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General Astrology Discussion / Re: Is astrology based on God?
« Last post by bjorkstrand on January 28, 2023, 01:25:37 PM »
the"truth"is progressions don't exist. bad astrology
astrologers will believe in anything
like tiny objects like chiron
General Astrology Discussion / Re: Is astrology based on God?
« Last post by Ken Haining on January 28, 2023, 09:23:53 AM »
Hi OD'd

You said:

"I have thought about this for a long time, and I feel that much of it was either intuited, or received through some "Cayce-like" medium.  It seems too multitudinous and varied that all or even most of those elements could have been "trial and error" observations."

My observation is that great scientific discoveries have an element of metaphysics to them.  A scientist will be doing research and then they will "see" something, that's like a piece of the puzzle, and through that inspired moment, they come up with new science, or in some cases, rediscover old science that was lost.  Benjamin Franklin experimented with static electricity, and then, one day, notices that lightning seemed to be just a larger version of what he produced with his static machines.  Lightning had been considered to be "controlled by God," and was therefore "divine."  So, Franklin did his famous kite experiment in which he flew a kite during a storm with lightning, and with copper wire with a key attached.  When a lightning bolt got close to the kite, the key sizzled with static electricity.  It was fortunate for Benjamin Franklin that his kite didn't get too close to the lightning, or he would have been fried.  He concluded that we humans could produce the same energy as was found in lightning and that if it ever could be harnessed, then there would be many uses for it, and, as we know, he was right. 

This is how it seems to work.  As I said, the scientist simply notices something, and then inspiration takes over.  It is more than just mechanics.  It would take some real imagination to think that you could change sound waves into corresponding radio waves, and then, from a distance, change those radio waves back into sound waves.  And yet that was done by Guglielmo Marconi.  We are still using his technology today, and now more than ever with all the wireless devices.  What a difference one inspired scientist can make!

And so, I would consider that an astrologer might be looking at a chart one day and say, "Hey, look at this!"  And then we have yet another astrological technique that helps us read a chart, or predict someone's future.  I picture some man from ancient times, gazing at the desert sky, and saying, "You know, it seems like the year could be divided into twelve equal time periods,...... and here we are. 


General Astrology Discussion / Re: Is astrology based on God?
« Last post by Ken Haining on January 28, 2023, 09:01:38 AM »
Hi OD'd

That is an impressive list of events related to progressions on your chart.  I have never used them, as my astrology teacher did not, and when I read that Grant Lewi also didn't use them, I more or less dismissed them.  As I previously said, some astrologers use numerous systems and some astrologers specialize in things like transit astrology to such a point that they seem to need nothing else.  Perhaps if I survive my current trial, and get to a more stable place, I will take a look at progressions. 

Just if you have the time, tell what you see with just progressions for these events on my chart.

Left Long Island, New York for Tucson Arizona, September 14, 1975

Joined what I now consider to be a Christian cult, December 8, 1975, Tucson, Arizona

Got married, March 2, 1980, Tucson, Arizona.

Got "sent out" to be a pastor in that religious group, June 25, 1980, sent from Tucson, Arizona to Deming, New Mexico.

Sent out again, this time to Albuquerque, New Mexico, to start a new church, June 18, 1981, from Deming, New Mexico.

Broke off "The Fellowship", late April, 1994, still living in Albuquerque, New Mexico. 

Quit being a Christian "pastor," early August, 1995, Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Officially divorced, January, 2001.

Started working at America Online, AOL, September 7, 2001, Albuquerque, New Mexico. 

Quit AOL, August 4, 2004, Albuquerque, New Mexico. 

Moved to Colorado Springs, Colorado from Albuquerque, New Mexico, December 17, 2004.

September 3, 2009, my mother passed away, and I found out a few days later that I was almost completely written out of the will, and tried to get my four half brothers to consider giving me a more equitable amount, which they refused to do. 

Moved to San Antonio, Texas, from Colorado Springs, Colorado, November 24, 2009.

After being homeless, with my adult son, for several months in San Antonio, Texas, able to get an apartment on March 2, 2010.

Lost job I had gotten in San Antonio, Texas on November 1, 2010.

