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General Astrology Discussion / Re: Chiron and Roe v. Wade
« Last post by Ken Haining on Today at 07:31:01 AM »
Hi OD'd, James Alexander

You noted an "overwhelming governmental force."  I would suppose that a governmental force that allowed for the execution of unborn, and even "partial birth" children, represents a governmental force great enough to kill innocent life.  What I see is a political battle over whether or not what is called a fetus, at one point in his or her development, becomes a human life with human rights.  The Christians believe that human life begins at conception, and the Jews believe that human life begins with the first breath that the baby takes.  So we can see the scope of the argument.  And there are non religious points of view as well, which relate to when a child should be considered a human being with human rights.   

The simple reality is that abortion has become fail safe birth control.  Women, and the men who impregnate them, have become accustomed to being able to avoid being the parents of a child by terminating that child all the way up until birth.  This way they don't have to be consistently intelligent about avoiding pregnancies.  Some have argued that abortion is beneficial as it is the stupid people who are getting abortions, including the men who want the pregnancy they caused to be terminated.  The intelligent people successfully plan when they want a pregnancy, with a few "surprises" once in a while.  But for the most part, intelligent people have the children that chose to have, and presumably, based on genetics, their offspring will inherit that intelligence.   

On the political side, there are two main factors.  One is the garnering of votes.  Elected, career politicians of both parties pander to their audience and get their share of the votes to keep them in their profitable profession.  The other factor is that abortion is a profitable business.  Abortion clinics, and the doctors and nurses who work in them, make a lot of money.  This is something that will always factor into politics in a "democracy." 

As I already mentioned, this ruling, and the reactions to it, show that we are at the end of the United States as we have known it.  With the Pluto return on the US Declaration of Independence chart, as you said, we have to transform or die.  It seems likely that we may be totally destroyed.  Not only are we moving towards a possible civil war, but if we, or more accurately, our political "leaders," keep trying to get Vladimir Putin assassinated, he might just push the button, and all these debates about things like abortion will burn in nuclear hellfire. 

As I also noted, I find it fascinating that Chiron was in the same position, mid Aries, for both Roe vs Wade and for the overturning of that same decision.  Chiron both squared the Sun in Cancer, and opposed Saturn on that US chart.  In both cases, it was extremely agitating for some, and celebrated by others.  Interesting how those who were agitated and those who were pleased were reversed with the new decision.  But as we know, it is the so called "Left" who have followers who get violent when they don't get their way.  Another factor that indicates that the US is headed for a blow up of one kind or another in the very near future. 

This next year will almost certainly make some real history. 



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General Astrology Discussion / Re: Chiron and Roe v. Wade
« Last post by ODdOnLifeItself on Today at 03:43:28 AM »
Here is the sidereal cardinal lunar ingress for the Roe v Wade overturning decision...   [in these charts, it's ALL about angularity, Moon aspects, and other partile aspects]

Sun angular at the Dsc for the governmental involvement.  Moon-Mars angular for the agitated public (mostly women).  With Pluto squaring the Moon-Mars conjunction, suggesting the anger relates to some overwhelming, governmental force, in this case, a judicial edict.  [It also points to the volcanic release of various pent-up emotions relating to this issue.]  Sun is directly on the Descendant, as the Moon is directly on the IC (a mundane square) highlighting how, in the main, men and women have a different approach to this event. 

Chart Info:

Moon 00 AR 00 00
Jun 22 2022
8:33:07 PM
EDT +04:00:00
District of Columbia USA
77w02'12 38n53'42
Astrology of the Famous and Well Known / Re: Sharon Stone
« Last post by bjorkstrand on June 29, 2022, 05:43:42 PM »
It's all speculation. No facts.
General Astrology Discussion / Re: Chiron and Roe v. Wade
« Last post by Ken Haining on June 29, 2022, 08:09:28 AM »
Even though Chiron had not yet been discovered at the time that the United States Supreme Court nationally legalized aborting unborn babies on demand, Chiron was at 13 degrees Aries.  At the beginning of May of this year, the document showing that the Supreme Court intended to overturn Roe vs Wade was leaked, and Chiron had just hit 14 degrees Aries.  The draft was probably written when Chiron was pretty much at the exact same place it was when Roe vs Wade was handed down by the Supreme Court. Saturn, on the US Declaration of Independence chart, is at about 14 degrees 47 minutes Libra, placing Chiron opposite Saturn during both these Supreme Court decisions.  This time around, however, Pluto is smack on its own position on the US Declaration of Independence chart, denoting, as James Alexander said, transform or die. 

