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Voc Exs September 2-3, 2015
« on: September 02, 2015, 06:18:21 AM »
Voc Exs   September 2-3, 2015

A. Male: April 17, 1837 at 3:00 AM LMT in Hartford CT; Asc: 26Aqu20

B. Male: September 7, 1867 at 9:15 PM LMT in Irvington NY; Asc: 25Tau19.


Noel Tyl
Noel Tyl

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Re: Voc Exs September 2-3, 2015
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Hi Noel and colleagues - so quickly the weeks pass!

  Excellent work again, Sune!

A. Male from Hartford, CT, 1837
1. JuMC - keys Ma 6, rules and disposals the 4 planets in 2nd and is  <->  Su5+6 2:
Law, justice, service, investments, money, promote, pioneer.

2. MC keys Mo5+6 VII , Plu 9 2,  Ur12 1: Entertainment/performance and the audience, service, big scale, avant-garde.

Conclusion: This gentleman needs to promote - by selling and performing - investments as a service to the public - could be new kinds of savings or insurance on a grand scale.

B. Male from Irvington, NY 1867
1. UrMC3 Keys Mo3 in Cap 8, Ma126 Ne 12, Sa96 - Pl:
Avant-garde, communication. Handling other peoples money - investments. Science, technology. Alt. heal. meth. Administration, Politics.

2. Me2+5 5 with Ve6 5 and Su55: Entertainment/performance/teaching
3. Me = Ne/MC + 3 Q’s: Communication and spirituality, leader, visionary leader + Creativity.
    Ju! = Ma/Ur   optmitim/enthusiasm - recklessness/ risk taking
    MC = Mar/Sa: Overcoming obstacles. Energetic drive, ambitous pursuit of a goal, fierce determination
Conclusion: this man needs to be involved in business-technology-entrepreneurship, enterprising. Communicating, selling, persuading - all as a service to the general public.


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Re: Voc Exs September 2-3, 2015
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Connecticut Male

Zuri:  You are doing well with these exercises; I feel your serious study. --Now, the next step is consciously, purposefully to cut back on the verbiage, the explanations.  You must take a stand (not think out loud with options) and then edit backwards.  Cut out everything that is non-essential.

If you have been following Sune's work, he has broken through the talky stage and suddenly his analyses  are straight as arrows, right or wrong!

Your work again this week is strong and well thought out.  Congratulations.

More than 1 vocation was possible (MC Sagittarius) for him. This gentleman was obsessed with standing out to the public, as an innovative but compassionate man (Ura!1(1) in PIS):

Option 1: Likeliest A Financier, With A Philanthropic Streak: MC contacts Ma2-Ju (6) in LEO & Plu-Ve8 (2) in ARI. 2nd House stellium. Mo in VIR contacts Sa11( 8 ) in SCO. Ma2-MC ruler Ju contacts Sa11( 8 ) in SCO and Plu-Ve8(2) in ARI. Su!7-Me!-Ve!8(2) in ARI

Finance/economics-related occupation that provided a public service and delved deeply into financial topics. Career also played to his desire to be "top dog", stand out, and get public exposure. Strong philanthropic streak, focusing on creating social change.

Option 2: Alternative Health Care: MC ruler Ju-Ma (6) in LEO contacts MC. Mo6(7) in VIR contacts MC and Sa12( 8 ) in SCO. MC ruler Ju-Ma (6) in LEO widely contacts Ne (12) IN AQU and Sa12( 8 ) in SCO

He may have also been in the health care profession at some point in his life, focused on alternative healing methodologies. It would've played to his compassionate streak, while standing out as a healer and corrector of people's lives.

There are also "minor" touches of the 3rd/9th communications channel in this gentleman's chart. Regardless of his profession, he was likely a notable public speaker and/or writer of materials.

New York Male

More than 1 vocation was possible for this multi-talented gentleman (MC Aquarius). A strong case can be made for four career areas, especially entertainment and finance. A consultation which discussed his preferred interests would've enabled an astrologer to narrow down his choices:

Option 1: Likeliest An Entertainer: 3 Qs. Mo3 in CAP contacts Me5-Ve (5) in VIR & MC ruler Ura (3) in CAN. Mo widely contacts Sun4(5) in VIR. MC ruler Ura (3) in CAN contacts Sun-Me5-Ve (5) in VIR

This profession would've most played to his strong need for creative expression, and reigning need to be a communicator of some sort. This career enabled him to be in control, and promote aesthetics that "protected" others but also "corrected" in some fashion.

Option 2: Financial Consultant, With A Philanthropic Streak: Mo ( 8 ) in CAP contacts Me2-Ve in VIR + Ju!8(11) in PIS

If he wasn't an entertainer, he was then likeliest a consultant of other people's money. This profession also would've enabled him to be in control, and played to his strong desire to be a corrector in some capacity while promoting compassionate social change. Given his strong need for creative expression, he would've pioneered new financial strategies if he selected this field.

Option 3: Alternative Health Care, As A Form Of "Art": Also, Mo ( 8 ) in CAP contacts Me-Ve6 in VIR and Ne11 (12) in ARI, Mo widely contacts Ma12(6) in LIB and Plu (12) in TAU. Ju!8(11) in PIS

This gentleman was very likely also attracted to the health care field, particularly alternative healing methodologies. If he was in this field, he would've been a pioneer of new health care paradigms or techniques due to his strong need for creative expression. He'd have approached health care as an "artistic" vehicle to promote social change.

