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Interested in Golden Section Astrology Again

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Barbara Ybarra:
Hi Glaucus:

And now that you know what golden section aspects are in your chart, what can you deduce from that?  My understanding of the golden section measurement in nature, including any stamp in the solar system and beyond, is that it somehow resonates with an overall creative energy force (call it God or call it accident), and does not therefore pertain to man's inability to live sustainably or peacefully within nature….like the fourth harmonic measurement does.  To me, the glyph that represents Earth, the circle with the cross in it, reminds us that we have indeed "fallen from grace" (as beautiful as it sometimes seems here), and we must evolve into beings that do resonant with the golden measurements. That is why we build temples and such with those measurements, to represent our highest aspirations.  If we had enough golden mean aspects in our charts we would be like the happy pineapples and sea creatures and have no need for astrology.  I'm saying I can see the fascination of the numbers and all, but what is it for?

Perhaps using those numbers in weather or earthquake predictions could be useful?

Barbara Ybarra

If you actually read my posts, you would see that I am not just fascinated with the numbers.
I am also fascinated with the golden section aspect triangles and their corresponding midpoint pictures in the charts which points to them being of the same harmonic.
I am fascinated with the Geometry,and that's relevant.  After all, Modern Astrology is based on Geometry.  Cosmobiology and Uranian Astrology are heavily based on Geometry. Heck..Magi Astrology is too.

Dr. Theodor Landscheidt used Golden Section Aspects in the natal charts of people.
A matter of fact, in his article on geocentric planetary nodes, he mentioned golden section aspects in the charts of JFK and Adolf Hitler.

He just interpreted the aspects by their planetary symbolism.   That's why he used COSI (Combination Of Stellar Influences) interpretations for the aspects.
I have deduced what my golden section aspects are. I understand what my own golden section aspects mean, and I gave basic intepretations for them based on the planetary symbolism in the way that Dr. Theodor Landscheidt did.

There hasn't been an astrologer that mentioned golden section aspect triangles , and that they have corresponding midpoint pictures.
The Golden Section Aspects obviously share a harmonic, and I am curious what it is.

I don't see why the Golden Section Aspects can't be important in Natal Astrology interpretation, especailly when they are vary narrow orbs and/or involved in Golden Section Triangles which have corresponding midpoint pictures. They seem to work with transits.   They may work with return charts.

In 2008, I had first developed an interest in Golden Section aspects. That when I discovered that they can form golden section triangles that have corresponding midpoint pictures.
I looked at the natal charts of people. I also looked at events.

I also did a little experiment on them with people at Linda Goodman forum in 2008.
Any ways...I believe that Golden Section aspects are worth looking into.

If you google Golden Section Aspect, you will find a lot of posts that I did on them in 2008.

Maybe my Midheaven and Moon in golden section aspect to Uranus indicate my interest in Golden Section Aspects. My Venus in golden section to Uranus in Golden Section aspect too. I had a double whammy Venus-Uranus golden section transit when I got interested in Golden Section Aspects again a few days ago. Those aspects could be good for Astrology and innovation in general. I even have Earth-Uranus-Haumea golden section triangle in my Heliocentric chart.
Maybe my Mercury in golden section aspect to Pluto with 1 minute orb can be good for research,investigation of Golden Section aspects. Of course, it can be an indicator for researcher,investigator in general.

Interestingly,  my Mercury is both in golden section aspect to Pluto with 1 minute orb and sextile Geocentric South Pluto Node with 3 minute orb.
My Midheaven is in both golden section aspect to Uranus with 22 minute orb and oppose Geocentric South Uranus Node with 50 minute orb.
Dr. Theodor Landscheidt was  pioneer of both Golden Section Astrology and Geocentric Planetary Node Astrology.

I don't know if you understood.  I was putting emphasis on golden section aspects if they are within small orbs or involved Golden Section triangles.

For example
in my chart,  the golden section aspects that are within small orb that I'd focus on are:

Mercury 137.51 Pluto - '01 (very strong)
mental processes,thoughts,communications combine with transformation,power,evolutionary intensification

Mars 158.75 Haumea - '00 (very strong)
assertion,passion,physical drive combine with creativity,fertility,female reproduction,evolutionary intensification

Sun 34.38 Pluto - '06 (strong)
ego,self expression,vitality combine with transformation,power,evolutionary intensification

Midheaven 124.38 Uranus - '19 (strong)
aim in life/roots combine with independence,innovation,change

Moon 137.51 Uranus - '22 (strong)
emotional nature,feelings,instincts combine with independence,innovation,change

Ascendant 68.75 Venus - '24 (strong)
persona/relationships combine with love,relationships,value systems

I had the following transits when I got interested in Golden Section Astrology again

Transiting Uranus 132.49 My Venus - '01 applying
Transiting Venus 132.49 My Uranus - '00

both golden section aspects, and the same specific golden section aspect

Therefore, it can't be just a mere coincidence. It's definitely meaningful synchronicity.