Lost apartment on February, 15, 2011, San Antonio, Texas

Moved back to Colorado Springs, Colorado, June 1, 2011, still staying in my car with my son.

Got help from one of my son's friends on August 31, 2011, and a temporary place to stay.

Obtained more permanent shelter, staying long term in a hotel, December 16, 2011. 

That's enough.  I would be curious to see what progressions alone would show for these times.  Whenever you have the time and are so inclined. 


That's enough. 

Astrology of the Famous and Well Known / Gangsta Boo,43, Rapper
« Last post by Halina on January 28, 2023, 07:10:06 AM »
           Lola Chantrelle Mitchell (August 7, 1979 – January 1, 2023), better known by her stage name Gangsta Boo, was an American rapper. She rose to prominence as a member of Three 6 Mafia, which she joined at the age of 14.. She subsequently released several solo albums and became known for collaborating with artists such as Eminem, Run the Jewels, La Chat, Latto, GloRilla, and Yelawolf.
Mitchell was found dead on the front porch of her home in Memphis, Tennessee, on January 1, 2023, at the age of 43.  The police stated that there was no evidence of foul play.   She was partying with her brother the previous night, and she overdosed after taking cocaine that was (unbeknownst to him) laced with fentanyl.   Although her brother survived and was released from hospital, Mitchell allegedly used the same batch of cocaine a few hours later and suffered a fatal overdose

        Lunar Return Coco, cocaine, 180, natal Jupiter, overdose.   LR Pluto conj natal MH.   LR Coco 90 natal Dsc-Uranus
General Astrology Discussion / Re: Is astrology based on God?
« Last post by ODdOnLifeItself on January 28, 2023, 03:41:03 AM »
Re: "of course it depends on which astrology you are working with. a lot of it is not true. eg vedic system, decans, progressed charts. it's bad astrology...."

You damage your "image" every time you post some of these over-generalizations.

Of course progressions work...   ...all of the symbolism and concurrent timing couldn't be there by coincidence. 

Here is the Lunar Return to Sun chart for the event, complete with broken collar bone and ribs.  (perfectly ;) angular Pluto square Mars in Gemini) 

Here, we see how the Lunar Return (inner) lines up with Jay's chart (outer).  You can't see it in the chart, but Uranus is right on Jay's (topocentric ;) ) 3rd House cusp/powerpoint, perfect for a strange accident, such as a wire strung across a parking lot. 

General Astrology Discussion / Re: Is astrology based on God?
« Last post by bjorkstrand on January 27, 2023, 09:09:44 AM »
of course it depends on which astrology you are working with. a lot of it is not true. eg vedic system, decans, progressed charts. it's bad astrology.
nibiru conjuncts his sun?
thanks jay
Jay Leno says he broke multiple bones in a motorcycle accident months after suffering severe burns to his face after another mishap.

In an interview with the Las Vegas Review-Journal, the former late-night talk show host said he was knocked off his bike on January 17 and suffered a broken collarbone, two broken ribs and two cracked kneecaps.    Trans Sun-Pluto, reconstructive surgery, in 12th, hospital.

“But I’m OK!” Leno said. “I’m OK, I’m working. I’m working this weekend.”

The comedian, who has a standup residency in Vegas, explained that he had been testing out a 1940 Indian motorcycle when he noticed the smell of leaking gasoline.

“So I turned down a side street and cut through a parking lot, and unbeknownst to me, some guy had a wire strung across the parking lot but with no flag hanging from it,” Leno said. “So, you know, I didn’t see it until it was too late.  It just clothesline me and, boom, knocked me off the bike.”

Leno said he didn’t initially go public about the accident due to all the publicity he had received following the November incident in which his face was burned while he was working underneath an antique 1907 car.

General Astrology Discussion / Re: California Dance Hall Shooting
« Last post by ODdOnLifeItself on January 27, 2023, 06:46:30 AM »
Here is the sidereal cardinal lunar ingress for the event...

Saturn angular is correct for massacres and mass murders.  With Venus, specifically, also for war and massacres.

Uranus angular is right for sudden, impact events.

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