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Kick Off! Serendipity
« on: June 03, 2010, 07:04:15 AM »
Oh Noel, I just love your light!  A second ago, it was 10:00 am, and I made a wish, just like one would on a New Moon.?

One hour, 6 minutes ago, in Washington, D.C. the Scripps National Spelling Bee began!  With a 'touch' of the word 'Serendipity.'  I believe so much in this word, almost as much as 'Gossamer.'  It is the 83rd event.  The girl was 14 yr old Allison Black of Ider, Alabama.

My 'Serendipity'  1 Scorpio  square my  Moon.


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Re: Kick Off! Serendipity
« Reply #1 on: June 08, 2010, 08:48:24 AM »
Anamika Veeramani, 14 yrs, won the Spelling Bee.  With the word 'STROMUHR.'

It is literally, a 'flow meter' measuring the amount and speed of bloodflow.  That is in medical terms.

Etymologically of diverse origins:

Strom=Norse, strong tides, stream, rivers

Strom=Greek, 'resting place'


Muhr=Old Persian, "In front of the worshiper, onto which the forehead is touched by prayer"

Myrrha=perfumed ointment, one of the gifts of the Wise Men

My t-square with 'Myrrha' finds its release in 'Serendipity,' 0 Scorpio

'Muirhead' conjunct my Ascendant, sesqui Uranus
'Stromholm' Rx conjunct Uranus

'Strom' conjunct Pluto-Node, opp. Sun (tr. Mars), trine Ascendant, t-square 'Psyche'

If I'm not mistaken, my soul mate, mentor, teacher is right around the corner

Mars rules the blood, or a 'harp unstrung!'