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Voc Exs November 25-26, 2015
« on: November 25, 2015, 08:16:31 AM »
Voc Exs  November 25-26, 2015

A.  Male: June 8, 1902 at 8:35  AM in Albany NY; Asc: 10Leo32.

B.  Male: March 10, 1927 at 5:16 PM in Bremen Germany; Asc: 9Virgo25


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Re: Voc Exs November 25-26, 2015
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Thank you Noel, for giving us the opportunity for practicing.

A. Male from New York, 1902
1.  11th house planets - MaMC keys Ne9^- Me3 - Sa66 - Mo*1212: Humanistic, science. Music, academia - public exposed; administration, service; behind-the-scenes, consultation role, teaching.

2. VeMC*X  + 3 Qs: Creative artist.

3. MC - Ju5VII; Su-Pl: Academia, performance, impact.

Conclusion: This American gentleman needs to be occupied with music as a composer, conductor and teacher as a service - impacting the public.

B: Male from Germany, 1927
Double sign - more than one vocation:
1. 7th house planets - MeMC keys Ur6^, JuE and Su12 <>Ne12 all disp by Ne: The Audience,  -maths, computers, avant-garde - spirituality, creativity

2. Ve3+98 - Pl311 + 3 Qs: Aesthetic communication, creativity

3. MC - Sa5 keys JuE7 and MoX- Ma8+9X - Ve98: Administration, teaching, leader, academia, promotion

Conclusion: This German gentleman needs to be up front with computers or similar, administration, manager, promotion and also to perform as an artist or communicate about spirituality.

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Re: Voc Exs November 25-26, 2015
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A.  Male: June 8, 1902 at 8:35  AM in Albany NY; Asc: 10Leo32.

Tricky here!!!!  You see that strong statement of AP Neptune^ tied in with Mercury, ruler of the 4th, and we all settle in with “aesthetic performance”.  Right w are.  --Especially with Venus at the Midheaven, the final dispositor in touch with Mercury as well!.

Do we have an alternative to consider?  ---YES.  That Venus may indeed be in touch with that Neptune, ruler of the 8th!

Then we see Uranus  in touch with Mercury (quindecile).

So what do we have:

Nep^ statement with Venus*  --gives aesthetics

And we have a Venus* routing keyed into the 8th House…. And both have a Uranian

This man was a writer in astrology.  This was Grant Lewi… teacher of English at the college level, and truly the first practical proponent of modern astrology.  We all know his superb work with Sun-Moon polarities and with transiting Saturn.

---So in practical discussion, we would explore those channelS.

Lots of nifty nuance tucked away here: see the Moon* and Saturn*-MH as well.

Don’t feel fooled.  Just enjoy a very talented man who truly has something to say about his applications of gifts.

B.  Male: March 10, 1927 at 5:16 PM in Bremen Germany; Asc: 9Virgo25

 This man enjoyed multiple professions

See Mercury-Uranus.-Neptune-Moon.Mercury, ruler of the Midheaven.:

This is an astrology profile, backed up with Mrs-MH, Mars ruling the 8th  AND the 9th.

The Mars rulership of the 9th, Mars at the Midheaven, introduces 9th House concerns as well… the Law.

A lawyer/astrologer!!!!!   Yikes!!

But Yes.  This is the horoscope of Theodor Landscheidt, who was a high level Court Judge in Germany and a highly skilled “founder” and writer of “scientific Astrology”..  [Note the rulers of the 3rd are in touch with each other: his research took him deeply into geocentric Planetary Nodes, TransPluto, Heliocentric Astrology, and, above all, the Galactic Center.

Fascinating, eh?

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Re: Voc Exs November 25-26, 2015
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Hello, Mr. Tyl and everybody,

Thank you very much for the wonderful occasion to exercise Midheaven Extension Process.

A: Male

1. AriesMH-Saturn6 : Mars.Mercury(-Neptune8,9).Moon12*.   Business to help people comes to mind. 

2. Sun-Pluto-Uranus suggests leadership in revolutionary ideas.  Uranus-Venus10 emphasizes this point in vocational fulfillment.


This person needs to help people through communication of feelings and image and to take leadership in revolutionize the way.

B: Male

1. GeminiMH-Mars8,9-Saturn-Jupiter : Mercury(-Sun-Uranus-Moon).Neptune<>Sun12. Helping people with spontaneous communications comes to mind.  Sun=Mercury/Jupiter suggests writing is important in vocational fulfillment.


This person needs to help people with spontaneous communication (which might be spiritual or psychological) and write about it to get fulfilled in vocation.


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Re: Voc Exs November 25-26, 2015
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American Gentleman

1. MC ruler MaE10 (10) in GEM contacts Sat6 (6) in CAP, which contacts both MC & (widely) Moon!*12 (12) in CAN = Military/political leadership. Public service administrator. "Protecting" others. Government institutions. Salesmanship

2. Sun1 (-Plunh) (11) in GEM contacts Ura7 (5) in SAG <> Jup5 (7) in AQU (which also contact each other) + Ura contacts MC + 11th House stellium = Government position. Leadership. Reward need to be humanitarian. Public exposure. Performance/teaching.

3. Ne8,9 (-Me2,3,11) (11) in CAN contacts MC + Ve4 only (10) in TAU widely conjunct MC and also contacts Ne + Sa/Plu both at astrologer's degree = Alternative healing methodologies/astrology. Charisma. Consulting. Communications.

Although this gentleman technically doesn't have a double-bodied MC, he was likeliest (1) a political/military figure who had a notable side interest in astrology; or (2) a professional astrologer who also had a notable career in the military/political arena.

German Gentleman

1. MC ruler Me1,10 (-Su12) (-Ura6) (7) in PIS + JuE4 (7) in PIS comprise 7th House stellium, with stellium contacting Mo11 (10) in GEM and Ura contacting MC = Science/technology. Reward need to be compassionate. Helping/healing. Public exposure. Humanitarianism. Avant-garde.

2. Mo & MC contact Ne7 (12) in LEO + Sun12 (7) in PIS <>NE = Aesthetics. Consulting. Standing out. Spirituality.

2. Mars8,9 (10) in GEM conjunct MC = Consulting. Academia.

With a double-bodied MC, this gentleman likely is/was a pioneering professor and consultant in the science/technology arena. He may have also had a notable career as a religious leader, in order to "feed" his humanitarian streak and desire for attention.