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Ingersoll Lockwood
« on: January 16, 2022, 09:37:11 PM »
ingersoll lockwood
2 aug 1841
ossining, ny, usa

He predicted Donald Trump in his books.

He was born on a lunar eclipse, that moon conjuncts neptune.

Maybe somebody can do a chart.
Richard syrett brought it up on his radio show.


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Re: Ingersoll Lockwood
« Reply #1 on: January 17, 2022, 09:11:59 AM »
Hi Jim, I rectified his chart to a time of 3:56:37 PM, Ascendant 19Sag31 conj Lockwood in Sag.....he
started out as a lawyer.   Natal Jupiter in Sag rising, and Saturn in Sag, 1st House
confirms job as a lawyer.  He was also a banker....natal Money in 7th, public projections.  Banks in Taurus sextiles his 8th cusp, other people's money.  Banking also shown by natal Sun in 8th, and Moon, ruler 8th in 2nd House of money.  He was also a general in the army....natal Kron, 7th, public projection.    A chart can now be produced using this data and
     Last converse Lunar Return, with precession.... Neptune, r8, on Ascendant while Saturn, r6, on MH.
At 77 years of age, the AGE INCIDENCE OF DISEASE activated 17.5 to 20 Sag/Gemini axis and this
axis was also his Ascendant, which subjected his body to disease and death.
     Death indicators in his triwheel were....trans Grave opp 8th cusp;  trans Requiem conj MH;  trans
Mars conj 12th cusp and Solar Arc Sun, ruler 8th, 90 8th House cusp.
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