Author Topic: Hades, Kronos, & Sphinx  (Read 582 times)

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Hades, Kronos, & Sphinx
« on: April 05, 2017, 07:27:04 AM »
As we head into April, we'd best be aware of configurations that team Kronos
conjunct Sphinx with parans oppositions from points like the medical
asteroid, Podalarius.  Basically this is saying that the expert or
specialist (in a medical field) doesn't know, isn't sure or feels that he or
she doesn't have all the answers.  Another way of seeing it is to take the
Kronos as "an opinion" and then to add the Sphinx to produce the idea that
"the opinion is...that there's no certainty, that you can't be sure or know
(thanx to the Sphinx.)

Depending on the chart or angle, Hades could be part of this.  Then, there
is uncertainty about disease.  In another iteration, we could interpret it
as, "There is something <bad> but we aren't sure what it is."  There has to
be some concern that Hades stands for something Hidden.... and then of
course the Sphinx speaks of something Unknown.

You want to take the Kronos as "protocol".... so, what's the procedure when
you're dealing with something that's Uncertain or about which questions

Needless to say, these guys won't always dip to pick up the medical
Podalarius (with Hebe, where could be interaction with folks like nurses or
medical assistants,) so the news should produce a lot of variations using
Hades, Kronos and Sphinx.  One that quickly comes to mind deals with the
leader of North Korea: Given his (Hades) history, it's hard to know (Sphinx)
what Dear Leader (Kronos) will do next!

There can be times when Hades and Sphinx just team up together.  So you
wonder why such a bad thing happened; maybe you didn't know that another
person was so sick, was deteriorating or was lost in melancholia.

What kinds of things are you seeing with this?   I can see these correlating with
the gas attack in Syria.....see chart below: