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Author Topic: Voc Exs April 16-17, 2014  (Read 81 times)
Noel Tyl
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« on: April 16, 2014, 06:59:04 AM »

Voc Exs  April 16-17, 2014   

A - Male: March 13, 1942 at 11:00 AM EET in Asyut, EGYPT [Asc 20Gem03]

B - Female: June 14, 1962 at 2:00 AM CED in Warsaw, Poland [Asc 00Taurus13]


Noel Tyl

Noel Tyl
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« Reply #1 on: April 16, 2014, 12:20:05 PM »

Thanks for these challenging exercises, Noel.
Male: 1. MH Neptune(dual career)-Sun,r3,communicate-Uranus,r9, international. Merc,r9.Uranus-Saturn, r8, Venus in 9th.
         2. Mercury at 25 Aquarius, an astrologer's degree.
         3. Mars,Gemini, 12th, joins MH= counseling= Merc/Jupiter.   Writing about his craft.
         4. Aries Point=Uranus/Pluto.  Universal genius. 
STOP:  This man needs to communicate in a counseling way about alternative therapy employing
         astrology in his methodology.
Female: 1. MH Cap.Saturn Aquarius, humanitarian work.Uranus,5th.Sun,r5,in 3rd, communicate, peregrine.Merc Gem,FD,r3.
             2. Moon in 7th, public projection.
             3. Sun/Moon=Uranus at 27Leo, an astrologer's degree=MH.
             4. Peregrine Venus, r6,service, QD MH=Merc/Jupiter, writing.
             5. Jupiter, r8, alt.therapy, at an astrologer's degree, joins peregrine Uranus, astrologer's planet, and joins MH.
STOP:  This lady needs to communicate in a humanitarian way, employing alternative therapy and astrology.
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Dean Bensics
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« Reply #2 on: April 16, 2014, 06:56:50 PM »

Good Morning Noel and Happy Easter to you and your family.


1) MC=Mar.Mer-Ura…a classic science signature.

2) NepMC-Sat8-Ura…an alternative healing methodology.

3) Ven(9)5(-Jup)<>Ura9…teaching, educating, spiritual enlightenment.

CONCLUSION: Science, medicine and an alternative healing system, possibly associated with energy work or chiropractic pain management. Educating others with this knowledge and practice.


1) Su!5.Mer*3-Jup9…creativity, communications, education.

2) MC-Ven.Mo(=DSC)…giving something of artistic value to others.

3) Multiple Qs…artistry.

4) SatMC-Nep…aesthetics.

CONCLUSION: Creative aesthetic communications; education and teaching; maybe marketing something of artistic value internationally.


Dean Bensics
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« Reply #3 on: Today at 08:26:25 AM »

Hello, Mr. Tyl and everybody,

Thank you very much for the precious occasion to train the Midheaven extension process.

A : Male

1. Pisces MH : Neptune(-Uranus9-Sun3).Mercury.Uranus<>Venus.  Unique aesthetic communication came to mind.  Moon in 9th support this theme. 


This person needs to communicate his aesthetic sensitivity in unique way.

B : Female

1. Capricorn MH : Saturn(-Neptune12-Mars12).Uranus!.Sun!.Mercury*3.  Unique expression of self comes to mind.  Marching to a different drummer.

2. Venus directly touches Midheaven, Mars and Neptune as well.  with the Sun! ruling 5th, aesthetic performance is suggested.


This lady needs to perform and communicate her aesthetic sensitivity in unique way.

Chinatsu Hirokawa
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« Reply #4 on: Today at 09:08:28 AM »

Dear Noel,

Thank you for the great opportunity to learn and build skills.

Male, ASC 20 Gem 03:

MC: Pis; Nep(mc). Mer(4). Ura(9) <> Ven(5,12). Nep contacts on Ven. MC = Ven/Nep: his artistic field comes to mind.

Moon in the 9th House. Moo/Sun = Mar/Ura. AP = Ura/Plu.


This gentleman needs to express his internationalism based on his own aesthetic value.  Perhaps his profession is an expert to teach art-related issues.  It's just likely that he was working for a travel agency.

Female, ASC 00 Tau 13:

MC: Cap; Sat(mc). Ura(11). Sun(5). Mer*(2,3,6).  Sat q Ven(as, r6)  Ven semi-square Mer*. MC q Ven!: Her business is to act as in beauty field comes to mind.

Ura!, Sun!, Mer*. Mer*(2,3,6) contacts with Jup(8,9) and Plu(7). MC = Mer/Sat: heavy thinker, emphasis on the communicating channel.

Moon in the 7th House.  Moo/Sun = Ura. AP = Moo/Ura. 3 Quintiles.


This lady needs to express her innovative and insightful view in public. Maybe she is an author to make strong influence upon women’s lives.  It’s just likely that she is working for a beauty products company.


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