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Re: Tough Times in Saudi Arabia
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I agree, Pamela, that there are probably several horoscopes for Saudi Arabia.  Thanks for the link to that article on the recent evoltuions in Saudi.  It was a very comprehensive report on the fragile interrelations within the Middel East.  Funny that the last list did not include Russia siding with anybody.

I looked at Prince Mohammed’s horoscope, though there is not a time for him.  I’m wondering if he has a “girlfriend”.  It seems he is the sort of guy who might someday be heavily influenced by what his wife might want from him.  He’s a good looking man.  Maybe not so bloodthirsty.  Just so everyone knows, women in Saudi did drive cars and wear normal clothing for awhile in history, and then in 1979 religious extremism took over and everything got horrible (again). 

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Re: Tough Times in Saudi Arabia
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Hi Barbara,

Yes, there are several possibilities for a chart of Saudi Arabia; however, the chart Nicholas Campion used does seem to work quite well.   The 'night of the long knives' was Saturday, November 4 (2017); there was a Full Moon that day, bang on Saudi Arabia's nodes, if you use Campion's chart.  The Sun at 11 Scorpio was on the North Node in the 11th house, with the Moon in Taurus on the South Node in the 5th; both squared Saudi Arabia's natal Mars in Aquarius, in the 2nd house by Placidus, or the 3rd house if you use whole sign houses.

 I've been trying to find out the exact time the arrests started, but so far haven't been able to; the most I've found is that they started several hours after the official announcement was made that an anti-corruption commission had been formed, and that the arrests took place 'late at night.'  I'm not sure if that means very early on November 4, i.e., after midnight, or very late in the evening of the same date.  But I guess the Full Moon would have walloped the chart, any way you slice it.

Here are two more links to articles about the ongoing events in Saudi Arabia: 

It sounds like the country could split back into three parts, as it was originally, with three separate 'royal' families ruling them.  And it sounds like Prince Mohammed bin Salman is doing all this for reasons a lot less altruistic than he lets on; shades of Richard III getting rid of Hastings and the other lords.  Sheesh.
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