Theodor Landscheidt happened to have Mercury in golden section aspect to his Venus which also conjunct his Sedna.  Therefore, his Mercury in golden seciton aspect to Venus-Sedna conjunction
His Mercury happen to trine the asteroid,Fibonacci under 1 degree too.

I have Mercury sextile Fibonacci under 1 degree myself, and Fibonnaci is conjunct my Geocentric North Venus actually my Mercury sextile Fibonnaci-Geocentric North Venus Node.

I also have a Mercury-Sedna aspect like Landsheidt, but mine involves the 11th harmonic. It's involved in an 11th harmonic isosceles trapezoid with Saturn and Uranus.
Zane Stein said the 11th harmonic has to do with social consciousness.  David Colchrane said that 11th harmonic has to do with instability,rebelliousness.  Adze compared 11th harmonic to Aquarius,Uranus. He said that it had to do with technology,computers.

I also posted in this thread about Divergent Astrology fan page's  Golden Section Aspects including the Golden Section Triangles which have corresponding midpoint pictures.  The Moon,Neptune,Quaoar is the most significant one of all.  It's the largest triangle, and it's a direct midpoint picture of Quaoar conjunct Moon/Neptune midpoint.

I also posted in this thread about my current Solar Return chart which has a Golden Section Triangle, and it's a big one... It consists of Sun-Venus,Moon,and Neptune/ It has a corresponding midpoint picture of Sun-Venus oppose Moon/Neptune.

I don't know why you were remarking about only my natal chart.  

I listed other examples besides my Natal chart, and I didn't just list golden section aspects. I listed Golden Section triangles.

I also approached Golden Section aspects the way Theodor did.   He didn't put any emphasis on the angle. He put emphasis on only the objects involved with the aspect.  It's the same thing that Cosmobiologists do.
Theodor wasn't into Mainstream Astrology. He seemed to be in support of Cosmobiology instead.  

heck...Noel Tyl Astrology includes midpoint pictures, and that's a big part of Cosmobiology too.   The use of solar arc with midpoints is part of Cosmobiology too.

any ways....I will agree to disagree.

I find Theodor's books,  Sun-Earth-Man and Cosmic Cybernetics to be really good.

Barbara Ybarra:
Hi Glaucus:

The reference I made to your own chart was just a way of asking…."and what does it all mean?" I clearly saw that you were not only speaking of yourself. It's ok with me that you study those aspects even if you never apply them, and I wasn't saying that you did it out of some wierd fascination of numbers; I was saying that I was fascinated.  I have said before on this forum that your work is valuable.  You post many examples of the numbers of golden section aspects and little speculation as to what it all might mean.  Maybe it's not your aim right now to go there, or maybe you are more of a collector of the facts. Nothing wrong with that.  I was just asking in case you had something in mind that you had not verbalized.  You didn't address what I said about the golden section aspects being related to the harmony of creation as opposed to the disharmony of some other aspects.  I suppose trines are more like the golden section aspects.  Quintiles seem to have the same flavor as golden section aspects.  Maybe they are related to our individual creativity like quintiles are.  I have nothing against numbers.  I just took a math class and I am now interested in solving puzzles with matrixes and geometrical patterns.  Playing with numbers is a third house task, applying it to life in broader terms is a ninth house task.  Just asking.  No need to answer if its not your thing.

Barbara Ybarra

Barbara Ybarra:
Glaucas:  P.S.:  When you say that the aspects are "just interpreted according to the planetary symbolism", is that saying that it does not really matter that it is a golden section aspect but that the important thing is that there is contact between the two planets?

Barbara Ybarra

Hello Glaucas: (Raymond)

I found your post on golden sections, interesting...but a bit hard to follow.. What is the difference between a 'golden section' and a 'critical degree.'   They seem like they are similar in intent...?

Next question, what weight do we give golden sections in the overall pecking order of the natal chart...

For example, are they deemed, secondary influences or primary influences...

Next question, can golden sections be applied to mundane and horary events, has anyone ever tried it ?

And last question, do golden sections apply to everyone, or only to neurodiverse individuals...

looking forward to your responses...


R.J.  Smith


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