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Sinking of the Titanic
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Hi there,

An interesting story regarding a possible cause for the sinking of the Titanic..


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Re: Sinking of the Titanic
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An even better article has to do with the possibility that the Titanic was NOT the Titanic, but was her sister ship (Olympic), fraudulently renamed after it ran into another boat (they needed the Olympic to sink in order to collect insurance money). I have now attached the full article, written by Kerry Baidin (

Here is a part of it, just to whet your appetite.

There has been a conspiracy theory for years, believed by many experts, that the Titanic was switched with her sister ship the Olympic, and it was really the Olympic that hit the iceberg and sank in the North Atlantic. Recently this conspiracy might have been confirmed by the pictures of the sunken vessel at the bottom of the Atlantic.

J.P. Morgan knew the cost for repairing the Olympic was out of the question after she sustained major damage when the HSM Hawk (a British warship) punched an enormous hole in her side on September 20, 1911.  The White Star insurers declined to pay for the damage because the government’s final report indicated that the government vessel was not at fault.  So what to do?  It is at this point that an unbelievable deception of such magnitude began that it cost the lives of some 1,507 people.  

The Olympic and the Titanic were identical sister ships.  It would have been an easy switch because both ships were always at the same dock, the only place that could house the world’s largest vessels. A small crew within a weekend could exchange whatever was personal to each ship. This damaged ship would then have an accident and sink at sea.  A plan would be put into place to have another vessel called the Californian move to a location and wait for the Captain of the Titanic to send up emergency red/white flares and this ship would rescue the people on-board.  Then the White Star Lines would collect the insurance on the Titanic, which of course was the Olympic, which was damaged beyond repair to be safe.  History tells us an unfortunate different outcome.

Since the Titanic has been located in her resting place at the bottom of the Atlantic they have made some discoveries.  Over the years, the outer coat of paint has degraded showing that the ship’s hull had a gray undercoat (the Olympic had a gray undercoat, the Titanic did not).  There were many other interesting findings in the report and even a new movie that reveals many details.  But the one most compelling and gripping bit of evidence is that the White Star Lines had engraved in 4 foot high lettering the name of each vessel on the bow.  The Titanic at the bottom of the Atlantic had some iron letters saying Titanic bolted to her bow and two of the letters had dropped off revealing two letters engraved into the side of the ship M and P (Olympic).

Hi there,

An interesting story regarding a possible cause for the sinking of the Titanic..


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