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Sun and Venus in Composite chart calculations.. Conj vs Opp??

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I suspect all computer programs do this but when a Composite chart is calculated, sometimes Venus ends up being in OPPOSITION to the Sun because the program uses the shortest midpoint. However, I am of the belief that if the Sun and Ven in natal charts are never more than 46 deg apart, that rule should also apply in a Composite Chart - so that Venus should really appear in the opposite sign and house. I.e. If Composite Sun is at 10 Taurus in 7th house and Composite Venus falls at 2 Scorpio in 1st house, that Venus should really be read as being at 2 Taurus in 7th house.

The only thing is that by moving Venus to its opposite position, you can occasionally eliminate a trine aspect to another planet because the now newly formed sextile aspect's orb is too large to be valid. So if Venus in its "old" position was trining Pluto with a 4 or 5 deg orb, that's a bit wide for a sextile orb. Or do you accord larger orbs for composite charts because of the midpoint thing?

Anybody have any thoughts about this? What do YOU do if Sun and Ven fall in opposition?

Kelly C:
Hi VenusLady,

When presented with that dilemma, I usually just crawl into a corner and cry.

Seriously, I like your question but need more experience with composite charts.

Kelly C

Don Borkowski:
Hi Venus Lady!

I have a completely different perspective on this dilemma.

Just because it is impossible for a natal geocentric chart to have the Sun and Venus in opposition, the Sun and Mercury in opposition, or Mercury and Venus in opposition, having such aspects in a composite chart is no big deal.  Similarly, if you were to construct a composite chart amongst three people, you could have these planets in trine. 

The thing about relationships between people is that quite often the very act of getting two (or more) people to collaborate will bring an amount of synergy into a relationship that one might not even expect to exist.  For example, perhaps this is best for people who are my age-peers, the combined talents of Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel were far greater than the sum of the parts.  It was like adding one and zero to get two.

So if a composite chart shows something weird-looking like a Sun-Venus opposition, you will have a clue that there is something in the relationship that goes above and beyone the charts of the individual partners.

Don B.

Good post Venus lady; Good response Don;

I would add that when I see an opposition of two planets in a composite chart that could never be seen in a real chart I interpret that to mean that the aspect will define that part of the relationship. With the Sun and Venus I would take that to mean that the relationship (Venus) will be adversarial (opposition), or at least one in which compromise between the self (Sun) and the relationship (Venus) will be a primary issue.

With a conjunction you would expect the relationship to be one of a felt fusion as opposed to the tension or conflict inherent in an opposition.

I hope that helps.

Hmm. Interesting insights Don & Jozef. I can see how the aspect that sticks out like a sore thumb might call attention to itself and thus highlight something that needs to be worked on.

OK, let me give you an example....

Looking at Romeo and Juliet (figuratively speaking), they have a Sun Venus opposition BOTH ways in synastry (but their individual Suns & Venuses are too wide in orb for an opp) These two were wildly attracted to each other from day 1. They also have a tight Sun-Moon conj and Sun-Moon trine in the synastry AND Composite Sun in 7th is in a stellium with Merc Mars sextiling Comp. Moon in 5th and trining Pluto too. These two are compatible beyond description in many ways and the bond is deep and meaningful. So I'm not sure how to look at that Sun-Merc-Mars / Ven opposition.. There's a fundamental difference between a Ven-Mar conj and an opposition! The former is two people who can't take their hands off of each other whereas the latter suggests a hot/cold tug of war. One may be in the mood while the other isn't.  Always battling that pull. Except if you look at their synastry... their Mars' are in perfect trine. His Ven falls on her Ven/Mar midpoint and her Mars on his Ven/Mar! These two hardly need encouragement.. Not trying to complicate the issue but one DOES need to look at the whole picture if one is to solve such a dilemma, no?

So you see why I'm tripping over this dilemma? If I look at the opposition, it doesn't jive with the overall "feel" of the composite and the synastry whereas if I look at the conjunction of composite Sun/Ven - it seems to make more sense.

Unless these 2 lovebirds will be so lost in each other and the relationship, that the opposition forces them to find balance between the Self and the Self within a relationship? You know, interdependence vs codependence. Maybe the challenge is not to lose their own SELVES?

The synastry has a few challenging Saturn squares but nothing involving either Sun or Venus.

More thoughts?


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