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Dr. Annie Lennox
« on: November 01, 2009, 09:03:07 PM »
Hello Noel and forum,

An unexpected consequence of wearing a Medusa costume on Halloween, I discovered the Medusa CD (1995) by Annie Lennox.

At Lennox' website I learned she was recently given an honorary degree from the University of Edinburgh (October 21, 2009). She is an acclaimed singer/songwriter and human rights campaigner. She has given her backing to a study urging more support for children in Scotland living with HIV.

Birth data:
born December 25, 1954
11:10 pm
Aberdeen, Scotland (UK)
Asc 23°04 Virgo

SA Uranus and SA Jupiter = Asc: major new start, enthusiasm
SA Asc = Saturn: position of maturity shown openly
SA Neptune = Asc, Mh: very important time of life

I'm a newbie and look forward to reading any other comments and observations.
Thanking you in advance,

Karen Mc
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Re: Dr. Annie Lennox
« Reply #1 on: November 02, 2009, 11:45:01 AM »
My favorite kind of music is vintage rhythm & blues from the early 1950s.  What has always interested me in Annie Lennox was that an up-and-coming R&B star of that era died in an accidental suicide on the same day that Annie Lennox was born.  The R&B star's name was Johnny Ace, born John Marshall Alexander, Jr. on June 9, 1929 in Memphis, Tennessee.  On December 25, 1954, Johnny was playing with a pistol, showing off backstage after a performance in Houston, Texas.  Johnny's last words were to assure people that the pistol was not loaded.  There is a Wikipedia entry for him under his stage name.

Other than both being musicians, I can only speculate about the Karmic connection between Ace & Lennox.

Don Borkowski

True astrology is that which can be taught to other people who can then replicate the teachers' conclusions through their own effort.  --Don Borkowski in July 1983 issue of MERCURY HOUR

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Re: Dr. Annie Lennox
« Reply #2 on: November 03, 2009, 10:39:56 AM »
Kinda scary is my non astrological opinion. Through astrologically if I run her chart and mine, through my astrology program , we come out compatible. :) But I find myself alittle uncomfortable with some of her opinions on topical subjects, mainly her opinions about HIV/AIDS in Africa.  Celebrities like Lennox (another is "Bono" of U2) can use they celebrity for good effect, to bring light to causes  that could use attention. But what if they do this for the wrong reasons, or if there information is flawed?

I suspect that the HIV-AIDS hypothesis is flawed, Lennox was a major backer of the Orthodox views of HIV-AIDS in Africa.

Promoting "Anti-HIV-AIDS"  pharmaceuticals and people who support passing out these anti-HIV meds in Africa.  But there are arguments that the HIV-AIDS theory is seriously flawed, that HIV isn't the sole cause of AIDS, That the so-called epidemic of AIDS in Africa isn't that.  IF HIV isn't the sole cause of Aids in Africa, then all those meds they want to hand out isn't going to help, plus those meds are very toxic in themself probably causing fatalities all by themselves.   Try to point this out to Ms.Lennox, try to point her in the direction of dissenting opinions by people like Peter Duesberg.. and they just dismiss the idea.

Dr. Peter Dueberg is someone who could use some publicity. Once a prominant scientist (Duesberg is a PH.D In Molecular and Cell biology at U.C Berkeley)    Duesberg is one of the few prominant dissenting scientist in the U.S about the HIV-AIDS Hypothesis. He lives and teaches  just in my backyard, U.C Berkeley. He wrote a book  "Inventing the AIDS Virus", its his learned opinion that HIV-AIDS is more a medical and administrative "Invention", than a true fact.  Duesberg makes alot of  serious and damming allegations about the role science and medicine has played in the HIV-AIDS question. Its one of the reason have probelms with astrology these days. People need good good science these days, not alot of superstition and innuendo, yet I find myself doing both

But for all his allegations, Duesberg gets little publicity, blackballed out of mainstream science and media. He can't even get any students or funding because of the unpopularity of his beliefs on HIV-AIDS, but guys like me can get an invite to have a cup of coffee with him :D  Duesberg is a German born in the WWII era, and is in his 70's. If i see him again I'll have to get his birth info, the one presented on "Astrotheme "might be inaccurate as he told me he was born in "Muenster", Germany, not Budapest, Hungary.

Annie Lennox is a enchantress, and beautiful, but I wonder sometimes about her true motives in Africa. I'm a sucker for beautiful women, but is beauty is more than "skin-deep"? I know that she champions other causes like, dealling with poverty for example. I used to be quite a fan of hers and the 'Eurymthics".

Now I shy away ..alittle from some of her music, her latest album "Songs of Mass Destruction". She seems to be about a person of openness, and personal freedom, but being double Capricorn does she care if her wealth, and popularity is at the expense of others?  She has this tough Venus/Saturn conjunction in Scorpio, bespeaks a certain amount of abuse in relationships. You can hear it in her music. Like I siad its a fantasy but If I run our charts together, the analysis says were compatible.

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Re: Dr. Annie Lennox
« Reply #3 on: November 03, 2009, 12:24:10 PM »
Hi Don and all,

Regarding your post on Johnny Ace.  For those who who know the "fabulous " voice of the "late great Johnny Ace", and  for those that have never heard his voice, I recommend that  you go to YouTube and  search Johnny Ace Pledging my love.

Thank you Don for this reminder of this "other great singer".  And Annie Lennox is great singer  in her own unique way.


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Re: Dr. Annie Lennox
« Reply #4 on: January 19, 2022, 10:09:57 PM »
she was born on a solar eclipse.