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photos of both:

James Williams:
Yes, Lura, the photos of both of them are striking!  But is was Brian McNaughton that wrote that article that I posted, so they are his deductions, not mine...but they are pretty comprehensive... ;D

I may post something on the two men based on their Vedic charts...

Peter Hurkos has the Trans-Neptunian 'Poseidon', 20 Virgo sextile Neptune, trine Sun/Mercury, 19 Taurus.  Mercury/Poseidon=spiritual communications.

Tr. Mars just entered Virgo ( power + precision), the placement of Evangeline Adams' 'Poseidon' opp. Mercury.  Grant Lewi has 'Poseidon' in square, 16 Gemini.

Mars is said to 'reap' soul qualities.

Lura II:
Ray and others,

Has anyone, as Ray suggested, taken on more study of Mars in this ability?

When I reread the thread on Samuel Morse, I remember he developed his ability in mid-life, perhaps after a foundation was established, his Saturn more matured.

As one poster reminds us, that Juno is also the ability to see a pattern, as April Kent says, is a natural ability that develops as we "become ourselves through another, in marriage," Morse's wife dies, the pattern is broken, like the '23' in his chart, may intimate, the code-breaker.  He becomes like a telephone repair man, to find that 'natural rhythm' again, perhaps it's new, perhaps he needed a new response, as the 7th, is the natural response to an individual call.

What is this strange link between telegraphy and love?  It has recently, blatantly, happened to me.  Pierre Curie, saying Love is ambitious, one cannot kill it.  Now, I'm thinking of a catapulter?

Ray, what say you in your stats?  How would one find it in synastry?  Can it be done?  Would you look at my chart?


I wonder about the definition of psychic, because it is vague. There are mediums who let their bodies be taken over, and there are those who can see or hear or know because of developing themselves to do so. I have heard of those who channel to have a reddish hue, like high blood pressure, and that it is not healthy. Some can "see" some things like auras, others use a mirror to see past lives, while others can hear better than see. Some had some life lesson delivered by an ephemeral presence around the age of eight. Then there are the full-blown do-it-on-TV psychics. And there is the matter of proof, of performance in public.

I saw a TV report about a experiment with magnetic fields around the right temporal lobe that created an impression of a spirit presence. I got out my big magnet and meditated for a while with it on my head, but I didn't get anything.

If you are going to New Orleans for UAC, you might want to know psychic self-defense. I knew a psychic in New Orleans back in 1968. She was not only psychic, she knew how to use it for self-defense as well as spiritual development. It was her goal to teach others how to be psychic, because she claimed it was an ability of all humans that only needed to be developed if they knew how. She gathered psychics to train them how to use it better. That was some high magic!

Her birth data is: Genevieve Wirth August 4, 1921 5:40 PM New Orleans, LA
In her chart, Aries on the third house cusp and Mars Cancer conjunct Mercury Leo. The stellium of planets in Leo 7th House includes Sun conjunct Netune Leo, and Moon Leo. She called herself Kumi Maitreya.



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