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Meryl Streep
« on: February 28, 2012, 11:26:08 PM »
Meryl Streep is considered by many movie reviewers to be the greatest living film actress. She has been nominated for the Academy Award an astonishing 17 times, and has won it three times. So far, only Katharine Hepburn won 4 Academy Awards for Best Actress.
I rectified her chart to 22 June 1949 08.00.00 EDT Asc 1Leo45.
Heliocentric Venus rising in Leo conjunct Pluto, ruler of 5th, exact sextile to Neptune (20' to helio Neptune), square to 10th house Moon and trine MC. Venus square to MC, Neptune 180 MC.
Helio Mercury conjunct Jupiter and Desc, trine Mercury and Mars (ruler of 10th) and forming grand trine with Neptune in Airy sign- her ability to imitate foreign and domestic accents is well known.
Helio Mars, ruler of 10th and 5th, is exactly 180 5th cusp (orb 6') and trine helio Jupiter (orb 50')  
In her Epoch (28 Sep 1948  1.43.44 EST Asc 15Leo32') Again, Venus (ruler of MC) and Pluto rising in Leo, trine Jupiter. Helio Jupiter trine MC and sextile Mercury.  Helio Venus in 10th sextile Moon and trine Sun (orb 6').
With such wonderful Radix and Epoch, no wonder for her phenomenal success.
Read an interesting article:" Streep Wise: How Streep Exhibits All Nineteen of Maslow's Personality Trait".

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Re: Meryl Streep
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Big fan of Meryl Streep here, so thanks for bringing her up, Isaac.  I was hoping for her to win an oscar for her role in Doubt a few years back, and was very happy she got one this year, although I haven't yet seen The Iron Lady.  Margaret Thatcher has a 13 Scorpio Saturn which forms a t-square with Meryl's Moon-Pluto unit.  I am wondering if Meryl suffered any of those stomach issues she is prone to while entering another person's "gut". 

 tr Neptune just arrived opposite Meryl's natal Saturn, along with her SA Sun and Uranus….almost.  Her Saturn rules her 5th.  One more degree will be exact.  I'm thinking directing. 

I am always impressed with Meryl's communication skills off-camera.  Her powerful Mercury in Gemini conjunct Mars has her constantly improving her choice of words and intonation in order to convey her meaning.  I hope she also includes directing in her life.  It is so important that a director be able to convey to the actors what precisely is needed in a scene. 

But really, she's done enough already.  Take a rest, Meryl. 

Barbara Ybarra 

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Re: Meryl Streep
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Cheers to actress Meryl Streep, an exceptional film star - with her Sun-Uranus-12th House Cusp at AP!  A master craftswoman, this combo receives a natal sextile from Saturn in Virgo.   

Personally I hope she continues to defy the odds against older actresses in Hollywood, and carries on the Christopher Plummer tradition of an Oscar at age 84.  :)