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Stroke, Male
« on: February 03, 2022, 06:30:14 AM »
        Comic book editor and writer Brian Augustyn died yesterday, February 1, following a severe stroke over the weekend.  He was 67. Augustyn was best known as co-writer of his run on “The Flash” in the 1990s, and for writing  “Gotham by Gaslight,” in which Batman hunts down Jack the Ripper, in Gotham.

Augustyn was born on November 2, 1954, and broke into the comics industry editing the fantasy series “Trollords” at Tru Studios in 1986.  He then edited “Syphons,” and an adaptation of “Speed Racer” at NOW Comics in 1987.   He joined DC Comics as co-editor on “Action Comics” the subsequent year, and became editor of “The Flash” in 1989.
For artwork, comics he has Venus, 6th, r5th, Libra 5th.   For strong imagination he as these midpoints: Nept, r10 = Asc/MH;
Moon, r2 = Merc/Nept;  Venus/Neptune = Jupiter = Uranus.
      His  biwheel at death RIP conj Asc;  tr Bechtereva, brain conj IC;  tr Grave conj MH;  tr Charcot, stroke conj 12th cusp;
tr Uranus opp nSun, 6th;  tr Bechtereva trine nBrian;  tr Grave 60 Brian;  tr Saturn, r8 conj Augustyne;  tr Lachesis, life span 60 Augustyne.
solar arc Virchow, stroke conj MH;  solar arc Requiem conj 8th cusp;  solar arc Lachesis, life span on Asc;  solar arc Osiris, death opp Asc.

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He was 67+ years old, and according to the Age Incidence of Disease Table, the 12.5 Cn/Cp axis was activated containing
solar arc Requiem, trans Lachesis, life span and the 8th House cusp..  The paran axis 12.5 Aries/Libra was also activated.....Aries rules
the head, where the stroke occurred.

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