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Eliza Fletcher - Kidnapping and Murder
« on: September 29, 2022, 03:26:14 PM »
A kindergarten teacher, wife, mother of 2, Eliza Fletcher, in Memphis, TN disappeared while out running on Sept. 2. Witnesses reported seeing her caught and dragged into a car. She was reported by her husband as missing and unfortunately her body was found on Sept. 5.

A career criminal, Cleotha Abston/Henderson, was detained and has been charged. His cell phone and sandal were found at the place of the abduction. They had his DNA. Witnesses reported seeing the abduction. Eliza was reported by her husband as missing and unfortunately her body was found on Sept. Evidence with DNA found at the crime scene. Surveillance videos caught partial license plates. 

I'm in a hurry so will just put the information I have found. It's amazing how Persephone works for kidnapping abductions and Pholus and Nessus and Jupiter (the Centaurs) represent Rapes. Mars is strong her. Eliza died after being beaten and shot in the back of the head.

Eliza Fletcher. born Nov. 9, 1987, Memphis, TN

Abducted Sept. 2, 2022, 4:20am Memphis, TN

Rape/Beating/Murder would have happened before 7:50am, Sept. 2, 2022 because Suspect was seen cleaning out car and washing clothes and acting strangely

Eliza's body Found Sept. 5:07pm Sept. 5, behind vacant home, Memphis, TN

Suspect: Cleotha Abston/Henderson. born. 11/27/1983, Memphis, TN

was first arrested very young, Age 11.
Convicted of kidnapping a Defense Attorney, Kemper Durand (b. 6/28/1939 Wisconsin)
  Kidnapping May 25, 2000 2am Memphis, TN

Eliza Fletcher
Sun 17 Scorpio c. Pluto 11 Scorpio. Moon either in Gemini/Cancer. Maybe squaring NN 2 Aries. And maybe way OOB at 29 degrees 47 minutes 39 Seconds S.

p. Mars 14 Scorpio c. n. Sun 17 Scorpio, c. t. SN and opposing t. Uranus-NN.
p. Sun 22 Sagittarius c. n. Saturn 20 Sagittarius
P. Venus 21 Capricorn c. n. Persephone 20 Capricorn and squaring n. Mars 21 Libra opposing Jupiter 22 Aries.
n. Nessus 14 Virgo c. t. Sun 10 Virgo
t. Pholus 5 Capricorn c. n. Neptune 6 Capricorn maybe opposing n. Moon


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Re: Eliza Fletcher - Kidnapping and Murder
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Hi In Stitches,  Meaning of Cleotha: Name Cleotha is of African origin, means A woman who is a creative artist and everyone else is inspired by her. Name Cleotha is of African origin and is a Girl name. People with name Cleotha are usually Christian by religion.   He used his mother's name.    Use the asteroid CLEOBULUS.
       The rapist has an asteroid insert this name into the victims's chart and the rapist's chart.
What is the origin of the name Abston?
The name Abston is an old Anglo-Saxon name.  It comes from when a family lived near one or more notable aspen trees. The surname Abston is derived from the Old English word √¶pse, which means aspen. The surname may also be a nickname in jest, for a timid person, referring to the trembling leaves of the tree
No doubt he was shaking when he committed this crime.   There is an asteroid ASP, short form for ASPEN, use it.
      So both victim and rapist have name asteroids which you can pencil in, in your printed solar charts for these two.
Get asteroid locations type in date you want and name of asteroid.
So for him use these asteroids....CLEOBULUS; ASP for old english Aspen, and asteroid HENDERSON.
For her use asteroids ELISA and asteroid FLETCHER.    Print her solar chart, noon and his solar chart....look up the
asteroid positions.....pencil  them in and you will have verified killer and victim.
      You will find many connections 'tween him and her.....let us know about them.   I already found one....asteroid
FLETCHER in her chart, is opposite asteroid about a FATED CONNECTION.    Click magnifier.

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Re: Eliza Fletcher - Kidnapping and Murder
« Reply #2 on: September 29, 2022, 09:54:37 PM »
From looking at the forensic chart, it appears she was killed immediately. 

The abductor is symbolized by Saturn, strong in its own sign and in the 7th.  (the next person she will meet)

The ruler for Eliza is the Sun, since the chart has a Leo Ascendant.  We find the Sun (marker for Eliza) in the 2nd House, 100% correct for the trunk of a car. 

Only angular planets, rulers of angular houses (and their aspects) as well as Lunar aspects are of concern in these charts. 

Because of Venus' angularity, it draws the Pluto-Venus inconjunct hinting at the death of a female, but also of extreme emotional intensity.  Ruler of 10th in the 1st suggests a powerful person with direct influence over the person. 

The Moon in these charts is co-ruler of the subject and here, it is in the 4th in Scorpio...showing she was in her own neighborhood (subject marker in 4th) and also highlights her ending (4th), being in Scorpio (sexual assault). 

Very tragic, especially in light of the fact that the perpretrator spent two decades in prison for a previous kidnapping and is now being charged in another rape case, where he is a DNA match.
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