Author Topic: Location of Injured Body Part: Left or Right: High, Middle or Low  (Read 65 times)

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The PLANET afflicting will tell you of its nature:  the SIGN will the the part affected;  the HOUSE will indicate the RIGHT or LEFT side of the body;
the EARLY DEGREES of a SIGN denote the HIGHER part of a zone, the MIDDLE DEGREES denote the MIDDLE part, and the LAST DEGREES denote the LOWER PART.
Similarly, if the HOUSE denotes the PART afflicted, the SIGN will show whether it is the LEFT or RIGHT side, and the distance from the CUSP of the HOUSE at
which the AFFLICTING planet is placed will indicate the HIGHER, MIDDLE, or LOWER part of the physical zone afflicted.
1. Female....Mars in Taurus in the 1st House has produced the following effects......Diptheria, and frequent sore throat;  excision of the left tonsil;
    apopletic tendency.....violent headaches.
2. A male....Mars in Aquarius in 2nd House.   A severe cut in the calf of right leg....sore throat, and fever.
                  Saturn in Libra in 9th House.....Rupture of the left groin;'  fall upon the left thigh;  sciatica, chiefly in the left thigh.
3. A male...Uranus in Gemini in the 12th.....Broke right arm by fall from a bicycle, when Moon squared Uranus by directions from Virgo in the 4th House.
4. If Mars were in the 6th House  and  in Aries, I should predict injury to the RIGHT SIDE of the head.

OK let's hear some of your personal exampes where you injured an external body part and where the injury was located.    Or if you had surgery, descript the
body part, it's left or right side, was it high, middle, or low on your body? etc.
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