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Re: Pluto oriental
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Maz, as a Scorpio ASC person I am in love with your daughter's chart.  She has a big theme going on there.  Of course she is into bloody death and scary stuff!  She needs to get herself around theater/film people and find those influential people who will lead her into that world of creative outlet.  Her Sun which rules her ASC is with the Moon nodal axis.  She needs to be noticed and be around her "peeps".  Help her do least encourage her.

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Re: Pluto oriental
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Thank you Robynne for your post. Sorry for taking so long in replying but with the stress I'm under, I wasn't keeping track. I agree 100% and this is what I have been doing recently.

Stacy, I tried opening the chart and it opened so if you're still having problems, I'll repost it again but in a different way.

Barbara, thanks for the comments. Without being too nosey, I'm trying to guide her by giving her options and allowing her to choose the directions she wants to take. Even with all the intense Pluto she has, vulnerability is still there. A few years ago she went through a minor phase of self-harm where she cut her arms and luckily, her mother realised what was happening and it was sorted with me in the background. Even though I knew what happened, I waited until she wanted to discuss things and now I joke about it and she laughs. This is why I mentioned that if there was no outlet for Pluto Oriental, what are the results? We've given her much more freedom now which children/adults of that age need/deserve anyway and like Stacy rightly says, whenever she asks if she can do something or whatever, I say, it's your decision, DO NOT ASK. It's kind of  "If it feels right do it, if it doesn't, don't!"

As a Scorpio rising, it is extremely easy for me to put myself in her position and to understand where she's coming from, much easier than my wife. In fact, my wife says that I always side with her. Perhaps I do ???

What is unusual or more powerful, is when the Oriental planet is a final dispositor.I took the time to look at my daughter's chart again. It's strange that sometimes you don't look at or study charts of your children (or maybe you do and I don't!!), so I was surprised to see the Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn and that far-off Moon... The mutual reception, the nodal axis conjunction and then to consider her relationship with my wife (usually explosive) and her relationship with me (understanding).

By the way, I noticed that on my WinStar, it gives me a completely different Asc to my Io software. WinStar gives me a Leo Ascendant and Io gives me an early Virgo Ascendant so I have to investigate why this is. I have had load's of problems recently with WinStar which is why I switched to another program so I'm not sure what the correct chart is now ???  I hate it when that happens!


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Re: Pluto oriental
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Probably 'operator error' (with ME as the operator)  was the reason I couldn't open the attachment, so no worries.

Did you try Astrodienst to verify questionable charts? I recall you and I came up with differences with my TP Moon, so I ran it on A.D. as well because I have problems with W.S. sometimes, as well.

Briefly, as Plutonians (both you and your daughter) I imagine you do have a special rapport in many ways. My dad had Mars in partile cj with my ASC, and though we were estranged at the end of his life there were many times he simply understood me far better than my mother did.  (All 3 of our Suns comprised a YOD; my Aquarius Sun was odd person out to their Sun in Virgo sextile Sun in Cancer)

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Re: Pluto oriental
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Maz, the coordinates for Stockport, UK, which are shown on your daughter's chart above, do not seem to be correct...
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