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Brain Tumor, Female, 21
« on: September 09, 2023, 11:36:42 AM »
      Faye Fantarrow, a U.K. singer-songwriter whose debut came out earlier this year, has died at age 21, her publicist confirmed. The rising neo-soul talent died on Aug. 26, and her death was first announced on social media on Aug. 31 by her mother, Pam.
      Fantarrow previously beat leukemia twice since being first diagnosed at eight years old. She had twice beaten leukemia since learning she had cancer at ages 8 and 13.  Nearly a year ago, doctors discovered a rare Glioma tumor in her brain.   
      Here is her rectified chart.
       When she died, Solar Arc Bechtereva, brain, conj Asc;
       Solar Arc Psyche, brain-SA Grave were conj 6th of illness;
       Trans Grange, tumor necrosis, opposed her 8th cusp;
       SA RIP opposed her Asc and trans Pluto conjuncted her MH;
       Trans Grieve conjuncted her IC; and trans Atropos, end, conj Asc.
She was 21 years of age, and according to the AGE INCIDENCE OF DISEASE
TABLE, her health axis 7Taurus/7Sc was activated, conjuncting her natal Sun at 7Taurus in the 12th House of hospitalization.

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