Author Topic: Spam or something sinister?  (Read 4247 times)

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Spam or something sinister?
« on: December 14, 2014, 12:16:49 PM »
As many of you do, I receive email alerts when a new topic is posted on this forum and it usually lands in my spam folder.

This morning there was one titled "12.13.14  Good or Bad day?".   Yet, I cannot find it anywhere on the forum. Did any of you receive the same alert?

Yesterday I received a GMAIL alert that my computer guy thinks was "phishing". I suspect today's email was a similar attempt to hack in to accounts. My legal adversaries where I live are corrupt and ruthless.  They know I am moving in less about 2 weeks - yet STILL harass me. Just 20 minutes ago the manager's son was stomping and slamming doors upstairs in the empty unit.
Thank goodness I deleted both suspicious emails as I don't usually get this kind. These people are truly scary...

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