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Author Topic: Voc Exs November 26-27, 2014  (Read 99 times)
Noel Tyl
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« on: November 26, 2014, 07:10:53 AM »

Voc Exs,  November 26-27, 2014

A.  Male: May 6, 1895 at 3:00 PM in Castellaneta, Italy; Asc 00Lib54

B.  Female: May 22, 1928 at 00:22 AM in Lang, Canada; Asc 11Aqu34


Noel Tyl

Noel Tyl
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« Reply #1 on: November 26, 2014, 02:45:36 PM »

Male A :

1) MC^ . Mo (1) . Ven! 1,2 (=Jup/Plu) <> Mer (8th)(=As/MC)  - Ura E 5

Exciting individualized entertainer who is noticeable successful in romance and love communication with young women and girls.

2) Mo (1) – Nep (=Su/Mo)      …Aesthetics, movies.

3) Mar (10)7 – Jup (10)3(-MC)   …An actor, performer.

4) Noteworthy repeating midpoints:

Obvious a skilful “lover”, “womanizer”, “sex-symbol”.


Movie actor,  and noticeable  a well-known “lover”, “womanizer”, “sex-symbol”.

I think I already know who this is.


Female B:

Double bodied sign on Midheaven …Multiple vocations possible.

1) MC . JupE 10,11(2) . Mar* (2)2 (-MC) – Ura (2)1(-MC)(=As/Mc)    …Innovative/inventive projection of herself in financial business.

2) Sat (10) . JupE 10,11(2) – Nep (=astrologer degree)   …A business sense of purpose …Spirituality …Astrology.
Jup/Nep=Asc    She distinguishes herself through spirituality.

3) Mo* (5) – Ura (2)1(-MC)(=As/Mc) - Mer* (=Su/Mo)(-MC)   …Writer, Astrologer who is teaching, educating  about financial business, writer about innovative/inventive financial astrology ?


An astrologer and writer about financial business.

Thank you Mr. Tyl for the fascinating exercises!

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« Reply #2 on: November 27, 2014, 12:10:37 PM »

A. Male
1. MC · Mo 1 keys Mar8 and Jup3 conj MC:
Do his own thing, alternative healing methodologies and communication - perhaps about philosophies or abroad - exposed to the public.
We do have highly public exposure indeed with Ve/Ma = MC = Asc = AP

2. Mo · Ven9 9 <> Merc9+12 8 conj Sun11 connects to MC:
Aesthetic communication.
9th house is emphasized a lot, also with Nep6 and Plu3 there and the 3rd again.
The 6th and the 12 together with the 8th point at the healing channel.

3. Ve! = Ne/MC = Ju/Plu :
Venus is love - idealized love or public deceit and major recognition through love.

This man needs to communicate in an aesthetic way about idealized, spiritual love to the general public - and has thereby a healing/helping  influence.

B. Female
1. MC · Ju 2 keys Neco I 7;  Ju · Ma2*2 conj UrAsc keys MC:
Investment. Spirituality, aestheticism, idealism. Perhaps for a humanitarian cause?

2. Ve83 q MC; Merc*IV + co VIII 4 q MC:
Money, investment and communication

3. Ve = Ne/Asc. Ne = Ur/Plu9 6: Sharing. Ideal new perspective.

4. Sat 12 10: Spiritual, idealized business

Conclusion: This woman needs to invest money and share it through philanthropy.

Venus - money, aesthetic or love? Thank you Noel for this fascinating exercise.
Michael Symms
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"We like dancing and we look divine!"

« Reply #3 on: November 27, 2014, 06:57:52 PM »

Dear Noel,

Thank you for this holiday exercise...and Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!  (I may only have time for one this time...)

A) Gentleman from Italy:

1. Mars (7)-Jupiter (3)-MC. Moon (in Asc, -Neptune). Venus! (9). <> Mercury (9)=Sun=UranusE (5)...Performance (!) of the highly aesthetic - artistic - nature; international outreach.

2. AP=Venus/Jupiter; Asc=MC=Venus/Mars; Venus=Jupiter/Pluto, Jupiter/Neptune, Neptune/MC - and more, it all adds up to a powerful echo of artistic performance.


This man needs to establish a public (international) profile as a highly distinctive and individualized, even avant-garde, performing artist.

I look forward to the wrap-up!

Kind Regards,



Michael Symms
Dean Bensics
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« Reply #4 on: November 27, 2014, 07:09:19 PM »

Good Morning Noel. I hope you and other Forumites had a lovely Thanksgiving.


1) MC=Jup-Mar7,8.MoMC-Nep-Plu(9).Mer(8)9(-Ura(E)5)<>Ven(9)!9...

Male sexual energy enthusiastically valued by others – international (9) sex (Plu) symbol (Nep) – buzz and sensation via an entertainment medium.

2) AP=ASC=MC=Ven/Mar…relational/sexual force.

CONCLUSION: High-charge sexual appeal in an entertainment environment.


1) MC-Mer*(4;=Su/Mo)IC-Sat(10).JupMC.Mar-Ura*(-Mo6)-45d-Ven*!(3)3,8...

The past – historical information – communications business – scientific/statistical data analysis – service – astrology/healing.

2) MC=Nodes…working with the public.

CONCLUSION: Working with information, data, statistics in an esoteric-related business as a service to others.

Dean Bensics
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