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Mysterious Death, Male, 32
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       The reason behind his death is still a mystery.  Meanwhile, unreliable reports claim that he experienced a heart attack.  On this matter, more clarification is needed.    His triwheel reveals likely heart attack.   See rectified triwheel below...

Natally he has Sun in Leo, in the 5th.   Leo is the heart Sign while the 5th is the heart House.   Sun rules Leo on his 6th House of illness,
showing that any illness he has will be related to his heart.   Transits and Solar Arcs verify the diagnosis.....he had a heart attack.     
       He was in Mars Firdaria period.    Mars rules his 1st, the body, and squares Sun in Leo, r6th, illness, and trines Neptune, ruler 1st,
adding mystery to his death.  Mars trines Harvey, the heart, in the 6th of illness.                                                                                         
       Sun in Leo, in 5th, entertainment, is excellent position for an actor and comedian.
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