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Suicide, Male 33
« on: May 15, 2023, 04:38:25 AM »
         Billy-John Guyton (17 March 1990 – 15 May 2023) was a New Zealand rugby union player.  He played at halfback for provincial side Tasman.  Guyton spent the previous three years playing for North Otago in the Heartland championship, making 29 appearances for the province.  He then moved north to sign with the Tasman Mako ahead of 2013 season's ITM Cup.
         According to reports, Billy Guyton sadly died after taking his own life.  The cause of death has been identified as suicide.   He retired in 2019 due to concussion symptoms.
         He shows many signs of suicide, namely.....Sun near 26 degrees of the Mutables;  violent afflictions of one or both luminaries;  violent affliction to Mercury;   & suicide indicators.     There are numerous depression indicators.  Solar Arc Saturn had arrived at his Asc, while trans Uranus, suicide, r1, conjuncted his IC.   Enlarge  triwheel for easier viewing.

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