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Re: Syria/ Bashar al-Assad
« Reply #45 on: September 12, 2014, 05:14:07 AM »
Thank you, but the pic. I use are on my PC, NOT ON THE INTERNET...

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Re: Syria/ Bashar al-Assad
« Reply #46 on: September 12, 2014, 01:52:04 PM »
Hi Gaby,

I've been looking at different options today and think that for me, the best option to upload an attachment when not using the IMG button, was using Photoshop. If I have the image on my desktop and it's a full screen-sized image, and also being in any format such as JPG or PNG, then I just open it in photoshop; then I immediately select the option "Save for Web". I then save it to my desktop and use that file for the attachment to my post.

The nice thing is that you get a screen telling you how big the file is and you can also adjust the quality of the saved file and so, reduce the file size if needed.

Usually, it keeps it at the same dimensions and reduces the file size by a lot! Well within the allowable limit as well.

So other than Photoshop, I'm not sure what other options you would have for saving a file that is on your computer and reducing its file size.

Hope this helps...


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Re: Syria/ Bashar al-Assad
« Reply #47 on: September 12, 2014, 08:45:19 PM »
Dear Maz,
thank you for your patience.
I use SnagIt to save pictures.
I saw now, there is a possibility to "resize" - let me see if it will load

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Re: Syria/ Bashar al-Assad
« Reply #48 on: September 13, 2014, 01:54:34 AM »
Hello Maz, Gaby13,

Yes, the image needs to have an URL (as I mentioned), which means that it has to be on some server somewhere...

If the image is attached, it takes up space on Noel's server, subject to space constraints (not an issue, usually) and is thumbnailed at the bottom of the post.

If the image is linked, it takes up no space on Noel's server and can be included inline in the message...

My methodology is to have the graphic in Xara Designer (my "art program of choice") and to save as a .png file.  This file is quickly put on my server, using Filezilla and is basically one quick drag-n-drop!   When on a forum, I only have to list the web address and click the Insert Image button.  Now, the graphic will show up (in the post) exactly WHEREVER I put it, which allows the discussion relating to the image to be with the image itself.  If you're making several points, or have several charts, this makes it infinitely clearer...

If later I decide that I want to dress-up the graphic with highlighting (or some other notation, etc.), then I only have to reupload the graphic to my server... everyone who subsequently pulls up the post, will see it with the new graphic automatically.

...and it allows for personal touches.   ;)

P.S.  Thank you, Maz, for the further explanation and example!

P.P.S.  Perhaps you recognize the "Astro-Wizard" featured below?    ;)

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Re: Syria/ Bashar al-Assad
« Reply #49 on: September 14, 2014, 01:52:47 PM »
... The light freeway:  :)

1 - Register free at:

2 - Browse the image in your PC or Mac. Resize it (or not). Create a new Gallery (or not). Select "FAMILY safe". Upload the image. Click "Copy to Clipboard" from the second link (the "Direct Link").

3 - Click the image icon at the Noel Tyl Forum. Click and past the "Direct Link" inside. Example: [image]yourdirectlink[/image].

Once you're registered, you may prefer to simply download the free pc desktop app (for Windows) from

Run it and choose "Settings", from the app, to get your API key. Always select "Direct Link" to "Copy to Clipboard" and past inside (as point 3, above).


A great and light software for image editing is:

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Re: Syria/ Bashar al-Assad
« Reply #50 on: September 14, 2014, 08:31:34 PM »
thank you very much !!


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Re: Syria/ Bashar al-Assad
« Reply #51 on: February 08, 2016, 08:41:21 AM »
I worked again on Bashar al-Assad's chart. My new rectification is for 06.10.48 EEDT Asc 16Vir24 .
Sun, Pluto and Uranus are right on his Asc, in opposition to Saturn and Moon. Jupiter in 10th 120 Venus. Mercury, MC ruler, in 12th. I think this chart reflect him much better.


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Re: Syria/ Bashar al-Assad
« Reply #52 on: February 17, 2016, 11:45:58 AM »
33°,31'05,0  N                       
35°,17'35,6 E                         
Rectified birth time: 06h,12m22s5 am
Timezone + 2h,00m00s

G.M.T.   : 04h,12m23s

Sun conjunct Ascendant 21 Scorpio; Draconis conjunct IC 29 Aquarius; Moon conjunct Pars Frt 19 Taurus; Mercurius conjunct Neptunus 1 Sagittarius.

Progressive aspects and transits March and April 2011.:

