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Re: Chiron
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For those interested,

Barbara Hand Clow
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Re: Chiron
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The Pluto transit over my 27' Sag Chiron- H6 was tough...brutal

Doubly so as Chiron is in exact square to Saturn 27 Virgo- H3  & in conjunct Sun 28 Cancer-H1

Ken- very interesting

My best to you

Great threads here- getting hooked !


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Re: Chiron
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Hi All.

I have been somewhat absorbed concerning the YOD on the general discussion, but didn't want to forget about this thread either.

The effects that some have noted are indeed interesting.  I am just trying to sort out Chiron from other possible influences.  In other words, isolate the effects of Chiron on the Natal and transiting charts, if Chiron does indeed have effects.  It appears many assert that it does.  Thanks to all who have contributed.

Pluto will conjunct my Natal Chiron in the 1st house next year and the year after.  The advantage I  have in observing this is that my Natal Chiron does not have any major aspects to it from the planets.  So, hopefully I will be able to isolate its influence with the Pluto transit. 



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Re: Chiron
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According to Bob Marks, Chiron problems must also be dealt with by insight (Uranus).

Chiron orbits cross Saturn and Uranus as well.

Having dealt with people who have suffered with disease for 30+ years, sometimes the suffering is inherent in the progression of the disease itself.  Some of us will never walk in their footsteps.

And, depression and self-worth are well in tow.

I am particularly acute to any hurting of self-worth and powerlessness, 2/8th-like (statements thereto).  Chiron and Pluto know eachother fairly well by now.  It has not been an easy path, but in the healing venue, I can assure you, if we can somehow not dwell for too long on the inevitable, the little things grow in proportionate joy.  Poverty of Consciousness is something I work hard on daily.

Good luck with your concerns.

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Re: Chiron
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Hi Ken:

You are probably getting tired of responding to all the Chiron posts, so do not feel obliged to even read this.  I'm sure other people enjoy discussing Chiron.  I came into this conversation late, but Chiron is always tantalizing.

 As an astrologer, I am seeing more and more Chiron connections with people who feel it as a wounded area.  I don't even have to explain that to them, they get it right away.  What I notice mostly is a close 4th harmonic birth aspect to a planet or light or chart angle made by Chiron.  I know there are many brilliant astrologers who use aspects to house cusps as well, and use the transits, but I haven't felt a need for it, with so much else going on. my own case, I have Chiron conjunct (exact degree) my Sagittarius Mars in my first house which trines my Pluto in the 9th, which sort of makes you think I might have been burned at the stake in an inquisition in a past life (or been the inquisitor).  I don't think I was, but I know I had to make hard choices regarding my beliefs, and it feels like an extremely ancient wounded area of myself. 

 Mars rules my 5th of children.  When Pluto transited conjunct my Mars and Chiron in 2003 my daughter got married, and I got to be the mother of the bride and help plan the wedding, and all that goes with that.  I was required to stay within a certain meager budget, which I tried to do, but it pained me.  I hadn't had any kind of wedding of my own, so this was my chance to not let that happen to my only daughter.  Even today, I wished we had spent more money and made it the most beautiful wedding anyone had ever seen.  Well, that is just my wounded area talking.  It was a beautiful wedding. 

At Lura's suggestion, I looked at my parents Chiron aspects at birth.  My mother had Chiron at the exact degree of the Moon's Node.  Her mother was the most painful wound in my mother's life.  She could never communicate with her in any way.  Nothing her mother said made sense to her.  I can understand that, as my grandmother was a Gracie Allen, if you know who that is, and my mother is a person who needs to spell everything out to the last letter.

My father's Chiron was exactly opposite to his Part of Fortune, and I agree with his birth time.  In a way, that so describes my father's wounded area.  He always felt that anytime something good happened to him, something bad was right around the corner...that they went hand in hand.

Thanks for all the Chiron ideas.

Barbara Ybarra


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Re: Chiron
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Long time.  Chiron has its generational appeal?  Tomorrow, I will face two great uncles whom I've never met, but I am barometrically wired, and know it will be instantaneous time (if that makes sense?)

I still believe there is one in a family that holds the key to Chiron.  It is not an easy road.  I've also looked into the Ascendant, as the paternal Mother, and maternal Father; the Descendant, the maternal mother and paternal grandfather.

My Chiron is intrinsically veined with my Mercury Rx.  For instance,  just picked up my 'Clapton' autobiography on order, opened a few pages, and the little world I've been recently living in, 'loses its legs' as Clapton would say.

Ex.  Clapton's Grandmother, maiden name Mitchell, his mother's name Patricia, like his obsession with Pattie Boyd, on of Clapton's favorites was Handel's 'Water Music,' and the first song played on his first guitar, was Harry Belafonte's folk version of 'Scarlet Ribbons.'

'Frankly, my dear...never mind?'  Clapton loves to blend the major and minors; it resembles Indian and Gypsy music.  He always felt a past life with the blues..

And, it is only COINCIDENCE, that the church they married in was a 'Christ Church,' etc.

Chiron must sure hang around at those important events and life's milestones. 

I have not forgotten our chat on 'Paris' and the whiff of Marcel Marceau.

blessings...Rod Steiger as well