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Thursday's Vocational Exercises
« on: November 20, 2008, 06:14:12 PM »

Hello, Noel :

FEM. -- Mc. Taurus. Ven. Nep. Merc. Sat. Nept. Again -- Again some kind of artistic needs eating her.

>> Lets look how 3rd - 5th h. interraction. VEN.- Q - MERC. , JUPT. , Nodal conjunct 5the cusp , If we add rulership into picture  -- Can I say successfull professional needs Actress ...

>>>What is the 8the H. emphasiss saying --- Ven.(r,10) in 8th ,exalted 8the cusp. SUN. Uran.(r.7) in 9th  to nodal , Mc ...etc . PLANETS : Above/West , ( My english is not that good that is why funny) I will short it out some kind of humanitarian needs needling her....

STOP -- Strong Mars(r.9)  oppose Mc her struggle which way the best -- BUT this also adds internationalism.  Part of fortune aries in 9th disposited by Mars - Jupt. (r.5)-Merc,.TRINE Mc. adds more and make the picture first class.... International way..

MALE -- Mc. aries  . Mars . Sun . Ven. Merc.*(r.3) in 3 ! -- Sense of some kind of artistic expression ---

>> VENUS disposit  Sat., Sun  in 3rd. Nept. Moon in 4th . 3rd and 4th H. emphasis  Venus exalted 9th H.(internationalism some kind ?)  Uranus connect Mars (his professional instrument ?)

>>> Moon in 4th sweet home base  - Artistic professional need...Nept.- Moon in angular H. also Nept.connect Ven.Merc Virgo ! (r.3) in 3 ( MUSIC ! - yes) Planets : Below/East -- Solitary (private) man , but not obeys....

STOP -- Common sense (not guess) , If we cut the crab , MUSICAL professional needs international level , If we add 9th - 3rd h. emphasis perhaps writing his songs ?

He wrote me one for me ;

Stay away free bee,
Once in a while
Two steps away..
Listen my music..
With harmony..
Ugly voices,
Will go away...

regards, yilmaz

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Re: Thursday's Vocational Exercises
« Reply #1 on: November 20, 2008, 07:13:33 PM »
Dear Noel,

Thank you for this week’s challenge. It’s a joy and a privilege to participate in these enormously beneficial and generous learning opportunities.

#1) Male: October 2, 1951 at 1:30 AM GMD, in Wallsend UK; Asc: 10Leo27

1. MC. Mars. Sun. Venus. Mercury!* (3)…Neptune (9)-Moon (12) configured with Uranus (7,8) and the Midheaven…communications and aesthetics are highlighted and there may be a spiritual or metaphysical inference.

2. Pluto (5) aspects the MC, suggesting performance.


This man is a highly stylized communicator and a performer who may pursue international exposure through publishing (writing/composing) and/or television/film. Avant-garde artistry with a spiritual or metaphysical theme is possible.

#2) Female: January 30, 1937 at 6:00 PM GMT in Blackheath UK; Asc: 24Leo05
1. MC. Venus (3). Neptune. Mercury. Saturn. Neptune…Artistic communication; Mercury-Jupiter (5) in the 5th are quintile Venus and in touch with Neptune, so creative expression needs are clear.

2. With Jupiter in aspect to Mars (9) and Pluto and Jupiter, Mars and Uranus (7) in touch with the Midheaven, energetic performance and even athleticism along with an international public outreach is suggested.


This lady must communicate aesthetically through the performing arts, preferably with international outreach. I am curious about a potential for athleticism as well.

I look forward to the wrap-up!

Kind Regards,


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Re: Thursday's Vocational Exercises
« Reply #2 on: November 20, 2008, 07:21:16 PM »
Dear Noel:

I hope you receive this message.  I don't know about the "spiffy" part of your re-post, but here is my take:

Aries MH Mars – Sun – Venus – AP Mercury*

1.  Aries Mh and Mars and Pluto in Leo stress promotion of the ego needing powerful and dramatic expression within the vocation.  Needs to have his work on display for all to see (Sun r. 2; Mars-Venus in 2nd). 

2.   AP Mercury r. 3rd, holding SaturnE and Sun (in Libra), is itself in the 3rd.  Communication needs dominate with the added grace notes of creativity and originality (Uranus=Sun/Moon).  But what kind of communication?

3.   Moon-Neptune in Libra suggests artistry, aesthetics, so the communication outlet is probably through music. The 4-planet Libra cluster suggests strong needs for high cooperation and artistic collaboration with others, likely performing (Pluto-Jupiter co-rule 5th) within a musical group.

