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Rectified horoscope Abraham Lincoln.
« on: November 13, 2012, 02:39:56 AM »

I rectified yesterday the horoscope of Abraham Lincoln.

Abraham Lincoln was born on sunday 12 february 1809 at sunrise.

Rectified birthtime : 06h,59m15s5

 +37°,32'08,4    N                   
 -85°,44'02,5   W                     
Timezone + 05h,42m56s

Moon and Pars frt 28 degrees Capricornus conjunct USA Pluto ruler Ascendant.

Sun 24 degrees Aquarius conjunct Ascendant 24 degrees Aquarius.

MC 9 degrees Sagittarius. etc.

Some examples:

Surrender General Lee:

9-Apr-1865 027°,33'03 Libra Sat 90 Pars frt.   Transit

Murder Abraham Lincoln:

15-Apr-1865 008°,41'13 Aries Nep 120 MC    transit

Progressive aspects according the Gieles minus 1 system.

Mother died:

5-Oct-1818  006°,41'39 Pisces    Asc    90        Nep

Father died 17 january 1851:

16-Jan-1851  027°,33'03 Aries      Asc    90        Pars

4-March-1861  025°,19'08 Capricornus   MC     45        Merc

The capture of Richmond had been the goal of the Union Army since the beginning of the Civil War. The Confederate capital lay tantalizingly close to Washington - only 100 miles - but it took four years of hard battle before the city fell to Union troops on April 3, 1865.

Word reached the city on Sunday morning April 2 that the Confederate defenses had been breached and General Lee's army was heading west in retreat. Nothing lay between the Capital and the advancing Union Army. The Confederate government packed what records it could and fled. An observer described the scene: "All that Sabbath day the trains came and went, wagons, vehicles, and horsemen rumbled and dashed to and fro, and, in the evening, ominous groups of ruffians - more or less in liquor - began to make their appearance on the principal thoroughfares of the city. At night came on pillage and rioting took place."

2-Apr-1865  015°,02'01 Pisces     Plu    90   mutual  C--2

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Abraham Lincoln: Different Rectifications
« Reply #1 on: November 14, 2012, 03:39:18 PM »
    With the coming movie "Abraham Lincoln", I thought I would look for the best rectified birthtime for him.  Isaac Starkman and Alexander Marr in their book "Astrologers, Kings, Politicians & Others", give a birthtime of 4:08:30pm, Feb 12, 1809, Hodgenville, KY, Ascendant 13Taurus54.  They show 15 events used to arrive at this time.
     Astrodatabank has 6:54 AM(B rated).   Carl Sandburg in his book "Abe Lincoln: The Prairie & War Years", pg 22, from "the granny woman" midwife Peggy Walters, "The baby was born just about sunup, on Sunday morning."   Wemyss' "Famous Nativities" gives "between 7:00 & 11:00 AM".
     Two rectifiers agree on the time:  T. Pat Davis rectified Abe's time to 8:46 AM,  and independently in a different year, Manly Palmer Hall also came up with the same 8:46 Am rectified time.
     Another astrologer, WolfStar, finds this time of 8:46AM, works best for Abe's events.  See this chart below.  Wolfstar says:
1. Abe has Aries rising, making Mars his chart ruler, in the 7th House of rivals.  Lincoln formed legislation by partnering with his political rivals.
2. Lincoln's Moon at 25Libra exactly trines the USA Moon in Aquarius, manifesting the basic American ideal of equality.
3. Abe's Emancipation Proclamation of Jan1, 1863, found trans Pluto(executive power) exactly opp. Abe's natal Uranus(symbolizing freedom).
Abe's progressed MH at 25 Aquarius exactly conjuncted the USA Moon.   This Act abolished slavery in the U.S.
 4  Abe's Sun & other planets in the 12th House, explains his bouts of depression and isolation, also his ability to make backroom deals.
This gives us 3 people who agree on Abe's birth time.
Dr.H, using mainly Primary Directions, in "The American Presidency, A Rectification Manual", gives 3:48:55 AM.
It seems that even rectifiers who use Primary Directions can't agree.
Just noticed that Andries rectified time of 6:59:15AM is close to the AstroDataBank time of 6:54AM.  Sunrise on this day was 6:57:52AM, making the midwife, Andries and ADB with the correct birthtime.  
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Re: Rectified horoscope Abraham Lincoln.
« Reply #2 on: November 15, 2012, 04:44:36 AM »
Halina; the rectification that was published in Marr's book is definitely incorrect. If you look in Polaris database you can see my rectified chart for 8.34.50 LMT Asc 1Ari27'.

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Re: Rectified horoscope Abraham Lincoln.
« Reply #3 on: December 08, 2012, 06:39:18 PM »
i use a 12th house sun w/Sagittarius on MC--- Mary Todd was a Sag as is the State of Illinois (3 and 13 december 1818), and the marriage careerist in nature ... and before he ran into Joe Medill, Mary was his political manager, her nutsyness a function of her Uranus conjunct her sun, which Aquarian Abraham would find particularly sympatico and compelling.