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  It could happen Crabman. So far Slicky and his moll have been coated with Teflon.
 But  their evil spirits may not be able to protect them forever.

  Lionel who I use to listen to on a NYC radio station back in the 80s-90s has some interesting info about them  with much detail.

I hope they all make Trump very angry and he puts the hounds on the lot of them.
 May the stars of 2017  bring them all to justice.
General Astrology Discussion / Re: Gifts from Jupiter and Uranus
« Last post by Stacy on Today at 06:26:52 PM »
Yes, good point(s), pdw. 

Strong or subtle, I usually feel everything  ;).

Astrology of the Famous and Well Known / Re: Dr John David Sinclair
« Last post by In Stitches on Today at 05:01:34 PM »
Thanks for posting this. I have never heard of Sinclair.

Very interesting about Sun opposing Neptune. The article says that he also developed treatments for binge eating (Sun square Jupiter?) and panic attacks.

Guess this is a case where Chiron c. NN sure makes sense.
Hi all,
I still think these events are closely related to the upcoming eclipse on the president's ascendant. The elephant in the room that none of these astrological forums ever speak of is race relations in the USA. That which is ever present and will never go away if not dealt with by this government. Will this be the straw that implodes his presidency?
According to this chart. it looks like transiting uranus is semi-square transiting neptune.  How does that play in as that aspect is coming up at least one more time.   AMY
General Astrology Discussion / Re: Gifts from Jupiter and Uranus
« Last post by pdw on Today at 12:10:08 PM »
Nice surprise indeed, Stacy.

Might be too obscure for some, but seeing that last Friday's eclipse sensitized your natal  Venus-Jupiter benefics, I like how Monday's T Moon triggered a show of them, with a trine.
Hi adol 33, I enjoyed learning more about Herschel’s chart and life.

I don’t consider him fated to discover Uranus; but, surely all that time spent looking – upward! – increased his chance of spotting something significant. Maybe he’s an example of the theory that it takes ’10,000 hours’ of practice to achieve significance, a path that a Scorpio individual (his Sun-Mercury-Pluto) might be especially equipped for – as an outlet for intense fascination (obsession, fixation), thorough research, and total immersion in something he/she loves.   

Bill Gates is another Scorpio individual (Sun-Venus-Saturn) who is now well-known. However, like Herschel, he spent a huge amount of time on something he loved – computers and programming – before he received recognition for it.     

Herschel’s path to astronomy, his second career, intrigues me. First, following in his musician father’s footsteps, he was a successful instrumentalist, composer, and director. Then in ‘his mid-thirties’ he discovered astronomy and a passion for it, as an amateur, which eventually lead to his discovery of Uranus, at age 43, on March 13, 1781. Obviously a very significant turning point in his life, literally and astrologically, I think, with transiting Saturn opposing his natal Mars and suggesting critical individual or professional timing (or both, in his case). 

Quickly following his discovery, in December of the same year, he received significant recognition in the scientific community (when he was elected into their Royal Society) along with the financial opportunity (a grant from King George III) to leave his music career and become a professional astronomer and telescope maker.   

Dual careers, diverse fields, an eager mind, strong sensory input – these make me think of his Mars in Gemini and Mercury in Scorpio, at work with a keen ear in music and sharp eye in astronomy.

Now wouldn’t it be great to see his chart around the time when he first became interested in astronomy… So far I’ve come across three possible references for this timing, two general and one exact: the ‘in his mid-thirties’ mention above; introduced to astronomy by an acquaintance; and buying a book on astronomy on May 10, 1773 (which I assume is documented somewhere). Well, if that date is anywhere near the beginning of his interest, I sure would be curious about the  excited, intense, outstanding ‘awakening’ reflected in his chart then  – with transiting Uranus opposing his natal Sun. 
Saturn will also hit the nadir of Bill Clinton's chart in February, so I think you're on to something.  Is Bill's karma finally going to catch up with him?
General Astrology Discussion / Re: Jong Un assassination date
« Last post by Steven7 on Today at 09:52:41 AM »
 Kimbo recently had  New Moon on his Sun 17 Capricorn. Maybe made him whackier than he ever was and more full of himself.

The 2 eclipses  aspect his natal Mars Pluto Midpoint, now what could go wrong there?
  Next eclipse also strikes a trine to his Neptune Jupiter midpoint.
This bozo is activated.

Mercury 11-38 Virgo RX still point squared his natal Uranus 11+ Sagittarius. Then he started talking about a cyber attack and cyber theft.
 We'll have to see what Psycho the clown does next.
Here is a simpler chart of that day for the time when the assembly was declared unlawful.  At this point, the crowds spilled into the streets from the park.  By noon there was declared a state of emergency.  Look at all the oppositions in this chart, and the grand square between the Sun-Mars-Moon-Jupiter.   So much bluster and self-righteousness.

The rhetoric at this point is all about what Trump said and what he didn't say...but do we need to make new laws about civilians carrying firearms and other weaponry as a group into public places for protest?  Duh.  At 1:30pm when the deranged terrorist plowed into the crowd with his car, the lunar nodal axis was conjunct to the MC-IC, reflecting the nature of group desire to exteriorize or fulfill their goals.

It didn't help that Mars has been rising ahead of the Sun for so long.       


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