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Michael Phelps
« on: February 06, 2009, 12:25:11 PM »
Hi Forum:

Last Summer, I posted a speculative rectification birth time for star swimmer, Michael Phelps [June 30, 1985; Baltimore, Maryland; 10:26 PM; ASC=11-Aquarius-48].

I'm not sure if there are other rectifications out there or if a birth certificate has come forward to verify the time.

Currently, Tr. Neptune=Venus and SA Pluto=Venus (EXACT!)

Now, in my speculative chart, Venus (r. 3 and co-r. 8th).

It is indeed interesting that recent news of Phelps' marijuana use is concerning him most intensely on a publicity, marketing, and financial level with advertisers and sponsors.

Also, Tr. Saturn-Uranus=Moon and Tr. Pluto=Neptune.

If a "real" birth time is out there, please let us know. Thank-you.


Dean Bensics