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Brain Cancer, Female,46
« on: September 12, 2023, 06:38:17 AM »
        Vancouver broadcaster Kuljeet Kaila has died after a battle with brain cancer.
Kaila has been a fixture on local radio and TV for the past two decades, working at News 1130, Shush Datt’s Sp!ce Radio, CTV Vancouver and, most recently, at CBC Vancouver.
       Kaila had also worked as an actress and movie promotions agent.  She also had her own company, KJ Media Group, where she provided DJ, emcee and hosting services at events.
Click on the 3 dots in top right hand corner, then enlarge her triwheel 500%
or more for clearer view.
      For hostess work, see natal Moon in 6th...for Media Group work see
natal Poseidon in 6th (not shown).   For radio see Marconi in her 5th.
For TV work see Uranus in her 8th, ruling her 5th, aspecting her Moon in 6th.
      Kaila was 46 yrs old, and looking at the AGE INCIDENCE OF DISEASE TABLE
this times her axis 5 to 7.5 Virgo/Pisces, conjuncting her Mercury, brain,
debilitated in 7Pisces37, and conjuncting her Solar Arc MH at 6Pisces15.
Mercury, brain, rules her 6th House of illness.   Once again astrology times
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Re: Brain Cancer, Female,46
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I think you are better at predicting illness then the medical doctors  amy

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Re: Brain Cancer, Female,46
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Wow! Thank you, Amy....continue enjoying my medical posts including your
own medical reports.