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USA Progressed.. War ?
« on: December 19, 2010, 02:07:56 PM »
Looking at  the POTUSA progressed chart The Moon is coming into conjunction with Mars. Near Regulus.
Mars 28-38 Leo.. Moon 28-36 Moon is within 2 minutes of arc of exact conjunction.
 Progressed Moon travels at about 13 degrees a year. about 55 minutes per month. So Exact within a day.
 The Progressed Moon Mars is squaring The USA natal  north node too.
Transiting Saturn is near that midpoint of Ascendant and N.Node.

Natal Ascendant is at 27-53  Leo with Regulus. Isn't Regulus military activity ? So progressed Moon-Mars conjunction is within a degree of USA Ascendant.
  Seems America is always at war. Looks like there is strong possibility of USA going to war very soon as things get more dangerous daily at Korea.
 The big conjunction of  Mars Mercury Pluto and Rahu recently is a strong  indicator for big trouble at Korea and may bring danger to California as well.
 There are some eclipses on the way which are not good.

Israel, Syria and Palestine may also see some warfare at this time.

I sure hope I'm wrong.
 Comments always welcome.

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Re: USA Progressed.. War ?
« Reply #1 on: December 19, 2010, 02:50:34 PM »
hi starz - predicting war is a fools game... i wouldn't worry yourself about it... boneheaded actions on the part of human beings has been a regular feature for as long as people have been on the planet.. greed seems to be one of the driving forces behind it!!!

i don't bother with progressed charts anymore.. even solar arc directions i tend to question.. then there is the complication of what chart is more relevant to use for a particular country.. going back to the idea of the leader's chart having great relevance, i would check to see what you can find in obama's personal or inauguration chart that would verify what you have found in the progressions for the potusa-1 chart.. if nothing in them, then chances are any prediction just off the one chart is wrong..

the transit of neptune to the descendant of this chart is casting a cloud over all interactions that usa is having with others at this time... whether that is the fuzzy nature of the neptune aspects in obama's chart or the t of neptune to the descendant, this is how i see things for the usa at this time..
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Re: USA Progressed.. War ?
« Reply #2 on: December 23, 2010, 11:54:11 AM »
 Richardson said " We were very close to war ".

 Todays headlines after the S Korean drill at the northern  border isn't comforting either. Kim threatens a Holy War.
 I hope things calm down.

 Hi James,  All I do is predict what I see. Sometimes I get part of the future right.  On November 13th before the N Korea fired a missile I mentioned that on Jamie Funk's website in the forum for the December Report under my name Steve.
 I also mentioned the coming  deadly events at Pakistan before they happened. This was on forum in May.
I'm  not at 50% right yet, it's a work in progress.
   I haven't looked into Solar Arc yet. Some people think it is important.
 I think we can see astrology in layers like Tropical, Sidereal ,transits, progression etc  and try to make some sense of the parts of the puzzle. If some technique is not delivering then yes ignore it. No sense in flogging a dead horse.
 I know astrologers that think the trans-Saturnian planets are useless and others that see  no use of Sidereal astrology. I try to keep an open mind.
 Months ago in the spring one astrologer mentioned to me that the Obama Neptune thing may render him ineffective in his pursuits.  In January  he loses the control of the Congress he has enjoyed as Pelosi will no longer lead the House of Congress. Democrats still maintain power in the Senate but with a few less of them.

I guess the gathering of Pluto, Mars, Mercury and Node on California chart may have been the weather and flooding. Of course Cal is bankrupt and drowning in debt which may cause unrest there.


james m

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Re: USA chart, bradley manning reality
« Reply #3 on: December 24, 2010, 11:00:11 AM »
hi steve,

i like your approach in wanting to make predictions... i especially like it when folks actually articulate the astrological reasons for their predictions.. that way i get to see and decide for myself whether i think the conclusions have much merit.... there are so many things going on around the planet at any given time there will always be plenty of room to make predictions! i still maintain it is a fools game, but astrologers sometimes like doing this.. perhaps it is the history of astrology from a long time ago to portend the direction of things... astrology has gotten bogged down in other areas - psychological and technical too, so why not predictive?

i was thinking of the potusa-1 chart and the position of saturn in pisces with jupiter/uranus in the vicinity for the past while... also this same chart has uranus/jupiter/moon in the general area of the 12th house..  i tend to think of prisons as a 12th house or sign thing... i noticed how the UN is planning on investigating the bradley manning case for an example on torture.. i am happy about that and get excited at the thought that the usa might be able to get out from the gulag dynamic it seems to have cultivated...
here is a quote from the above article : The U.S. is one of the world's most prolific practitioners of prolonged solitary confinement: unsurprising given that it enjoys the distinction of being the world's largest Prison State and the Western world's most merciless one.  As NPR noted in 2006, there are roughly 25,000 prisoners in the U.S. kept in those conditions.  But the vast, vast majority of them -- unlike Manning -- have actually been convicted of crimes.  It is very rare (though, when it comes to Muslims accused of Terrorism, by no means unheard of) for these conditions to be imposed on people who have yet to be convicted of anything and never posed any threat to prison security.  Prolonged solitary confinement is inhumane, horrendous and gratuitous even when applied to those convicted of heinous crimes, but the fact that it's being done to Manning here in order to "persuade" him to offer incriminating statements against WikiLeaks and Julian Asange makes it particularly repellent.

As is true for so much of what it does, the U.S. Government routinely condemns similar acts<<

i think about the usa - potusa-1 chart in light of these dynamics and look for a time when a change will happen... the uranus transit to natal 12th house uranus in this chart is certainly one possibility... the t of uranus/jupiter in the vicinity of natal saturn in pisces in what i consider the 8th house is suggestive of this same possibility... perhaps the horrendous treatment of bradley manning can be a beginning of sorts... i had hoped the gitmo example would have been an opportunity for the usa to redeem the prison state it seems to like to cultivate by having the rest of the world expressing disfavor over this but it hasn't been enough... it seems the usa has become inoculated by the corporate media into considering these types positions it holds regularly...

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Re: USA Progressed.. War ?
« Reply #4 on: December 24, 2010, 01:12:50 PM »
 Bradley  Manning is in deep trouble. I hope they don't hang him.
 America is strange place with several different realities all going on at the same time.
 There have been a number of suicides at GITMO. They should at least give them a trial. Neither Iraq nor Afghanistan attacked America. The Taliban is oppressive. They did stop human trafficing and opium production. Those things have now resumed  full tilt in Afghanistan.
 When Mars was at super  perigee in August 2003 it aligned with Iraq. The war had started months before the arrival of Mars but pointed to the region.
  I think predictions can be helpfull sometimes. Richard Nolle predicted the first World Trade Towers attack in NYC in 93. He did this on national TV a month before it happened. He was off by 2 weeks. All kinds of things can be predicted that can warn people of danger and financial danger. Of course Lilly almost went to the gallows for predicting the Fire of London.

The eclipse on the 21st did touch midpoints in Israel's chart. Other transits over the year look agitating too. Could be more trouble for that area. Region looks super dangerous.
 . . ..  The Sun and Moon on the January 4th solar eclipse will square the natal Mars of the POTUSA  chart, so the progressed Moon and Mars are not the only things suggesting marshal agitation for the USA.
Korea and the Middle East are unstable, lets hope no one does something crazy.

james m

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Re: USA Progressed.. War ?
« Reply #5 on: December 25, 2010, 10:20:42 PM »
steve, the usa is in deep trouble as i see it... the approach towards those in gitmo and bradley manning point to this... the public response or lack is another indication... the corporate medias role seems to aid and abet negligence as well.. i don't think it bodes well for other countries that put stock in the usa either, and i am thinking of countries like canada, australia and great britian when i say this...

accountability will never go out of fashion..