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I always thought of the sextile aspects as 'opportunity.'  My 'Refugium' sextile Vertex, also forms a sextile with my Venus.  If a yod, then Don's wife's theory of being in two places, would place me finding myself in another's chart ( in my case, 12th).  Jupiter ruled.

Also, my 'Refugium' conjunct my hubby's Sun; so I am wrapped up in him.  and my children.

I easily find 'Refugium' in another.  Through another's eyes/window on the world.

However, my 'Refugium' has difficulty with MH.

Venus conjunct my 'Opportunity,' square Jupiter-Saturn, sesqui Pluto, trine Uranus.  Like Alice wisely, suggests, 'Don't push it.'  An Aries, learns.

One of my painful poems to my mother "I Couldn't Find Home With You"  and my Mars-Cancer 6th, Mercury ruled, makes me realize the construct of home I've always been in want of.  Peace of Mind, like the yod, finding your own way home.  And, how much I'm not there yet.

And, today, I go into people's homes, and we find peace and compassionate ways, before they go home.