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Coolio, the Grammy-winning rapper, producer and actor best known for his 1995 hit “Gangsta’s Paradise,” has died. He was 59.
 Coolio died around 5 p.m. PT on Wednesday afternoon.
We have his birth certificate:
I rectified it to 10.07.28 PDT Asc 28Vir24'.
His Epoch is casting for 8 Nov1962 13.12.56 UT Asc 1Sco10'.
In his epoch, Saturn and SN conjunct IC. Helio Venus in opposition to Neptune and square helio Saturn.
He has 10 children: in the radix, Venus exactly 180 cusp 5th, in the epoch, Jupiter conjunct cusp 5th  trine Asc and Mercury, trine helio Mars , his ruler.

A talented actor as well, Coolio appeared in dozens of films and TV shows throughout his career. MC in Gemini 60 Mercury, Helio Venus in 10th 90 Jupiter which is in exact 180 to helio Mercury.
In Epoch, MC 60 helio Mercury, Sun 120 helio Jupiter.
Transit Pluto 90 cusp 8th orb 37'
Converse transit Uranus 90 Asc 11'
Primary directions:
Saturn 180 MC 10'
In the lunar return, Saturn on IC, SN on Asc
In the demi lunar return Pluto on Asc, Uranus and NN on IC
In the converse demi lunar return, Saturn on IC
In the LS (lunar on radical Solar) Pluto exactly on IC
In the converse LS, Mars and Pluto exactly 90 IC, SN on IC.
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Re: Coolio
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Thanx Isaac, very detailed....much appreciated..   Hint.....when checking rectifications a person's first or middle name usually appears in his 1st House.   His last name usually appears in the 4th, 7th or 10th House, provided there is an asteroid for IVEY.
His real name was ARTIS LEON IVEY.....and asteroid LEON is in his 1st House at 5Libra45.
       Ivey Origin and Meaning
The name Ivey is girl's name meaning "son of Ive; person from Ivoy; ivy plant".
Ivey can be considered an alternate spelling of the botanical name Ivy, but it also has separate origins as a surname.  For the Anglo-Saxon Ivey line, Ivey means "son of Ive," while for the English-Norman Iveys, it means "person from Ivoy," a commune in the Cher department of France.
       Where does the name Artis originate from?
English: habitational name from the French province of Artois from Anglo-Norman French Arteis (from Latin Atrebates the name of the local Gaulish tribe).   Artis means "bear".   You can use the asteroid ARTEMIS and see if it appears in an angular position.
       Suppose this man Coolio had an unknown birth time......look at the chart below and see how his name falls in the 4 angles of his chart
which would result in a very speedy rectification......of course using other techniques to fine tune the birth time.

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