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General Astrology Discussion / Re: Is my new landlord a crook?
« Last post by ODdOnLifeItself on February 07, 2023, 08:31:46 AM »

With Venus in Virgo the landlord probably strongly wants to do the right thing.  The problem is, with Neptune-Mars-Sun (and emphasized, since it is in semisquare to that Venus), what he thinks is "right" might be extremely personally subjective.  Additionally, Mars-Neptune together is correct symbolism for "treachery."  Having them conjunct his Sun makes it personal and heightens the likelihood he might measure himself by it.  This energy wouldn't HAVE to be negative, of course, since the desire is for his actions to follow some (higher) ideals and use that as a blessing. 

Importantly, these three (Mars-Neptune-Sun) are in Scorpio, with their co-dispositor directly on the Ascendant.  This suggests strongly that some dominant female over-stepped boundaries or used power over them in their early home life.  This usually sets several wheels in motion...a strong need to assert oneself (show one's personal power in contrast to their powerless beginnings), and of being emotionally concealed and defensive in posture. 

Jupiter-Mercury in Jupiter's sign at the IC explain real estate as a likely expansive benefit for him.  Pluto's square to those increases his need for LEVEL.

Currently, Pluto is squaring his (should be considered wholly) 3rd House Moon, which rules his 11th.  He might be feeling some external pressure or drive towards security aspirations. 

It is to note that he is currently in the Crescent phase [Aug 2021 -> May 2025] of his progressed lunar cycle, suggesting that something he began in the New Moon phase [May 2018 -> Aug 2021], where he was sewing seeds in new directions; is now showing signs of "growth" and indicating where he should apply his attention/energy. he a crook?   I couldn't say...  Seeing Neptune-Mars-Sun is cause for pause.  Their dispositor, Pluto, on the Ascendant; brings in another array of needs and likely reactions.  (repressed, autonomous) 

My best advice is to watch every single detail, because I would expect you to get 100% poker-faced as to whatever deeper motivations are driving him.  ie. you might hear what you want to hear, now; but not see what you want to see, later.

Good luck! 
General Astrology Discussion / Super Bowl LVII
« Last post by Halina on February 07, 2023, 08:09:23 AM »
Hi Dean & Forum,   Philadelphia Eagles will play Kansas City Chiefs.    These 2 teams did not play each other in 2022.    However
in 2021, Oct 3, they met in Philadelphia and Kansas City won 42 - 30.
       In 2023, both teams had identical 14-3 records.   Philly, designated the HOME team, and KC is the AWAY team.   Philly will wear
home team green with white pants, while KC wears white away with red pants.    Philly is favored by 1.5 points.
       METHOD 1 of determining the winner is the CASTLE method.   Philly owns the 4th House of HOME, i.e.the castle, .i.e. their end zone.
They must protect the castle, and keep the ball out of their end zone.    VISITOR Kansas City is given House 1 and its ruler while
defender of the castle, Philly is given House 7 and its ruler.    Here's the game start chart with the scoring system.

     Venus in Pisces, exalted, & Libra on 4th cusp of HOME team = 4 points for HOME team.
     Ruler of the 4th cusp is in triplicity = 1 point for HOME team.
     Leo rising, denotes castle's ruler, the king =2 points for HOME team.
     Ruler of Asc, representing KC is sextile MH of fame = 4 points for AWAY TEAM
FINAL TALLY.....7 points PHILLY....4 points KANSAS CITY     
General Astrology Discussion / Re: Is astrology based on God?
« Last post by pdw on February 07, 2023, 05:46:45 AM »
Hi sesh, good reminder about Noel’s “Getting to Node You” article. Unfortunately looks like it’s no longer available on the net.

Yes, it's fascinating when nodal contact to-from others reflects such a close bond or special connection between individuals. For a positive South Node example, my husband’s Leo Venus is conjunct my South Node. We’ve enjoyed a comfortable, happy relationship together starting with an immediate spark when we first met eons ago. I went back to see if transits may have played a role then and discovered a sextile from transiting Pluto, in Libra. Which I’d say suggested significant potential and opportunity for us to develop the nodal contact into a valuable and enduring relationship (though, at the time, it was pretty much about being lovestruck in the present ;)).       

With the transiting Nodes, that fundamentally designate the current houses receiving eclipses, I keep in mind the possibility of change or increase in activity and contact with others related to those houses and natal planets contacted. 

