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The Great American Eclipse
« on: July 16, 2017, 02:57:25 PM »
Here is a short video report  by NeoVedic Astrologer  Ron Berger.

Ron has some interesting things to say  about the big cosmic event  in August.

Please bear in mind that this is done in Vedic Sidereal  System not Tropical.
 The planets zodiac addresses are 24 degrees behind standard Tropical Zodiac.
 The planetary mechanics are the same.
There are other interesting eclipse reports on You Tube as well.

Berger  points out September 3rd  as a  day that might trigger eclipse related events.
 Trans Mars will conjunct trans Mercury RX  on that day  at the scene
of the crime 28-45 Tropical Leo where the eclipse took place.
In addition, the planets Chiron and Uranus are aspecting the  Mars Mercury  eclipse location. So this could be dangerous and harmful.
 This is also near Trumps  Ascendant and Mars.
  Take a look
 The August 21st eclipse is similar to the 1776 eclipse.

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Re: The Great American Eclipse
« Reply #1 on: July 19, 2017, 06:49:29 AM »
Transit events contacting  planetary midpoints in a chart are very important and should not be overlooked.
 The  July 23rd  New Moon   0-43 Leo strikes the USA  chart  Midpoints with some variation of minutes of arc depending on which of the 7 or so USA charts you choose.
 Mercury  Rahu Midpoint  0-53 Leo
Neptune  Uranus Midpoint 0-39 Leo

August Full Moon Eclipse  15-25 Aquarius
 Will oppose USA   Sun Lilith  Midpoint  16-15 Leo

Great American Solar Eclipse
28-52 Leo
Sun  Saturn  Midpoint 28-56 Leo    based on 11:08  AM  chart
 The Sibley  puts that midpoint at  29-03
So it is  direct strike to USA  Sun Saturn Midpoint in Leo
 Eclipses are mostly bad some cultures will not even view them and pray and fast during  those celestial events, good idea.

 Leo is a fire sign about health , heart, courage, government, kings, presidents, politics.

 The Full Moon Eclipse in Aquarius 15-25 ds will oppose  his
Chiron Uranus Midpoint at 16-24 Leo

The Great American Solar Eclipse  will strike midpoints in Trumps chart.
 Saturn Neptune Midpoint  29-49 Leo
Jupiter Mercury Midpoint 28-09 Leo
 The Eclipse will be in his first house between Mars and his Ascendant
Conjunct his Ascendant 29-58 Leo   off 1 degree of orb.
Eclipse  will be in his 9th Lunar house of foreign matters and religion.

The Lunations for 2017 make a lot of close contacts to stars in Melania Trumps chart.

The Eclipse will oppose Donald's Part of Fortune 28-09 Aquarius, not good. POF  is in his 7th House of Love Hate, Partners marriage and it's a Maraka house.
   Election day was super for Donald  lots of planets were making favorable contact with his PoF. I did a post prior to the election  about that  but can't find it.
 The eclipse contact with his PoF looks very bad for Trump. Reversal of Fortune perhaps.

Are these eclipses the beginning of the end of the Reign of the Donald ?
 We shall see.
 The Stars of January 13, 2020 look severe for Donald.
 Pence has Pluto  conjunct  Regulas the fixed star of Kings and Presidents. Will he replace Trump ?

Trump's  popularity is in the tank, many supporters have buyers remorse.
Something hinky going on with his dishonest son Don Jr.
Trump is itchy to pass a health care plan that will make America financially ill.
It will fatten the fat cats of Big Pharma  Big Insurance and Big Medicine.
  Seems devious politicians  get mysterious payoffs via book deals honorariums etc from Black hand corporations and nations for turning tricks for moneyed interests .
 Rand Paul is the Paul Revere  warning America of the Great American Financial  Health Care Swindle.