This is just one more piece to the scenario of the collapse of the US as we had known it.  The fact that there are people screaming mad about this latest ruling on abortion, while there are others dancing in the streets, reveals that, as some have already noted, we are a divided nation, and not into just two parts.  Just before Rome fell, as there was no medical abortion, women would throw their unwanted babies in the sewers so that they could go back to the parties and orgies.  Some writers from that time noted that you could hear the babies screaming in the sewers as you approached Rome. 

I think one of the "wounds" that this whole fiasco denoted was that prior to America becoming decadent, to the point it is now, when a young man got his girlfriend pregnant, he would do the honorable thing and marry her.  This reflects the ancient laws.  Even the Law of Moses, in the Hebrew Scriptures, aka, the Old Testament, had this rule.  In those laws, if you took a girls virginity, you went to her father, paid the full dowry, and married her.  I was in college when abortion became legal, and I remember a couple of instances where a guy got his girlfriend pregnant and then persuaded her to get an abortion, and even paid for it.  This wounded the girls, as now they no longer felt loved, but were simply a means for sexual gratification.  Their boyfriend didn't view them as their future beloved wife and mother of their children, but just a sex toy.  I knew one of the girls that had this experience and she was deeply wounded by it. 

On a side note, I remember the days when I tried to dismiss Chiron as ineffective and not a valid astrological object.  However, when I couldn't explain things, either on a natal chart, particularly my own, or with transits, if I took a look at Chiron it was quite stunning how significant it really is.  It filled in a lot of gaps.

In any event, this latest fiasco with the abortion issue is just one more indication that we are living in what will probably soon be the Late Great United States.  The larger issue is becoming State power vs Federal power.  This Supreme Court ruling does not ban abortion, but rather leaves it up to the individual States as to what laws they will have on abortions.  Something that is already happening is that people are moving to States where the laws are more to their liking.  For example, those who want to be able to own and carry a gun have been moving, when it is feasible for them to move, to States that allow that.  However, as I mentioned, this is probably a bit more complex.  There are more than just two factions in this country.  As for the "two party system," it is hopeless corrupt on "both sides of the aisle."  We as Astrologers can watch with interest, but unfortunately, we are still going to go through the fires.  I hope some good Astrologers make it into whatever comes next. 


General Astrology Discussion / Re: Chiron and Roe v. Wade
« Last post by Robynne on June 29, 2022, 02:26:51 AM »

I agree with your thoughts on Ceres there. From a 'maternal perspective', it's the asteroid that would make the most sense.

Saturn is also quindecile Ceres in the chart provided. Just adds a bit more detail.
General Astrology Discussion / Re: Chiron and Roe v. Wade
« Last post by Graham on June 28, 2022, 08:57:45 PM »
There are two prongs involved. … The impact upon the freedom of choice for women, and the impact of that upon the USA population.

The evolutionary planets of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are using the revoking of Roe vs Wade as a mechanism for sowing the seeds of a civil war … which most of the USA population are sleepwalking into.

Thus, we see the semi-sextile of progressed Venus-Chiron creating a poleaxe configuration with Dsc … indicating a heavy-handed action that wounds young women and polarises me-against-them attitudes.

All we need now is for this and the issue of gun controls to prevent Republicans from getting their expected political victories.
Medical Astrology / Chart Shows Multiple Events
« Last post by Halina on June 28, 2022, 09:59:16 AM »
      In my Vedic biwheel I have tr Mars, ruling 8th, conj my Vedic 8th cusp.....Also trans Saturn conjuncts my natal 6th
where natal Mars also sits.   So I figured this refers to my biopsy procedure a week from now.    Mars represents
the biopsy needle in the 8th of surgical intervention.
     However an event happened today that also shows the biwheel.   My daughter's pet rabbit died.   Tr Saturn also rules 5th, child, daughter.   Vedic biwheel below.

General Astrology Discussion / Re: Chiron and Roe v. Wade
« Last post by Halina on June 28, 2022, 08:52:21 AM »
      It's all about Ceres vs Roe-Wade.
Ceres is about the mother-child relationship and abortion.   Saturn enters the picture via the paternal societies'
protectionism.   Notice the 3-9 chart activation....Supreme Court 9th-Mars-Ceres-Prog Asc-Saturn.
      The Roe v Wade natal chart has Ceres sextile Sun.
General Astrology Discussion / Amtrak Train/Truck Collisiion
« Last post by Halina on June 28, 2022, 05:08:49 AM »

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