Also, I appreciated reading your take on Jupiter’s role and possibility in your chart. Wishing you the best with the Jupiter return and Aries momentum – which I hope is the start of a big year for personal inspiration, opportunity, and initiative. An idea: Maybe reviewing feelings-events connected to your last Jupiter return period would add to your understanding about this one.   
Astrology of the Famous and Well Known / Beyonce
« Last post by Isaac Starkman on February 07, 2023, 03:13:17 AM »
Beyoncé won a record-breaking 32nd Grammy Award,
She made history as she won best dance/electronic album for her euphoric dance opus, Renaissance.
With 16 events I rectified her chart to 11.08.56 CDT Asc 5Sco07'.
In the world of super-secret celebrity weddings, Beyoncé and Jay-Z's 2008 nuptials take the cake. Without even telling fans that they were engaged, the duo was spotted picking up a marriage license in New York in April 2008 and it was later confirmed Beyoncé and Jay-Z tied the knot on April 4, 2008. Venus, ruler of  7th conjunct Pluto in 12th and helio Venus conjunct Neptune.
For her last Grammy Award, casting for New York, place of residence:
In the lunar return Jupiter on Desc, Mercury on IC
In the demi lunar return Sun on MC
General Astrology Discussion / Re: Galaxies
« Last post by Cruiser1 on February 06, 2023, 07:37:38 PM »
One way to understand galaxies and how to interpret them, is to consider the fractal nature of our Universe. :) Moons orbit planets, planets orbit stars, stars orbit galaxies, and most galaxies are heading toward the Great Attractor. There is a hierarchy of astrological influences ranging from relatively dense outer expressions (as indicated by planetary moons), psychological energies (as indicated by the standard planets most work with), and more abstract or spiritual energies (represented by fixed stars and galaxies).

Since the Galactic Center of our Milky Way is what the Sun orbits, the Galactic Center is effectively the "Sun's Sun". A planet Conjunct the Galactic Center (currently located at 27Sag tropical) has somewhat similar energy to a planet Conjunct the Sun, but on a more spiritual level. Similarly, something Conjunct the Great Attractor (at 14Sag) is even more abstract. Other galaxies such as Andromeda are interpreted in a fashion similar to fixed stars. Fixed stars are "sibling" solar systems, which orbit the Galactic Center the same as our solar system does. Similarly, Andromeda is a "sibling" galaxy, which is heading toward the Great Attractor the same as our Milky Way galaxy.

In general, it's easiest to consider and interpret things in a direct "parental" alignment above or below where we are on Earth. For example, consider Earth's Moon, our Sun, and our Galactic Center. Also consider "sibling" energies, such as other planets in our solar system, or other fixed stars in our galaxy. However, it's possible to consider "cousin" energies too, such as how planetary moons orbiting other planets affect them, or how exoplanets orbiting other stars affect them, which then affects the energies they subsequently radiate to us on Earth.
General Astrology Discussion / Re: Is my new landlord a crook?
« Last post by pdw on February 06, 2023, 12:57:03 PM »
Hi crabman, you sure have been lucky with your rent situation. Perhaps that’s part of natal Jupiter’s protection sextile your IC.

First, kudos to you for asking and to the landlord for giving you his birth data! I'm surprised that he even knew his birth time.

I think his natal Pluto-ASC squaring his Mercury-IC-Jupiter fits well with his profession (Mercury rules Gemini MC) as a real estate developer/owner. Charm, of course, a Virgo MC can be very down-to-earth and mild-mannered plus his 1st House Venus and Libra Moon are naturally people-oriented. I’d guess he’s very perceptive, detail-oriented, and shrewd when it comes to business (his Pluto-ASC is trine natal Saturn in Capricorn).

Not sure what ‘something underhanded’ means to you. Does he plan to raise your rent? Don’t know but we probably can assume if he doesn’t it won’t be because he’s lazy or undisciplined about  paperwork (Virgo-Capricorn emphasis).     

Does he plan to renovate and rent out apartments over the legal amount as before? I wonder if you could dig around on the net and learn more about his background.

Living through a major renovation is a big deal; sometimes so slow or filled with delays. Hope all goes well with yours, meaning a process that is minimally irritating and frustrating. I see that Jupiter is transiting your 12th House and will square your Sun-Saturn-IC-4th House Mercury in the coming months through mid-May. Perhaps this reflects the structural upgrades and overall improvement to your apartment. 
General Astrology Discussion / Re: Prediction vs Perfect Hindsight
« Last post by Ken Haining on February 06, 2023, 11:43:44 AM »
Hi OD'd

Albuquerque, New Mexico for both dates. 

General Astrology Discussion / Re: Is my new landlord a crook?
« Last post by Ken Haining on February 06, 2023, 11:16:50 AM »
Hi Crabman

That's a really tight conjunction with Pluto-Ascendant.  Also, Mars-Neptune-Sun.

Just a quick overview reveals a guy who is probably very charismatic, able to charm people, which no doubt was one of the factors that led to his wealth. 

Pluto Rising would be someone who either is a great benefit to others, or someone who seeks to have control over people to the max.  Taking into account other aspects of the chart, you would have to read carefully any documents that he gives you to sign.  He may not be a "crook" in the usual sense, but he may get you to sign something before you fully understand it.  Generally, when these apartment owners do a major renovation, they will have you sign papers to consent to having the work done, but it will also state, somewhere in the contract, that because you are getting a renovated apartment, you are agreeing to pay a lot more rent.  Look for that in any paperwork that you are given to sign. 

