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Colon Cancer, Male, 61
« on: April 29, 2023, 08:21:17 AM »
        Helge Engelke (24 September 1961 – 28 April 2023) was a German guitar player, composer, and producer most celebrated for his guitar work in the hard rock bands Fair Warning and Dreamtide.  He has also employed his considerable guitar talents in acclaimed "studio work" and has guested on various artists' albums/CDs including vocals and guitars for his friend Zeno Roth. Herr Engelke was born in Hanover, Germany.  He has passed away unexpected on April 28, 2023.   He died in hospital after complications occurred with a colon tumor which only had been discovered two days before.
        Here's his Lunar Return to natal Sun biwheel.
For these 2 charts click on DOWNLOAD ORIGINAL IMAGE ......wait 15 seconds and you get larger charts.
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