4.   Acting in films (Neptune-Mh) is also highly probable with an international outreach. 

     This highly creative man needs to join with others to communicate and perform in a musical group to showcase his talents. The musical group is probably a rock band.  Is he the lead singer? Does he play an instrument, compose music - and write the lyrics?   I suspect he may do all of that.  Curiously, there is also a hint of the solo artist (Pluto in 1st ruling 5th).   Prominence seems likely (Pluto trines MH; Pluto-Jupiter co-rule 5th!).

Taurus MH Venus – Neptune – Mercury – Saturn – Neptune

1.   There is an overwhelming need to express herself through the arts (Venus Q Neptune; Venus, Neptune=Sun/Moon, etc.), reinforced by AP Moon’s “need-to-be-on-view” position in the 2nd. 

2.   Needs to express strong idealism and be seen as highly individualistic (Venus-Mercury; [Mars r.9th opposite Uranus (at Mh) sq. Sun in Aquarius].

3.   Venus Q Jupiter keys the 3rd and 5th ,  the 5th holding Jupiter (r.5th ) and Mercury.  Combined, this suggests strong communication needs and artistic performance as the outlet; in particular, the actor on the stage and in films (Neptune-Venus-Jupiter).  A large audience will be needed (Node in 5th) and international acclaim seems assured (Mars r. 9th; Pluto=Sun/Jupiter).

•   This woman needs to communicate artistically as an actress on the stage and likely in films.   
•   While the aesthetic dimension is clear, there is also a humanitarian/social agenda strong in her personality also needing fulfillment. It is likely that she earns her living as an actress.  This allows her celebrity status to call attention to her social causes.  Her needs to be idealistic and highly unique can be expressed by portraying women who are as unconventional and individualistic as she, as well as in espousing radical international social causes and raising funds for humanitarian issues. (Mars r.9th opposite Uranus conjunct Mh sq. Sun Aquarius; 2/8 axis). 

Thanks in advance for your time and patience.

Regards ............... Reina

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Re: Thursday's Vocational Exercises
« Reply #3 on: November 20, 2008, 09:03:53 PM »
I will try the male vocational  exercise and hope I can figure out how post this. (Sorry, my computer got hung up last night, and having erased my third try at this exercise; I was too sleepy to repair the damage then. I actually had no idea I had posted anything incomplete until I finally found it today!)  Thank you, Noel, for your opportunities for learning, particularly through the essays and vocational exercises.

#1)  MA! on cusp 2 (r MC). SU in 3 (r ASC,2). VE! in 2 (r 4, 11 ).AP ME! (r 3, 11 by interception)*      #2) Also NE-MO opposes MC and SU/MO

          <NE, UR                  Conjunct SA             <MO, NE                                                                    Square UR
                                       Opposite JU            Opposite NO
                                       Square UR

SA in 3 is Oriental and rules 6 (social service, cooperation, the military). Also, UR=SU/MO, IC/MC. He has unfinished business in the early home and is self-protective. I usually place x/PL midpoints in any chart or chart translation, such as Draconic or Krishnamurti, I do. I think VE/PL in the cusp 2 degree and MA/PL within two degrees of the 2nd cusp adds a certain extra force and wasteful social public intensity to his self-presentation, and the MA=VE/PL shows a pronounced social pumping up of MA 28 Leo energy (so near 29 Leo, Regulus); his self-presentation is pretty well thrust at the MC, which can represent an urge to lead and motivate through government. Even more pronounced are MO/PL in 20 Virgo; NE/PL in 19 Virgo; SU/PL in 14 Virgo; and perhaps SA/PL in 13 Virgo all hovering pretty near the 17 Virgo 3d house cusp. AP ME! as the only final dispositor is in 3 (SU/MO is in 3/4), which convinces me that this person has a runaway need to communicate in a detailed-oriented, practical Virgo manner. WHAT he talks about is conditioned by the flow of the AP ME! towards SA-SU in 3 opposite JU in 9, particularly the SA Oriental ruling 6. Since SU in 3 disposits ASC and 2; he may be at some point in his life tempted to write an autobiography about his governmental role in structuring or being responsible for 6th house issues which he has used such excessive force and social pressure to promote out of self-image projection needs.  (Or, with PL in Leo in 1 ruling 5 and MA/PL on cusp 2; we could also be dealing with the physicality of an athlete apart from his major vocational statement and his public promotion/representation of youth and education issues.) 