Take a look at your own chart and watch out for any challenging Neptune transits.  Also look at Chiron. 

Rent is theft, in and of itself.  You clearly stated why you did not buy into the building, and it is understandable.  However, renters are always in a dubious position, and the way that residential rent is set up, it is similar to being a serf.  You can get plowed under so easily as a renter.  All these apartment owners are interested in, most of the time, is maximizing profits.  By renovating and raising the rent they get the kind of well off tenants that they prefer, and get rid of those who can't afford to pay expensive rent.   

Just some quick thoughts on your situation.

General Astrology Discussion / Re: Is astrology based on God?
« Last post by Ken Haining on February 06, 2023, 10:52:51 AM »
Hi All

As was already mentioned, there is a ton of stuff written about the Lunar Nodes and their significance on the Natal or Solar Charts. 

One theory is that the North Node represents your "true destiny," what your higher purpose in this life would be.  The South Node would take you down a path of a false destiny.  Considering that the the Nodes take about a year and a half to go through a sign, there would be groups of people, all born in that period, who had the same Nodes, at least in the same signs.  But, that is true of the slow moving planets as well, as many in a specific period of time would have, for example, Uranus in the same sign.  Just like you would with slow moving planets, you would analyze the Nodes in each individual chart, and although all the people born in the time period of the Nodes in two opposing signs would be the same, where the Nodes sit on the chart, and how they are aspected, would refine the analysis, and give more specific information concerning a person's "destiny," or "highest calling," etc. 

On a synastry note, two men who had their South Node conjunct my Sun caused me great harm.  I can't think of anyone who had their North Node conjunct my Sun, but I would suppose they might prove to be a great benefit to me.  Anyone have any observations along these lines?

Then there is the idea of the Transiting Nodes.  I've looked at this a bit and I am convinced that when the Nodes conjunct a planet or other object on a Natal Chart that they have a significant effect.  It does seem like the Transiting North Node conjunct an object on the Natal Chart does produce a favorable effect while when the South Node conjuncts an object it has a difficult or unfavorable effect.  I am not sure about effects from other aspects from the Transiting Nodes to objects on the Natal Chart.  Any observations of that sort, such as the North Node trine an object on the Natal Chart? 

In any event, the Lunar Nodes are one of those mysterious objects on a chart, and transiting through the Zodiac, that have great significance.   Yet another area of study in astrology.


General Astrology Discussion / Is my new landlord a crook?
« Last post by crabman on February 06, 2023, 09:57:18 AM »
I don’t want to really bother you folks with a personal matter, but here goes.  I have lived in the same New York apartment since March 1, 1978.  I have a VERY cheap rent due to a lot of crazy circumstances.  You can skip to the end of this if you don’t want to know the details.  Under New York’s Rent Stabilization Law, my rent can be raised by only a small percentage every one or two years.  In 1980, my building went co-op under a then-new law wherein the tenants could buy the building from the landlord.  (Thanks to the rent laws, landlords were abandoning buildings because the rent roll did not pay expenses and taxes.)  I could have bought my apartment, but I chose not to do so because the people who did buy into the co-op were either flakey (some of them didn’t even have jobs) or were people that I judged to be crooks.  I didn’t want to be in a business partnership with such individuals.  So I am a Rent Stabilized tenant in a Co-Op building.  But my evaluation of the people who did buy in has turned out to be 100% correct.  The crooks ended up (illegally, I think) buying out most of the flakes.  They moved out and then sublet the apartments they owned to other people for several hundred percent above what they legally were entitled.  They did it by renting to foreigners (usually foreign students going to NYU) and AirBnB on short-term agreements.  They were terrible managers, almost as bad as the original slumlord.  They were too lazy to do the paperwork to raise my rent!  They fought amongst themselves over who was going to do the paperwork!  As a result, my rent has only been raised twice since 1980!  Then came the lockdown.  Most of the tenants left town and the country.  The owners could not rent them and on top of that were hit with a $100,000 tax bill.  So a rich developer bought the building from them.  I am protected because I am Rent-Stabilized.  I’ve met the new landlord (a developer who owns 19 other buildings in the East Village) and he seems to be a nice guy.  But I asked him for his birth information so I could do his chart.  His data:  Born in Newark, NJ on October 31, 1959 at 1:19 AM EST.  I just did his chart and am freaked out because Pluto is EXACTLY on his ascendant.  I am very wary of Pluto and I know that despite my advanced age, I’m still pretty naïve.  He’s planning to do a major renovation (completely new plumbing and wiring), which I am all for, but it’s going to be really messy.  I’m supposed to meet with him again this evening.  Is this guy really the charming person he seems to be?  Or is he a crook, too?  Is he planning something underhanded?  I’d like your input.
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