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John Woodroffe
« on: January 17, 2022, 09:37:03 PM »
John Woodroffe
15 dec 1865
calcutta, india

not at   I guess they don't like spiritual texts.

He wrote The Serpent Power. I got the hardcover.

He probably has neptune rising. That puts jupiter + mercury (which opposes uranus) in 10th house and the sun in 9th.


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Re: John Woodroffe
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Hi Jim, I rectified his chart to 7:39:50 pm, Asc 26Cn17.   Natal Neptune, r9, in 9th square
natal Mercury-Saturn, in Sag 6th.   Natal Kronos, lawyer, justice of the peace, conj 9th cusp.
    TRANSITS at death, trans Pluto opp Asc.
    CONVERSE TRANSITS, trans Orpheus, death, 60 IC and conj natal Sun.
                                      trans Requiem, funeral, opp natal Woodroffe.
    LUNAR RETURN with precession, LR Pluto opp natal Ascendant.
    PRIMARY DIRECTION, Sun conversely directed to sinister trine the Arabic Part of Death.
    ZODIACAL RELEASING from Part of Spirit, gives death time period as PISCES/Virgo....
Pisces is ruled by Jupiter in the 6th House of Health, ruling 6th....Virgo is ruled by Mercury in 6th H.
Both time lords are opposed by Uranus, in 12th, ruling the 8th House of death.
    ANNUAL PROFECTION, 30 degrees per year, Whole Houses.....profected Asc moves to 9th House.
religious ceremony of his death, and squares natal Sun in 6th House of illness.
    AGE INCIDENCE OF DISEASE TABLE...he was in his 71st year, this time period was 2.5 to 5 Cancer/Cap
Natal Uranus, r8th, and Solar Arc MH, were both, conjunct, on this axis at 2.5 Cancer 12th House.
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