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Cerebral Palsy
« on: February 28, 2010, 11:24:07 PM »
I noticed what I think is a remarkable coincidence in the Obituaries section of my local newspaper, The San Jose Mercury News (Feb. 24, 2010).  Two young women diagnosed their entire lives of Cerebral Palsy died within days of each other.  So I'm wondering if anyone here has any experience with this illness. 

Wikipedia says that Cerebral Palsy is usually caused by damage to the Cerebral Cortex during the pregnancy (75% of cases).  It affects Motor coordination mostly so I suppose this implicates Mercury and Mars, but Venus, Jupiter, Neptune and Pluto look more suspicious in the birth charts.

If anybody knows about prenatal astrology I'd be very grateful if you could take a look. 

I'll give birth dates and death dates below.  Both are female.  I think it's really odd that both young women died within days of each other.  I have an 8th house Moon and habitually read the Obituaries and have never seen anything like this.  Is it the Mars Rx? 

Female #1
Born Mar. 20, 1978 (place?)
Sun 30 Pisces;  Moon Leo;  NN 7 Libra Rx
Passed February 21, 2010  San Jose, CA
Sun 3 Pisces;  Moon Taurus or Aries;  NN 19 Capricorn

She's born on the Aries Point so obviously Saturn/Pluto is at work here.

Venus 14 Aries c. Mercury 18 Aries opposing Pluto 16 Libra and trining Neptune SRx 19 Sagittarius / maybe in Grand Trine with Moon in Leo
Mars out of bounds and in its fall

Female #2
born Oct. 29, 1981 (place?)
Sun 7 Scorpio;  Moon Scorpio or Sagittarius;  NN 27 Cancer

passed February 17, 2010 San Jose, CA
Sun 30 Aquarius;  Moon Aries;  NN 20 Capricorn

Venus conjunct Neptune 23 Sagittarius sextile Mercury-Jupiter-Pluto in Libra.  Jupiter and Pluto conjunct to the degree at 25 Libra.


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Re: Cerebral Palsy
« Reply #1 on: March 01, 2010, 04:45:43 AM »
In Stitches,

I don't know as much about CP, but know enough about MS for this lifetime.  As for the death of two so close together, it is not uncommon. 

I had one of those 'bell' moments, when I read two words 'mental BODY' and it sort of clicked.

The aesthetic experience, moving, when one is burdened, is very remarkable.

If you type under 'Search,' you can find a post of mine, quoting Thomas Wolfe, under Dyfrig's 'What I Mean is This...' 9/30/09.  I don't know if it's too far out there for what you are looking for.

The other post of mine re: eclipse, which may factor in here, can be found under 'Search' and crabman as key word.  When I read it, so much comes washing in.

I read the Obituaries too.