SU, itself moves towards (i.e, "informs")  MC- NE- MO.  AP ME!/PL opposes NO in 8, so his runaway strong utterances are going to tend towards public notice on issues dealing with healing and joint resources (or economic matters). But overall, we are dealing with UR=SU/MO, IC/MC; so he is going to shake up large governmental food/welfare/national security/home valuation issues perhaps as a counselor behind-the-scenes in a big humanist way.

But with MA! semi-square NE (ruling 9) and NE/PL on cusp 3, and MC-NE-MO; there is a lot of spiritual power, esoteric thrust to this man's communications. He needs to be sensitive to people's
home-based security needs, and he needs to spiritually idealize people/women's legal Libran rights (JU in 9 is disposited by MA!).  UR in CANCER is disposited by MO in 4. Because of SA Oriental pointing to the 6th house of social cooperation and services and health; I think the stellium in Libra touches more on strategizing governmental services towards large institutional security/food needs. In short, I think the Libra stellium points more towards a main career in international, legal public service (possibly the military) and governmental action as, himself, a showy Leo international/legal government executive leader than, say, music, art, theater, film or photography.

One last tidbit, Osiris (willing self-sacrifice whose counter-part is Isis, although Solar Fire 7.0 has TWO degree locations for Isis and I am clueless about what the difference may be) is in 20 Libra with MO at 19 Libra. I think there is a repetition of the "sacrifice" theme opposite MC by virtue of Osiris and MO and NE being so close to each other. Idealism or a wipe-out of emotion or large governmental security needs seems to entail a possible 4th house end-of-the-matter spiritual result--and perhaps a concommittant waning in popularity as an executive leader. But MO/PL on 3 suggests his public image is used to support his communications and writings, probably of a highly spiritual nature with NE/PL on the 3d cusp as well and with an international spiritual, religious, and legal tone.

So as short as I can make this: MA!, a runaway executive self-image projection to lead and motivate government leaders in a softened international/legal/spiritual manner. SU, the energy to
communicate in a social, even, just, and legal Libran manner about legal issues pertaining to social cooperation and the need to shake up large government establishments to the spiritual human needs for basic security as part of the spiritual idealization and valuation of one's home. (I really don't think this man is in real estate, again, because of SA Oriental ruling 6, and because JU in legal, international 9 forms a publishing counterpart to the crucial communications channel.) I think his first direct channel is executive government adership of some kind coupled with a strong use of writing and communications about his own leadership and government service experiences, his to-the-public-fore AP ME! and final dispositor showing his final runaway need to communicate (about himself as leader and about human spiritual/material needs).

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Re: Thursday's Vocational Exercises
« Reply #4 on: November 21, 2008, 01:10:59 AM »
 Morning Noel

Brilliant to have you back ! Heres my try for this week....

Chart 1 Female

1. MC. Ven(3) in 8. Nep(8) - 8th house anchor - helping/healing thru communication.

2. Ven touching service orientated Moon^ - easy emotional connections with others;  Ven quintile both Mer and Jup(5)  - idealism,creative communications in performance/teaching 5th.

3. Both Ura(7) and Mars(9) angular on MC - avant garde public outreach, internationalism/publishing/teaching; 3rd/9th emph on info exchange. Sun touches all three from the social service 6th.


This lady needs to be on display. She needs to be involved with info exhange, educating others about alternative healing methods, astrology even. There could also be a strong performance element.

Chart 2 Male

1. MC.Mars, hugging Ven, reaching out to Mer(3)and Uran(7/8)- dramatic arts; communication; technology.

2. Merc(3)FD! echoing strong communications, analytical mindset.

3. Nep(9)  angular bringing in education/internationalism; Jup(5)in 9 - performance/teaching; Plu(5) touches MC prominance/performance.

4. Moon(12) angular strong need for social approval ; Sat E (6) social service.


This man has a huge need for ego recognition. With strong analytical communication skills he needs to be involved with information exchange ... performing or educating.

Thank you for the exercise.



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Re: Thursday's Vocational Exercises
« Reply #5 on: November 21, 2008, 03:07:20 AM »
 :) Good morning Noel!
    What of a revolution around here!


MC in Aries, Mars-Sun-Venus-Mercury!* ruling 3 and 11 -  Communication - an urge to express ritm, harmony and precision - music?

With Neptune(9) cj the Moon(12), both opposing MC and aspecting angular Pluto, ruler of 5 - stage probably involving (international, world wide?) musical performances.

