Author Topic: How embarrassing to be an American astrologer right now  (Read 8563 times)

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Re: How embarrassing to be an American astrologer right now
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Found his birth data on his internet site:


The author, born ***********************************.

No, Gian Paolo DiCocco was born on 24 September 1983 14.48 in New York (or near that city) . He published his chart in his facebook on 12 Nov:
His Asc and Mars are on astrological degree. Helio Mercury 180 MC and 120 Mercury.
No doubt, this guy has a lot of self confidence.
He was very lucky on 9 Nov: if his birth time is accurate, his primary directed MC  is conjunct Jupiter and Uranus! Also his converse transits are excellent like:
Jupiter 120 MC
Uranus 0 Desc
Converse secondary MC conjunct Sun
Also the converse lunar return (demi) as well as converse solar returns are very promising.

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Re: How embarrassing to be an American astrologer right now
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A post on this forum by member adol33 saying his name is Adrian and he is in South Africa and this link ( opens to the same material he posted in that post on this forum:

Author Topic: Please humor me - using astrology to help find a cure for aids  (Read 2219 times)
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Please humor me - using astrology to help find a cure for aids
« on: January 23, 2013, 06:02:47 AM »

Hi all,

I've had a bit of a passion for using astrology to come up with some pointers as to a possible cure or partial cure for aids.

I'm getting restless now after about 20 years! My stepfather is a doctor and I am so tempted to try out the apparatus described below on one of the patients here in KZN South Africa. I really do think it will work. If anyone can offer any advice (astrological) or insights into their views on the matter please mention it, however trivial you may think it may be. I do believe astrology holds the answers to questions like these. Please forgive the broken links, they may be found on Google.

Many thanks,

Copied from the Lucky Days site from the "About" link:

"About the Author
Hi, my name is Adrian, I'm an ex-programmer." 

And from the "Examples" link" under "Another Example"

"The author, born 7 Nov 1960 at 20:10 near Durban (31E01)."
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Re: How embarrassing to be an American astrologer right now
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Gian Paolo DiCocco was born on 24 September 1983 14.48 in New York (or near that city) .

In his video on the health and death of Donald Trump, he says that he was born 15 minutes away from Trump's birthplace of Jamaica, New York, in Valley Stream, NY.

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Re: How embarrassing to be an American astrologer right now
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Anyone want to come live in South Africa with me? Cheap! A good restaurant meal $12 - steak, wine. Beautiful sunny beaches, good surf. Wildlife tours. Come see the continent where Obama came from. The one who is despised by exactly HALF of America I hear. Right down the middle. Universe is doing its trick alright.

p.s. Lovely clean air.

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Re: How Honorable to be an American Astrologer right now
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In 1860, the United States elected Abraham Lincoln President. 31 years prior Andrew Jackson took the oath of office. Trump in many ways is considered an echo of the Jacksonian era archetype in terms of his persona but he more nearly aligns with Lincoln in terms of stepping into a cauldron already stirred. 9 years prior to Jackson, George Stephenson laid down the first iron rail designed to carry freight. Uranus was conjunct Neptune where multiple generations intersecting in time and history made a pivot. At the time, the pivot was to move away from the power centers which controlled the canals that dominated commerce and mercantilism the world over. Stephenson was the Bill Gates or Steve Jobs of his time. It was 1820! The "new technology" of rail would transform economies and the daily lives of people in dramatic ways and for generations to come. The change was in essence industrial. The conjunction was in Capricorn. [I've attempted elsewhere to "map" planetary correspondence with immigration patterns and GDP but the "map" was replete with errors. I'll come back to this project later but appreciate Dean's brilliant analysis of Uranus-Neptune and so give him a duly noted nod... the incidence of Uranus-Neptune with available data on GDP is incomplete however, and relegated to anecdotal interpretation.] Heading into the next series of synods the conjunction will meet up in Aquarius. Perhaps the technological advances of today are merely a preview of what's to come and will only look primitive in retrospect from the eyes of our descendants and likely not just in terms of technological advance but in terms of political attitudes as well.

The first semi-square for the Uranus-Neptune conjunction after 1821 took place around 1848. President Taylor died in office of acute gastroenteritis. I don't think Trump's tummy appreciates his diet particularly well and we are at the same degree of separation today which could give at least a small percentage of the faithful pause. The square took place during Lincoln's administration, around 1863. He was assassinated April 15, 1865

The most recent conjunction in 1993 some consider to be the advent of the internet (as an aside 1993 also marks the beginning of electronically traded funds, or ETFs. ETFs have and will continue to revolutionize markets.) The first semi square is upon us more quickly than during the industrial revolution. That period required 27 years and this time it only took 24 years to reach the semi square. The next square will be 2038 which is a 45 year span, a bit stretched compared to the prior motion which took only 42 years.

As our art continues to bloom, and for some of the more professional practitioners who consult with clients daily I think it is an auspicious time to become an astrologer. And there is much honor and respect afforded those who are circumspect and protect the imprecision of the broad path of the stars as they relate to the human experience. To not KNOW all there is to know given our limited tools but to work with them creatively and with humility, in such a way as to "relate the horoscope to the life being lived" means we can be most helpful to others and not be trapped in the ego's obsession to be right.

Back to the Civil War, I think it is incredible how each side stood by their cause and would not abandon the fight in order to make this country a more perfect union. But first the divided states were forced to SEE on another, to build awareness of each other, unfortunately for them it was on the end of a bayonet at times. If both side ran away from their cause we would not have come together ultimately to advance many things in the world, including our our current need to revisit a job left undone. The opposition's resolution is where the twain shall meet.