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Russel Brand allegations
« on: September 17, 2023, 04:39:43 AM »
Fyi, unlucky days or years.

The lucky day concept indicates a period when you have good transits, and a final bad transit ends. If you use arcs to depict good transits above a date line and bad transits below it, good periods look like a wave breaking, and bad periods like an undertow, or wave pulling back.

The same applies to lucky years, when fortunate progressions spill over unfortunate ones. Most people agree that our efforts (or lack of effort) do help us to create our own luck (and bad luck), but generally speaking, we all experience periods of good fortune, and misfortune, that are largely beyond our control. Karma is said to play a role too.

The concept of unlucky days or years also applies.  If you flip the image upside down, the reverse is true. If a set of good progressions end, and you are simulataneously experiencing a period of bad progressions, that shear point often shows unlucky days by transit, or unlucky years by progression. It appears that the 'wrenching' of fortunate and unfortunate energies enhances the potential for good or bad results.

Russell Brand has recently been accused of rape, sexual assault and abuse.

I've checked out thousands of these and they work pretty well. In Russell's case he had progressed Sun conjunct Venus these past couple of years, plus several other progressions involving semi-sextiles with Saturn, Mecury, Mars, Sun, Venus and Pluto. These all ended last year, one degree orb. This year he has progressed Sun square Uranus, progressed Mecury conjunct Saturn and square Jupiter.

Note that the terms 'good' and 'bad' are used primitively. How can we say that progressed Mercury conjunct Saturn is 'good' or 'bad'? In the graphic it is shown as 'bad', since that is the general restrictive or dampening effect, but it can also be a period of knuckling down and applying hard intellectual effort to something, yielding good results. It's my opinion anyway that our whole understanding of good and bad is inverted when it comes to soul growth. What we yearn for in life, pleasure, beauty, wealth and comfort, is actually bad for us, and what we experience as pain, and everything else we try and avoid, is the food our souls actually need.

So who knows how this will affect Russell Brand, perhaps, as with Johnny Depp last year, it's a blessing in disguise.

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