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Voc Exs May 27-28, 2015
« on: May 27, 2015, 05:43:19 AM »

Voc Exs  May 27-28, 2015

A.  Male   - June 29, 1983 at 00:45 AM CCT (-8) in Lanzhou, China  (Asc: 1Aries49)

B.   Female  -March 15, 1986 at 2:48 PM JST in Tokamachi Japan; (Asc:

Enjoy!   --Don’t let the immediacy of insight disarm you!  Nail down the first impression for each of these cases.

Noel Tyl 
Noel Tyl

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Re: Voc Exs May 27-28, 2015
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Hello Noel and colleagues. Today I try to be minimalistic:

A. Chinese person.
1. MC ruler Saturn is in close contact with Pluto8 in the 7th. Administration and alternative healing methodologies in relation to the public.

2. Mc keys Neptune12; Mars and Merc3 in 3rd: Spirituality, powerful communication.

3. MoonVII + 5 in the 11th: Entertainment or teaching within smaller groups.

Conclusion: This person needs to teach and to communicate about spirituality and alternative healing methodologies and to be in charge of the administration.

B. The Japanese person.
1. VenusMC - keys Jup5 (keyed to MC). The 5th holds Nep8, Mo12 and UranVII ; Jup<>Ura: Aesthetic and ethics. Avant-garde. Entertainment, teaching. Ideas about alternative healing methodologies - astrology? Uranus (17 degrees mutable).

2. 3 Q's + Sun = Ur/Nep: Great creativity.

Conclusion: This person needs to do and teach in creative ways about astrology.

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Re: Voc Exs May 27-28, 2015
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Hello Noel and Everyone,

I’m afraid I am not experiencing an immediacy of insight. Perhaps I’ve selected the wrong vocation.

A.  Male - June 29, 1983 at 00:45 AM CCT (-8) in Lanzhou, China  (Asc: 1Aries49)

Capricorn MH keys Saturn (10, 11) conjunct Pluto in the 7th house?public projection of influence/power in business/government and thriving in a network with those of shared interests

Very strong Mars^E(1)-MC; Mars-Saturn?a pioneer/trailblazer who needs free rein in the vocation

Jupiter* (9)Q Moon in the 11th house?talent for extending/utilizing wide networks (internationally?)

Mercury* (3)-Saturn?business of selling or developing computer technology (Mercury located in the house it rules)
Mercury* (3)-Mars?putting thoughts into action; “let me do my own thing.”

High influence Neptune conjunct MC and opposing Mars: a take-action visionary in the vocation

Summary: This male in Chart A needs a vocation that allows him to operate free rein in bringing visions (like technology) to fruition in the business world, where he can be part of international networks as an influential leader.

B.   Female -March 15, 1986 at 2:48 PM JST in Tokamachi Japan; (Asc:

Taurus MH keys Venus (3, 10)•Jupiter (5)•Neptune (8)•Saturn (6)•JupiterE (5)QMoon!-MC; JupiterEQUranus?need for communicating/performing innovative artistry with high public visibility

MC trine Neptune square Venus?imaginative artist; film or TV are possible mediums for the vocation

Pluto*-JupiterE(5); Pluto-MC?being famous or in the company of the influential is important

Moon! in the 10th house? need for authority visible to others

Summary: This take-charge woman in Chart B may find fulfillment in an entertainment career (especially film or television) where she can write, speak, perform, or produce in the company of the famous.

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Re: Voc Exs May 27-28, 2015
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Hello Noel,

Exercise A:
1. Capricorn MC.Saturn(in 7)-Pluto(r8).Venus(into 6, r2,7).Sun(in 4, r6).Moon!(in 11, r4,5).Uranus(in 8, r12).Jupiter*(in 8, r9): managing, helping the public; government, politics; also, Saturn=Pluto=Sun/Moon

2. Angular: MarsE^(r1)-Sun(both at IC), Neptune(at MC); beating the drum, self-promotion, service to others, helping; Moon in Aquarius; need to be socially significant

3. Gemini Stellium: Mars-Node-Mercury*(r3); Sagittarius: Uranus-Jupiter*(r9); Communications, broadcasting, publishing, philanthropy

4. AP=As=MC=Mars, also, AP=Ma/Ne, Ne/MC, Su/Me, Ma/MC, Su/No; tremendous public presence, popularity, charisma, visionary leader, recognition, enlightened ideas

This very popular man needs to be a leader, manager, possibly public servant in a position that allows him to communicate & assist with the needs of the people.

Exercise B:
1. Taurus MC.Venus(into 9, r3,10).Mars(in 5, r9)-Uranus(in 5, r7).JupiterE(in 7, r5).Neptune(in 5, r8).Saturn(in 4, r6); definite 5th house emphasis; the arts, technology, science, astrology

2. Angular Moon!(in 10, r12)-Pluto*(on IC, r4)-Node(in 9); take charge, head the show, beat of a different drummer, prominence, international appeal

3. Key Midpoints: Sun(in 8, r1)=Ma/Ur, JuE=Ne/Pl*, MC=Mo!/Pl*, Mo!=Me/Ne, AP=Ur/Ne=As/MC=Ma/Ne=Su/Ve; definite push to the public, charisma, TV/film/show biz, spiritual, supernatural, astrology

This woman needs to present metaphysical enlightenment to the public for emotional empowerment, broadcasting to a large audience.

Thank you,
Jo-Ann Scotto
Astrologer - Life Coach - Intuitive Mentor - Reiki Master