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Divorce/separation - Uranus
« on: March 22, 2012, 08:39:55 PM »
Feb.07, 2012 – time: 8.53 PM
Toronto, Canada
Regiomontanus house

Is Mr. x (my new boyfriend) looking to be serious relationship with me ?
( we are together only once a week, I do not understand and I do not like this )

Late ASC. 27 virgo 16 – saying reflect desperation of her situation.
Her ruler MERC. in 5th house , looking for love – COMBUSTION with SUN in 5th house.(SUN rules 11th house her hopes and wishes and disposit MOON in 11th house peregrine-without essential dignity) MERC weakens no power , also has no aspect with JUPITER ruler of the 7th house boyfriend

> Translation of the light aspect

MOON (acting as the flow of event ) leaving opposition to MERC., and applying square to JUPITER ruler of the 7th h. boyfriend  --- relationship soon will end

 VENUS intercepted ruler of querent apply conjunction to URANUS in 7th house.  This conjunction valid , change of sign and conjunct a few degrees after to URANUS(the planet of divorce and separation), this aspect seems FRUSTRATION to a novice , but it is change of circumstance , and/or A CHANGE OF MIND
She is the one will change of her mind about this relationship

Traditional ruler of the separation and divorce is MARS, but if URANUS on the way it does the job as well ,but here we really did not needed her help(the translation of light aspect gave us the answer)

>>> also weak reception between rulers

In conclusion;
I told my client that their relationship looks like coming to end.. and I explained some more to her(by mostly weak reception and his attitude towards her)
When I saw her next time , she told me “ I am not with him any more “


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Re: Divorce/separation - Uranus
« Reply #1 on: March 22, 2012, 08:42:25 PM »
This is the biggest horary astrological side in the Western world, the student of horary astrologers visit it time to time, compare your work with others
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When we study astrology we need the guidance of professional astrologers
As VIVIAN ROBSON  (author a famous classical book about fixed stars) says ;

“ IF instead of spending their time evolving new system of directing or inventing more hypothetical planets, a number of students would critically examine all the traditional rules and information in our possession they would be doing a most valuable service to astrology. The result of such work would be to give us an immense amount of verified information, which could act as a sound basis for future research. We should at least know that all our rules and data are correct, which is much more than we can be certain of at present.

William lilly;

He was every creative astrologer at his time , let’s read what he was saying:
“ My judgements do vary from the common rules of the ancients, from my conversation in their writing I have attained the method I follow”

LILLY studied horary astrology 3 years under the professional astrologer and he used around 5000 chart a year –No astrologer exist in the western world to reach this number. (It may be some Indian astrologers) He was the most accurate astrologer at his time. It does not matter how many years before the astrologer lived , the NEED profile of human being does not change… If we are serious practioner first we should study him, after you decide whether you are for him or against him. When we are learning astrology we need the guidance, and lead of the master astrologers.

If your way of learning is not correct , years later you will not progress and stay at the same level. Horary astrology different than natal astrology , what is the difference above webside will teach you. The deeper you go in Horary astrology, you you will notice the contradictions with different experts , what is the solutions is you have to test them with  your own charts.

I am contributing this Forum once in a while without accepting anything in return . I am just horary astrology lover and respecting N.Tyl.

Yilmaz k.

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Re: Divorce/separation - Uranus
« Reply #2 on: March 23, 2012, 04:22:32 AM »
Thank you for sharing this example Yilmaz!  :)

Recently I have been studying the horary system of Joan McEvers, and I believe she would have agreed with your conclusion.

If I am understanding McEvers correctly, I believe she would have assigned the "seriousness" of the relationship to the 7th House and its significators.

Therefore, the female querent would be signified by Mercury and the Moon, while the boyfriend/relationship would be signified by Neptune (along with Venus and Uranus since they are in the 7th House) in McEvers system.

Mercury does not aspect Neptune since Mercury is in Aquarius and Neptune is in Pisces.  Mercury also does not aspect Venus or Uranus.

Similarly, the Moon does not aspect Neptune or Uranus either.  The Moon does apply in a quincunx aspect to Venus in the 7th, thereby suggesting a serious readjustment in their relationship needs to occur if it is to progress further.

So I believe McEvers would have said, "No aspect, no action", therefore the answer to the question is "No, your new boyfriend is not looking to be in a serious relationship with you."

Thank you again Yilmaz for sharing this example!  It is interesting to learn both traditional and more modern systems of horary analysis!

"There is no step along the road that anyone takes by chance. It has already been taken by him, although he has not yet embarked on it. For time but seems to go in one direction. We undertake a journey that is over. Yet it seems to have a future still unknown to us." "  (Jesus).