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Unrequited teenaged love
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(From the files of R.J. Smith, using Placidus Houses and the horary rules of Barbara Watters, including the 150 degree aspect (inconjunction) as a "major" horary aspect).

A young woman recently approached this writer, in person, about a love horary question (Sunday, April 8th, 2012, 8:14 pm).

She told me that she had a "crush" on some guy she had met at school.

I knew very little else about the proposed male suitor.

Since this was her first horary astrology experience, I helped her formulate the question (something that I encourage other astrologers to do, as well, especially if the querent happens to be a young kid?)

Will M. have a love relationship with S. in the next 30 days  ?

(chart enclosed)


We drew a chart for the time of the question asked...

In these types of charts, the querent is always ruled by the 1st house.

The proposed lover is ruled by the 7th house.

The answer is: " no, you won't have a love relationship with "S."

Scorpio is rising and symbolized by Mars in Virgo (retrograde).

The radix Moon in Scorpio is also in the 1st house and is trine radical Mercury in Pisces. The querent is a young teenaged girl who happens to be very intelligent (Mercury rules young people). She is currently an honour role student...and attends middle school.

a) Although Mars is angular, the querent's ruler is particularly frought with tension and Mars is square the Moon's nodes, at 6 sagittarius/Gemini, while Mars makes no applying aspect with Venus, ruler of the 7th house.

b) Mars is also applying to an opposition (180 degree aspect) with Neptune in Pisces (ruler of the querent's 5th house of love), so she could be subject to deception from the potential partner, or she could even be self-deceived in matters of love ?

c) In any event, a grand cross involving radix Mars is highly contentious and weakens any chance of a serious relationship...I very carefully pointed out to querent that she might suffer from some anxiety issues regarding dating and that she should take it slow, as she tends to be a perfectionist (as symbolized by radix Mars in Virgo?).

d) She acknowledged that dating did made her nervous and that she only began dating last year...

e) Meanwhile, 28 degrees of Pisces is on the cusp of the querent's 5th house, meaning the matter is not only  "too late" to be asked, but is conjunct the malevolent fixed star Scheat , indicating misfortune, in general.

There were other qualities about Scheat that I (deliberately) did not mention to the querent !

f) The 7th house represents the potential new lover. Note that Jupiter and Venus both occupy the 7th house while Jupiter (ruling foreign people) is near the descendant.

g) I casually noted that the potential male boyfriend was likely of foreign or immigrant origin...She was stunned to hear her potential mate comes from a Vietnamese-Canadian family !

h) With Jupiter in the radix 7th, I predicted that the potential mate might also come from a particularly wealthy family...and with Venus in Gemini, sextile Uranus in Aries, he is likely very handsome...and popular...among his peers...

I) I further mentioned that with Jupiter, there, he might also come across as a bit arrogant and/or cocky, with an unhealthy sense of personal entitlement ! LOL

All of these observations struck an immediate, affirmative cord with the querent....who admitted that the analysis confirmed her own personal intuition and fears about the male in question.

Ending the horary session on a high note

In spite of the negative answer to the querent's question, a horary analyst always tries to offer hope for the future, especially where young people are involved..

In horary astrology, everything is connected to or stems from the natal chart.

I told the querent that, in spite of the relationship not working to her satisfaction, her natal chart and progressions showed great potential for find true and lasting love, one day, and that she should use this teenaged period for building meaningful relationships, while also keeping her options open...

For example, avoid the Sun in Virgo habit of being too much of a snob... ?

Curiously, the querent tried to pin me down on a time frame for finding  "true love" and I was very frank... I told her that I had not had the time to study the progressed chart and to make some predictions from her natal chart. And also, that... a teenager need not fret about those things, either...but then, she never asked me about when she would find love, either ? However, I gave some approximate times for some future life events...And therefore, seeds of hope were hopefully planted...

The bottom line ? We read a horary chart for a teenager differently, than for a 30 or 40 year old woman...

Other considerations:

The radix Moon in Scorpion's last aspect was an inconjunction (150 degree aspect) with Sun in Aries in the 5th house. I told her that this likely signified a previous young male relationship that suddenly went sour and that the breakup happened, three weeks or three months ago !

Much to my complete surprise, I was told by the querent that that was exactly the case... (3 weeks!)


Astrologer meets client and determines whether there is suitable mental intent (mens rea) as well as (actus rea) (i.e. client has the physical means to actually carry out the ambition or question asked. Does client have an emotional stake in the question asked.

Does the chart speak "loud and clear" about the current situation of the querent and the other parties involved. Does it corroborate the reality of the situation, or... is the chart full of sh*t ? This is a technique called "proving the chart," whereby the ruler of the ascendant and/or the house(s) representing the matter must be making a significant connection.  If NOT, then issues surrounding mental intent or emotional stake of the querent must be raised ?

The chart is built and we then determine whether the chart is radical (or fit to be judged?) or strictured against judgement ( ie not fit to be read).

The querent is assigned a proper house that would best represent him or her.  Chart is turned, if necessary. The house ruling the matter is then assigned, as are houses for third parties.

Answer is finally delineated through the aspects, the planet's position in the chart, the Moon's nodes, the condition of the house ruling the ascendant, the conditon of the house ruling the matter, the condition of the radix Moon, chart conditions relative to the natal chart, etc. (yes or no, time frame, direction, if applicable).

The original question cannot be re-asked, again, for at least six months to one year, unless the original question was capped for a certain time period (recomended).

Avoid questions of a whimsical, impractical, or egotistical nature.

yours in horary analysis,

R.J. Smith

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Re: Unrequited teenaged love
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