Option 4: Communicator: MC ruler Ura (3) in CAN disposited by Mo3 in CAP, which is disposited by Sa9 in SCO. Mo3 in CAP contacts Ura (3) in CAN. MC ruler Ura widely contacts Sa9 in SCO = Innovative communications (writing/publishing/public speaking) which enabled him to be in control, while delving deeply into topics

With the "minor" touches of idealism & philanthropy in his chart, he likely was involved in charitable activities regardless of which professional route he chose (perhaps likeliest to support charities related to entertainment, finance, health care, and/or communications).
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Re: Voc Exs September 2-3, 2015
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Hi Noel,

Exercise A:
1. Sagittarius MC.Jupiter(in 6).Sun(in 2, r7)< >Mars(in 6 -Jupiter, r2); AP=Node/Asc; immediately, we see strong indications of performance before the public

2. Uranus!(in 1)< >Neptune(both ruling 1); humanitarian, inventive, avant garde, spiritual, mystical; MC=Nep/Plu - supernatural; Chiron strongly on IC - alternative healing; Moon at 15 mutable - possibly astrologer

3. Moon in Virgo (in 7, r5,6), AP=Moon/Plu; connection with the public needs to be right/insightful, emotional empowerment

4. Stellium in 2: Plu-Ven, Sun-Mer, Node; idealism in the area of self-worth, aesthetic or social transformation

This man definitely needed to be in the public and for the public. His humanitarian need to help people was probably done through alternative healing using spirituality, astrology or psychic ability.

Exercise B:
1. Aquarius MC.Uranus.Moon(r3).Saturn(angular in 6, r9).Pluto(r7).Venus(1,6).Mercury*(r2,5); avant garde communications, structure, management

2. Moon in Capricorn(r9) in 8th, Jupiter! (r8 ), editing, consulting, alternative healing

3. Stellium in 5th: Mer*-Ven-Node-Sun, (Mer & Sun co-rule 5th) Performance, communications, aesthetics; Again the possibility of Astrology arises: Jup=Mar/Ura, Sun-Node at 14 Mutable, but with Mars-Nep, AP=Mars/Node, As/MC, Nep/Node, Sun/Nep theatre, performance & music seem stronger.

4. Only Saturn & Neptune contact MC, and MC=Sat/Nep; making dreams into reality, blurred boundaries

I see this man needing to be involved in theatre as an actor, musician, director or composer.

Thank you Noel. I look forward to the wrap-up.
Jo-Ann Scotto
Astrologer - Life Coach - Intuitive Mentor - Reiki Master

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Re: Voc Exs September 2-3, 2015
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Voc Exs September  2-3, 2015


A. Male: April 17, 1837 at 3:00 AM LMT in Hartford CT; Asc: 26Aqu20

1. We are hit with the focus of the 2nd House Stellium.

2.  We check the ruler of the 2nd House for further insight: we get Mars-Mh, Mars-Venus in the 2nd.

3. Jupiter, ruler of the Midheaven-Venus, is with Mars, ruler of the 2nd.

Without doubt, this is a 2nd House orientation.  The  Saturn-Moon connection adds administrative power needed etc.

Management of financial affairs.

~~This is the horoscope of legendary financier and art collector (Neptune-Jupiter) John Pierpont  Morgan Sr.  Morgan was also the famous client of astrologer Evangeline Adams.

B. Male: September 7, 1867 at 9:15 PM LMT in Irvington NY; Asc: 25Tau19.

1. Uranus --the MH ruler-- makes contact with Mercury*, the final dispositor.
2. Mercury is in contact with the administration Moon.Saturn-Uranus

3. Jupiter, ruler of the 8th, is in contact with Mercury , ruler of the 2nd.

Beautiful, eh?

~~This is the son of  J.P. Morgan, Sr. J. P.  Morgan Jr., mega-millionaire financier. and philanthropist (8th House).

Noel Tyl

Noel Tyl

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Re: Voc Exs September 2-3, 2015
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Hello, Mr. Tyl and everybody,

Thank you very much for the wonderful exercise of Midheaven Extension process.

A : Male

1. Sagittarius MH: Jupiter(-Neptune-Mars).Sun(-Mercury)<>Mars.  Moon in 7th touches directly with Midheaven.  Public projection of self comes to mind. 

2. Uranus! ruling ascendant touches Midheaven.  There is a stellium in 2nd which suggests recognition of his own ability is important. ----This is usually a flag for the Moon in the 2nd House.  Here we are looking at financial leadership.

3. MC=Jupiter/Pluto suggests resourcefulness.  Pluto=Moon/Saturn suggests relationship with large organization.


This person needs to project his competency making his unique ideas reality, through resourcefulness and large organizational activities.

B : Male

1. Aquarius MH: Uranus(-Moon-Neptune-Mars).Moon3.Saturn(-Pluto).Pluto.Venus(-Mercury-Sun).Mercury*.  Creative idea and unique individualistic communication comes to mind.

2. Jupiter! ruling 8th, touches the Sun-Venus-Mercury2*.  Creative idea might have something to do with healing or money.  --When money focus has a touch of the 8th House as well...  the 8th becomes philanthropy.


This person needs to communicate creatively, about some kind of healing.
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Re: Voc Exs September 2-3, 2015
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Thank you Noel - for another good opportunity to practice and to lear