK and always will, and that he'd made the decision to step back from everything he'd ever known with great sadness, but that there was no other option.

Thanks for the asteroids, Halina.
Medical Astrology / Re: Sciatica
« Last post by James Williams on January 20, 2020, 09:57:44 AM »
Hi Halina, hope you feel better soon, as transiting Saturn will in a few days leave your 4th House, while transiting Ketu is continuing to separate from natal Mercury.

Also please note transiting Mars, your MMP, and how it is currently separating from natal Rahu-Venus in your 3rd...
Has anyone looked at Harry and Meghan's house of money--I seriously doubt either has a clue in  terms of how much their life style costs!  it is my understanding that they have been supported by Prince Charles.  Harry and Meghan may be able to make good money now but as their star fades, they could have problems maintaining their life style   amy

Well, why don't you take a look at that, Amy?  Check out their composite and Davison charts, with transits and progressions, and relocate them to London, Toronto, Vancouver and Los Angeles.

About This Forum / Re: A thank you, and a request
« Last post by Pamela Young on January 20, 2020, 09:33:20 AM »
Robynne, thanks for the tip.  :)

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