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It's interesting that although, judging by stories in the media, everything would appear to be very rosy in her life at present, she's actually going through some difficult transits: transiting Saturn square her Libra stellium of Moon, Jupiter and Saturn (Saturn square Saturn exact today), and transiting Uranus square her Ascendant.  In a non-royal relationship, I might have thought the relationship would not survive under such transits, especially with Uranus square the Ascendant; but given the circumstances, I should think it impossible that the wedding would be called off.

On her wedding day, May 19, she will have transiting Mars at 1 Aquarius in her 7th house, exactly conjunct her South Node, while transiting Uranus at 0 Taurus squares her nodal axis from the 10th house, and is also applying to square her 1st house Mercury (and even her Sun, if you're willing to accept an almost 12-degree orb - well, it is the Sun, in Leo yet).  Transiting Saturn in Capricorn in her 6th house will be opposing her Mars, and transiting Pluto in Capricorn in the 6th will be squaring her 4th house Pluto, exact.  And the transiting Moon in Cancer, having conjoined her 12th house Mars and passed over her Ascendant, will square her 4th house Pluto - just to add to the general emotional drama. 

Meanwhile, Prince Harry will have his Ascendant bracketed by transiting Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn, while the Moon in Cancer transits through his 7th house.  And at the same time, transiting Uranus in Taurus will be exactly opposing his Pluto from the 3rd house.

I hesitate to spell out the possible meanings of these transits, for both Harry and Meghan; superstitious, I guess.  Suffice it to say, Meghan's wedding day transits strike me as ... worrisome.  But then, I'm a worry-wart.  Maybe it'll just be a stressful day, as wedding days often are, even non-royal ones.  I'm still hoping for the best.  I haven't relocated her chart to London; wonder what that will show.  And I also haven't looked at her progressions for that day.

Dean, thank you for your comments.  I agree, as I wrote above, that things are looking worrisome with regard to the wedding day.

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Do you all think she will  have a baby fairly soon after the wedding? She is in her 30"s.   AMY

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Well, from what I've read, both Meghan and Harry would like to start their family as soon as possible.  Meghan is said to love children and to have always wanted to have her own family, and she's going to be 37 on August 4, so she'd better get cracking.  The longer you wait, the harder it can be to actually get pregnant, and/or to carry a fetus to term.  She met her first husband when she was in her very early 20s; if she's been on the pill ever since, she could possibly have a hard time conceiving. 

On the other hand, astrologically she has Scorpio on the cusp of her 5th house, a very fertile sign, and currently Jupiter is transiting through it, which would certainly seem to bode well for getting pregnant.  It will conjoin her 5th house Uranus in about 5 degrees; this could be good or bad, depending.  But I think I'd like to wait and see if she and Harry make it through the wedding safely first. 

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This gives one pause…

1)   The upcoming Saturn-Pluto conjunction – exact on Jan. 12, 2020 – is at 22-Capricorn-46.
2)   The conjunction is closely conjunct Meghan Markle’s (MM) DSC at 24-Capricorn-17.
3)   MM’s natal Saturn is in the 4th conjunct the Moon and IC; Pluto is in her 4th ruling the 5th…family + children.
4)   The conjunction is sesquiquadrate (135-degrees) Prince Harry’s (PH) natal Mercury at 05-Virgo-17 (in 8, r. 5).
5)   PH’s natal Saturn is conjunct the MC and rules the ASC…identity + parenthood.

Given that the keywords for Saturn-Pluto are…fear of failure; extreme austerity; a supreme test; transformation through loss; reality and depression; heavy responsibilities…we have to wonder what exactly will befall this couple in the early years of their marriage that will provoke a “hardship” crisis.

One cannot overlook the possibility that MM will have difficulty conceiving. As this challenging conjunction falls on her DSC, the health center is also duly noted.

If conception happens, one might expect a subsequent miscarriage, or a difficult birth, severe post-partum depression (Diana had it), a birth abnormality, or premature death.

What effect would the above have on their marriage? Could it survive such a test?

It is fascinating that both PH and MM have their respective natal Saturns in parental houses…and conjunct the MC-IC. Both suffered from a family loss.

This is why with the upcoming Saturn-Pluto conjunction on her DSC, the challenge, in my mind, comes back to “family”…either to the “new” family they hope to create; or, to the living (elderly) members still around.

On the latter point, the death of the Queen or especially Prince Charles during this period would be devastating. It would pressure (Pluto) PH and MM to “up” their responsibilities (Saturn) to serve more and fill the void. The heir needs the spare to pitch in like never before?

Whatever happens, this is not a “fun” time but it’s a chance to “grow up and mature.”

It should be fascinating to watch.

Dean B.
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Hi, All, my guess is, yes, they’ll actively be trying to get pregnant soon after the wedding.

Harry’s chart in particular looks primed for a pro-creative emphasis, to me, with:

-Transiting Pluto (in his 1st House and referencing his Scorpio MC) forming an Earth Grand Trine with Harry’s collaborative 8th House Sun (important focus on shared resources, partnership gain, results of marriage) and his very emphasized, family-oriented 4th House Moon (a lower hemisphere singleton conjunct his IC, in Taurus, strongly linking home, family, and domestic life to his need for personal fulfillment, security, enjoyment). 

Altogether this transiting EGT period looks like strong support for establishing a new phase in his life, and ‘settling down’ into new roles as husband and father.   

In Meghan’s chart, transiting Pluto is squaring her natal Pluto referencing a totally new phase in her life, potentially related to family and children (her natal Pluto is in her 4th House and rules her 5th).

Looking ahead for possible expansion timing, plans, excitement, I’m curious how-if transiting Jupiter may be a factor. Contacting (conjunct) Harry’s natal Saturn and (square) Meghan’s natal Sun, in July, this looks potentially significant for them as a couple (again. T Jupiter’s first pass here in early December 2017 reflected - heralded - their engagement, officially announced on November 30). What news and excitement might we anticipate this time around - a new project together?

In September, T Jupiter will trigger the transiting EGT in Harry’s chart and Meghan’s natal Pluto,   a formidable time for a larger home? Getting pregnant? Baby news? 

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Hi, All, my guess is, yes, they’ll actively be trying to get pregnant soon after the wedding.

I mean, they'd better, if they want kids. She's turning 37 this summer. I wish them the best of luck.