1-March-2011  017°,40'42  Libra.   Moon   30   mutual  Ven
1-March-2011  -10°,34'52            Mars   //        C-12   transit
2-March-2011  013°,05'04  Capricornus   Merc  135        MC
2-March-2011  008°,08'09 Aries      Jup    45        AR02   transit
3-March-2011  006°,23'37  Pisces    Mars   30        Chiron   transit
6-March-2011  029°,01'44  Aquarius   Nep   150        Plu
7-March-2011  015°,50'42  Libra   Sat    30        Ven   transit
10-March-2011  012°,29'17  Pisces     Mars  135        C-12
15-March-2011  000°,14'43 Capricornus   Sun   30        Nep
15-March-2011  000°,14'52 Capricornus   Sun     *  SPICULUM      (MARS   - MOON  )
15-March-2011  000°,12'00  Aries     Ura   120        Merc   transit
15-March-2011  015°,50'42  Pisces    Mars  120        Ven   transit
16-March-2011  000°,14'43  Aries     Ura   120        Nep   transit
16-March-2011  000°,15'16  Aries     Ura   180        C-11   transit
16-March-2011  015°,14'43  Libra   Sat    45        Nep   transit
17-March-2011  017°,20'27  Pisces    Mars  120        Jup   transit
17-March-2011  -12°,08'29            Nep     #        MC   transit
17-March-2011  015°,12'00  Libra   Sat    45        Merc   transit
17-March-2011  011°,39'42  Aries     Jup   180        Ura   transit
18-March-2011  000°,15'16 Capricornus   Sun    90        C-11
18-March-2011  018°,36'20  Pisces    Mars   60        Pars   transit
19-March-2011  015°,04'12  Libra.   Sat     0        Mars   transit
20-March-2011  020°,11'22  Pisces    Mars   90        C--2   transit
20-March-2011  020°,22'31  Pisces    Mars  120        Sun   transit
20-March-2011  020°,23'03  Pisces    Mars  120        Asc   transit
21-March-2011  +03°,59'49            Jup     #        Ura   transit
23-March-2011  -03°,59'49            Mars   //        Ura   transit
23-March-2011  013°,05'04  Aries     Jup   135        MC    transit
24-March-2011  023°,23'07  Pisces    Mars   60        C--3   transit
25-March-2011  013°,32'42  Aries     Jup    45        Drac   transit
26-March-2011  000°,50'42  Aries     Ura   135        Ven   transits
27-March-2011  006°,23'37  Aries     Sun    0        Chiron   transit
28-March-2011  018°,35'48 Libra   Moon  150        Moon
29-March-2011  018°,36'20 Libra   Moon  150        Pars
31-March-2011  -11°,58'58            Nep    //        Drac   transit
31-March-2011  015°,04'12  Aries    Jup   180        Mars   transit

1-Apr-2011  +04°,57'44            Jup     #        Mars   transit
1-Apr-2011  015°,12'00  Aries      Jup   135        Merc   transit
1-Apr-2011  015°,14'43  Aries     Jup   135        Nep   transit
4-Apr-2011  015°,50'42  Aries     Jup   150        Ven   transit
4-Apr-2011  -00°,06'04            Mars   //        C-11   transit
6-Apr-2011  003°,35'48  Aries     Mars   45        Moon   transit
6-Apr-2011  003°,36'20  Aries     Mars   45        Pars   transit
6-Apr-2011  000°,04'12  Pisces    Nep   135        Mars   transit
7-Apr-2011  004°,01'25  Aries     Mars   45        Sat   transit
8-Apr-2011  013°,32'42  Libra   Sat   135        Drac   transit
8-Apr-2011  016°,59'16  Aries    Jup    45        AR06   transit
9-Apr-2011  005°,22'31  Aries     Mars  135        Sun   transit
9-Apr-2011  005°,23'03  Aries      Mars  135        Asc   transit
10-Apr-2011  019°,01'25 Libra.   Moon  150        Sat
10-Apr-2011  017°,20'27  Aries      Jup   150        Jup   transit
10-Apr-2011  006°,23'37 Aries     Mars    0        Chiron   transit
11-Apr-2011  000°,12'00  Pisces     Nep    90        Merc   transit
13-Apr-2011  000°,14'43 Pisces     Nep    90        Nep   transit
13-Apr-2011  000°,15'16 Pisces    Nep   150        C-11   transit
14-Apr-2011  013°,05'04  Libra   Sat    45        MC    transit
14-Apr-2011  +00°,06'04            Ura     #        C-11   transit
15-Apr-2011  018°,35'48 Aries      Jup    30        Moon   transit
15-Apr-2011  018°,36'20  Aries     Jup    30        Pars   transit
16-Apr-2011  001°,59'16  Aries      Ura    60        AR06   transit
17-Apr-2011  019°,01'25 Aries     Jup    30        Sat   transit
17-Apr-2011  +03°,59'49            Mars    #        Ura   transit
19-Apr-2011  013°,05'04  Aries      Mars  135        MC    transit
19-Apr-2011  013°,05'04  Aries     Mars  135        MC    transit
20-Apr-2011  019°,44'22  Aries      Jup   135        AR07   transit
21-Apr-2011  015°,04'12  Aries      Mars  180        Mars   transit
21-Apr-2011  015°,12'00  Aries     Mars  135        Merc   transit
21-Apr-2011  015°,14'43 Aries      Mars  135        Nep   transit
22-Apr-2011  020°,11'22  Aries     Jup   120        C--2   transit
22-Apr-2011  020°,22'31  Aries      Jup   150        Sun   transit
22-Apr-2011  020°,23'03  Aries     Jup   150        Asc   transit
23-Apr-2011  002°,20'27  Aries     Ura   135        Jup   transit
23-Apr-2011  002°,20'59  Aries     Ven   135        AR08   transit
23-Apr-2011  012°,26'11  Libra   Sat    90        Black Sun   transit
28-Apr-2011  001°,41'34 Sagittarius   Nep     0   mutual  C-12
28-Apr-2011  020°,11'22  Aries     Mars  120        C--2   transit
28-Apr-2011  020°,22'31  Aries     Mars  150        Sun   transit
28-Apr-2011  020°,23'03  Aries    Mars  150        Asc   transit


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Re: Syria/ Bashar al-Assad
« Reply #53 on: February 18, 2016, 05:34:24 AM »
The horoscope of Bashar al Assad  rectified as 2.10.00 hrs am; timezone + 3 hrs.

Ascendant 27 Cancer; C-11 21 Taurus opposite Syria Ascendant and Sun 21 Scorpio; Saturnus 14 Pisces conjunct C-9 14 Pisces; Moon 18 Pisces ruler Ascendant trine Syria Jupiter 18 Scorpio; Sun 19 Virgo trine Syria Moon and Pars 19 Taurus etc.

MC 15 Aries.