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New Moon, February 11
« on: February 03, 2021, 11:31:51 AM »
       Every planet in the Aquarian stellium of the NM are either square Mars or Uranus.     The gives major disruptions and earthquake events.
Mercury is retrograde, look for delays in shiipments of the covid vaxxines.
       8th House stellium focuses on other people's money.....hedge fund shorters paying the price from a group called Reddit, average guy
investors driving up the stock for silver and Robin Hood.
       New Moon is in the 9th House, court, impeachment trial of Donald Trump, peregrine.
Mars, 11th, angry groups signing pettion to oust Governor Newsom of California.    Mars sextiles Neptune, 10th, for his handling of the virus.
Mars, groups, square Mercury signing petition for ouster.
       In Canada, also, Mars in the 11th, the legislatlure, has Mars also square Mercury, and Mars sextile Neptune-MH    The opposition, 4th, rulesd by
Sun-Moon, 9th.....complaining re vaxxine long distance shipping delays.....NM peregrine forming no aspects for relief.    The party in power with
Neptune, virus vaxxines conj MH taking the brunt for the delays.
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