Saturn(6) E cj the Sun(1) in 3,  oppose Jupiter, co-ruler of 5, aspect Uranus also in touch with MC and ruler of 7 of public - corroborating performance and public appeal but also stating the need to manage social causes with an humanitarian purpose.

STOP I would say that music's the main communication stream for this man but there seems to be a deep humanitarian purpose closely linked to his (solo?)performing activity.   


MC in Taurus - Venus - Neptune - Mercury - Saturn back to Neptune.  Venus  r 3 and opp Neptune - attending to the the loop the first impression  goes for Artistic Communication.

Jupiter (5 r 5) cj Mercury in touch with MC - performance, stage.

The Moon in Virgo 2 (12) opposing Venus calls for demanding visibility, which may come trough theatre or even cinema. Uranus cj MC rules 7 of public. 

Mars, ruler of 9, opposes MC - an international career?

STOP I would say that this demanding Lady needs visibility and public appreciation and  that she shows a huge potential for a high-skilled international career as a performer (theatre, cinema).   

Thank you for this new exercise and congratulations on this really drastic change!  ::)

Best regards,

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Re: Thursday's Vocational Exercises
« Reply #6 on: November 21, 2008, 06:01:34 AM »
Hello, Mr. Tyl and everybody,

Thank you very much for the exciting exercise.

No.1: Male

1. Aries MH: Mars.Sun.Venus.Mercury*.  Acting out of idealized thought is suggested.  The Mercury is peregrine, at Aries Point, and the final-dispositor, ruling the 3rd.  Communication is strongly emphasized. The Sun is conjunction with Saturn in the 3rd.  Administration of communication, methodology.

2. Moon and Neptune oppose MH, bringing helping, caring theme in the scene.  The Moon in 4th suggest working at home or in home-like emvironment.


This person needs to administrate communacations or informations concerning helping, caring in home-like emvironment.

No.2: Female

1. Taurus MH: Venus.Neptune.Mercury.Saturn.Neptune...  Taurus emphsizes personal value or aesthetic theme. Thinkng about realization of ideal.  Jupiter, Mercury and Mars are in aspect directly with the MH, suggesting active planning and getting things done activity. 

2.  MH ruler Venus and the Moon both are at Aries Point, suggesting caring and nurturing theme being important to this lady.

3. The Moon is in the 2nd,  this lady's personal ability is to be shown in public.


This lady needs to display her ability to care or help people according to her idealized vision of the society.


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Re: Thursday's Vocational Exercises
« Reply #7 on: November 21, 2008, 06:18:38 AM »
Dear Noel,

I am posting my old response here again. I hope I am not late.

Thank you for the double challenge. Here’s my try:

A. Male born Oct 2, 1951:

1.Mh=Aries.Mars.Sun.Venus.Mercury*(3,11). Energetic projection into the profession via artistic communications with a shining intellect.

2. Neptune Moon in Libra conjunction in the 4th conjunct MC-IC axis; Venus contacts MC; creative expression, films, media and independent projection is suggested.

3. Sun/Moon = Uranus, also squaring MC; Neptune (r9) contacts Uranus; Pluto (r5) contacts Nodal axis and MC; all suggest exploring individuation through creativity, audience.


He needs to perform, entertain, aesthetic/artistic communications, involvement with academia and internationalism possible. Exposure could be gained through TV, films and the media.

B. Female born Jan 30, 1937:

1. Mh=Taurus.Venus(r3).Neptune.Mercury.Saturn back to Neptune in the 2nd with Moon there too suggests the need to showcase her talent through aesthetic communications.

2. Mars(r9) and Uranus(r7) contact MC; Mercury Jupiter conjunction in the 5th contacts MC; all suggest performance.

STOP: Aesthetics/artistic communications, show of inspiring talent, performance, and internationalism are suggested. The Jupiter Mercury conjunction in Capricorn suggests communications used for social service as well. I will wait for the wrap-up to find out more.

Warm Regards,

Monica Mandar

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Re: Thursday's Vocational Exercises
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Nicely done, Noel!!!!!

The colored text in with the other text and your signature made that post very clear. Well done!

The next time it will be much easier because your post will be the first one, and folks will respond to that. But you did very well in the formatting. And insightful as always, of course ;D
Dana Nourie

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Re: Thursday's Vocational Exercises
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For everyone's information:

I see in the various profiles that there are options for:

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These options make life easier.

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Re: Thursday's Vocational Exercises
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Great! Really, I think it just takes some getting used to. If you need more help, don't hesitate to ask!

And you might give the Help file a read. That can be accessed on the tabs in the upper left side of the page, it's the second tab.
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