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Complications From Covid, Male 43
« on: January 16, 2022, 07:06:38 PM »
        Ivan Rudakov, actor, musician, born Oct 19, 1978, Moscow, Russia, had died from complications from covid-19.
        Ivan’s parents wrote that their son was in intensive care at the 57th hospital in serious condition, on a ventilator and unconscious.   Rudakov had problems with his heart and lungs – the consequences of a coronavirus infection suffered in the summer.
        Natal chart rectified to 7:31:20 pm, Asc 22Ge58.   In his triwheel at death, trans RIP conj Asc;  trans Wuhan, virus, opp 8th cusp;
trans Korons, covid, conj IC;  trans Lachesis, life span, conj 8th cusp;  trans Sun-Pluto 90 natal Sun;  trans Mercury, lungs conj MH;
trans Uranus 90 IC.
        Natal Actor, at Aries Pt, in 5th, entertainment.....natal Orpheus, musician, in 7th, public projectiion.
Age Incidence of Disease axes for age 44 activates 10Ge and 10Virgo containing Solar Arc Omicron-natal Saturn, r8, and Solar Arc Sun-trans Malpighi, lungs.   One of these axes lies on 6th/12th Houses.
       Converse Lunar Return, Uranus on the IC.   Converse Transit: Wilson, incubator, conj 8th cusp. orb 8'
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