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Re: Congressman Anthony Weiner
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Hi Elisabeth, I have Isaac's program but i use his program mainly for family members such as mom and dad since I know multiple events for them and Isac's program works best if you have 10 or more events.
    For Anthony Weiner I didnt use Polaris.  I use the person's name and see whether his name suggest mutable, cardinal or fixed angles.
I got this technique from Dell Horoscope magazines.  The name Anthony or Tony is analysed thus:  T resonates to Pisces, O resonates to Scorpio, N resonates to Virgo, Y resonates to Capricorn.  So we see that Tony has 2 mutable letters, thus suggesting to me that his angles are Mutable.  Letters also resonate to certain planets.  The letter O is Scorpio or Pluto.   His face which is triangular suggested I should try Virgo as his Ascendant, thus putting Pluto nearby it.   Then I selected 1 event, his brother's death and put it in a biwheel, natal inside and transits outside.  I noticed tr Pluto ruler of 3rd Brothers was near the IC or 4th on Endings.  So I rotated his natal chart until Trans Pluto exactly conjuncted the IC.  This gave me his IC and also his Ascendant.  I used the other 3 events to verify if this was the correct chart.  This method I have perfected and works quite well.  See my rectification for the criminal Bulger under Famous postings.  James Whitey Bulger, James gives J= Sagitarrius, A= Aries, M= Cancer, E= Gemin, S= Capricorn.  So his name is mostly Cardinal letters, therefore his angles should be Cardinal, i.e Aries, Cancer, Capricorn.  I chose Cancer Asc because his white hair and nickname "Whitey" resonate to CANCER.  I did not need Starkman's Polaris program 'cuz I did not have enough events and this was a simpler way.
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