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potusa chart / t saturn in libra
« on: December 18, 2010, 01:45:18 PM »
i was thinking about the transit of saturn in libra having some connection to the diplomatic leaks that have cast a certain light on the types of diplomacy that the usa has engaged in around the globe...

nov 28th appears to be the date, but i don't have a time for them..

t pluto is 3 minutes off an exact 45 degree aspect to natal pluto
t north node and axis is 2 minutes of the same aspect to natal pluto

classified info being revealed is highlighted in these transits..

t saturn is about 40 minutes off a 45 to natal ascendant
t saturn is about 16 minutes off a 45/135 to the nodal axis

i tend to see the idea of diplomacy captured in themes around libra.. saturn tends to bring out the underlying weaknesses in the same themes when it transits a particular sign.. i think this is what we have here and it is why it is coming out at this time..

t sun is 45 degrees to natal neptune
this could imply a theme where the usa is left to wonder about the potential fallout from these same leaks...

there are some other more major transits circling this particular usa chart that i happen to like and which i think defines some of the dynamics of what the usa is experiencing at this time..

there is also some 16th harmonic aspects for nov 28th that are very exact that i have not articulated here..  i continue to see the value in this particular chart for use in understanding where the usa is at and where it is going...