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Re: Finding the Statue Within
« on: November 09, 2010, 03:33:56 AM »
I have just finished reading the essay 'Finding the Statue Within'.  What a great essay, thank you Noel!
I often struggle with knowing what cuts to make and bringing all the information together to form a cohesive image.
When it comes to sculpting the statue I understand about starting with the broader categories ie hemisphere balance, elements etc and working toward finer details but how do you deal with debilitated major players?
For example, what if the subject's sun had been at 29 deg Scorpio and placed in a cadent house?  With the Sun being so weakened is it still an appropriate place to start refining the astrological figure?  Does the debilitation of the sun say as much as a well placed sun and to the point that this information can define a point of cutting or refining?

Any thought or opinions would be greatly appreciated.

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