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General Astrology Discussion / Queen's Plate: Predicting Horse Races
« Last post by Halina on Today at 06:47:38 PM »
        July 2, 2017, 12 Noon, Toronto, Canada...erect a chart and predict the top 3 finishers, aka Trifecta.   Look up the names of the 9 horses by Googling....ironically one horse is named "Holy Helena".
the same system applies to the anchorage earthquake and krakatoa, it works.
and also the sun and moon were just south of the canary islands. If that volcano is bothered the east coast gets destroyed.
good luck
Mundane Astrology – The Study of Nations / Re: Facing a Vast Dark Space
« Last post by Antonio on June 26, 2017, 12:14:16 PM »
I thank you for sharing your perspective, Steven7 ... and I added your link to the favorites.

It has been a long time (mid 80's) since i wrote a newspaper article about the forest fires in my country and even published a poetry book entitled "Arson". Little or nothing has changed in this scourge that returns every year to remote villages where only the eldery native resist. The Sabian image of an old man facing a vast dark space applies perfectly, at least in this sense:

The cautions for this degree are: "Seeing nothing. A lack of purpose. Abandonment (especially by government), rejection, loss and darkness. The exploitation and abandoning of native people. Myopia. Voids. Emptiness." Linda Hill

It's also been a long time since i was looking for Portugal's birth chart. The older the better, according to the late and great, John Milton Tabor.

Yes, it makes perfect sense to frame what happened in the light of the nation's chart(s). However, since i'm just returning from a routine medical examination with full anesthesia, there is only enough energy left to pass the baton to better minds and fresher legs:

Searching for the horoscope of Portugal (+sensitive degrees):

P.s .: The site refers to an information received by email, which adds 30 minutes to the symbolic noon chart of Sao Mamede's Battle. This chart may well be the most used by Portuguese astrologers nowadays, but i'm not sure the majority adopts the suggested time.
General Astrology Discussion / Re: Car vandalism claim
« Last post by Stacy on June 26, 2017, 08:45:10 AM »
OMG, Dean!  June 17 came and went and my bunny is still here :). Took him to the vet June 16, but we both agreed he was not ready to go so I went with my gut and he has rebounded nicely though still has chronic, painful arthritis in hind legs which I treat with various pain meds to keep him comfortable, as well as some neurological probs., and chronic upper respiratory issues. Back to throwing his keys and eating voraciously. Not his time to go just yet. Was also worried about preceding him in death because no one takes care of him like I do, but this vet. and clinic would adopt and foster him if I passed first, and they know what he needs and adore him, so that has brought some relief to me with my conflicted thinking. One day at a time.

But now we see other symbolism that fits amazingly well ("Saying good-bye to an old friend"...I planned to sell my 2013 Hyundai Accent at that time; with only 16k miles on it -and being hacked to death by neighbors which police say isn't that bad and may not even matter to some buyers -but I never really got to break it in properly with a road trip as health declines and I rely on my insurance-covered medical transportation and friendly cab co. more and more). When I bought it I wasn't using a wheelchair, just my walker, and knees were only mildly problematic so I had no idea I would consider selling it with that great 10 yr./100k mile warranty ---plus I purchased an extra bumper-to-bumper warranty for $1k at the same time, so everything is covered.  I knew it would outlast/outlive me, but not so soon! The police and my church elder and I agree it would be wise to just sell it so I don't have to worry about it as long as it's just sitting there anyway. With no car payment, ins. or maintenance costs it will be cost effective. With the money saved I will have enough for my cabby pal to take me to non-medical locations.  I suppose that could suggest saying goodbye and hello...;).

Regarding astrological assumptions: I automatically threw in together anything vehicle-related and Mercury without taking it apart and applying Mars, and Neptune in this case. I also don't normally notice the synchronicity of my posting dates and topics unless someone points it out.  Nice, clear thinking Dean.

thanks :)
General Astrology Discussion / Re: St Louis
« Last post by bjorkstrand on June 26, 2017, 07:45:36 AM »

all hell is going to break loose.

General Astrology Discussion / St Louis
« Last post by Steven7 on June 26, 2017, 06:10:37 AM »
 The Eclipse path will run near this city.
 Looks like the madness is already starting.

expect lots of  strange news  out of St Louis
General Astrology Discussion / Re: Car vandalism claim
« Last post by Dean Bensics on June 25, 2017, 09:07:06 PM »
Hello Stace.

Remember a while ago we were talking about your bunny and I brought up...

Look at June 17th of this year:

1) Tr. Neptune=Mars (r. 6) - exact semi-square.
2) TP Moon=Mars (r. 6) - exact conjunction.
3) Tr. Moon-Neptune=Mars (r. 6) - exact conjunction at 14-Pisces.

Since we were talking about a small pet, the Mars rulership of the 6th house was very appropriate.

However, I find it interesting that on June 17th you posted about "car vandalism."

Making cuts, dents and scratches to a car is an act of vandalism (Mars) and to do so stealthily and out of sight is very Neptune.

Transportation in general is ruled by Mercury and automobiles specifically are ruled by Mars.

Dean Bensics
General Astrology Discussion / Re: Car vandalism claim
« Last post by In Stitches on June 25, 2017, 04:45:37 PM »
Sorry. I understand. Pay a kid 5 bucks to wish her a happy birthday and she'ell probably tel! Him when her real birthday is, lol.
Mundane Astrology – The Study of Nations / Re: Facing a Vast Dark Space
« Last post by Steven7 on June 25, 2017, 12:41:40 PM »
Hi Antonio, sorry to hear of this tragedy in your country.

I agree with you
 As Moon hit the Saturn Solar midpoint it got zaps from Uranus and the nodes.
Moon went on to conjunct the wound Chiron  as the fire raged.

Saturn in fiery Sagittarius is also striking a volatile starcrossed region in this  chart.
Astrology of the Famous and Well Known / July 2017 Transits for Putin
« Last post by Steven7 on June 25, 2017, 10:58:47 AM »
Putin is the man to watch at this time.
9:30 am chart

See Isaac's rectification in the Vladimir Putin thread by PDW

 The approaching July 9th  Full Moon 17-09 tropical Cardinal Capricorn will square Vlad's natal Saturn , 17-29 Cardinal Libra. 20 minute orb is close.
  Could be a good time to check his progressions ,Solar Arc and midpoints  as well as the charts for Russia. Some of the charts for Russia  seem to be accurate . I like the one from the 90s best.

The Full Moon will also oppose his natal Uranus  180 degrees away   18-24 Cancer
 His South Node  18-36  Leo gets a 150 degree zap from the Full Moon.

These geometrical positions from the Full Moon are usually problematic,  90ds 180ds and 150 ds.
This Lunation will most likely have an enormous impact on Putin.

The day in general looks dangerous.
 Soon after the Full Moon Pluto is waiting 1 degree away  for the Full Moon.
 Then on to the 22 degree address in opposition to trans Mars  that is aspected by Saturn 22 Sag.  So Moon hits Mars at 180 and Saturn at 30.
So potent Cardinal Full  Moon on steroids hitting these malefics could get crazy.
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