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Dinah Shore
« on: February 29, 2012, 02:13:09 AM »
On this day in 1916, American singer, actress, and television personality, Dinah Shore, was born...

The Pisces MC leads to Neptune, which contacts Jupiter (7) and the Moon (2).  Neptune is disposited by the Sun (3), and they are in mutual reception.  The Sun contacts the MC and Saturn {8).  Saturn contacts the MC and Pluto (6).  AP Pluto contacts the MC, Uranus (9), and Venus (5, 12).  Oriental and final dispositor Uranus contacts chart ruler Mercury (4).  Mercury contacts Mars (11), Venus contacts the Nodes, and there are 3 quintiles and 3 biquintiles.

Thus, the Communicating channel, the Performing channel, the Creative Expression channel, the Helping channel, and the Administration channel are all implicated...

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Re: Dinah Shore
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I rectified her chart to 11.36.32 CST Asc 24Gem25'.
Helio Venus rising sextile Venus, ruler of 5th (orb 54') and trine Uranus.
Helio Jupiter 180 cusp 5th, Jupiter 30 MC (orb 35') and trine Neptune, ruler of 10th.
In her Epoch (29 May 1915 19.46.36 CST Asc 20Sag22'), Helio Mercury conjunct MC, trine Uranus. MC trine Sun orb 5'! Helio Venus, ruler of 10th conjunct Jupiter in 3rd- immense success in her TV career.